C4, Welcome To The Animus

"Talking." 'Thoughts.'


Memory Sequence Two

Naruko set on the floor of her cabin holding her two teenage children thinking the gods that they were safe and sound, the three of them began to drift into a peaceful sleep.

As Naruko began to dream as she remembered the time when the Creed began its rebirth and she began her time as a mother.


Four months after the birth of her children Naruko set in a chair of her room watching her two babies sleeping soundly in their cribs, despite her feelings of hatred towards Sasuke for what he had done to her to create them she still loved them with all her heart.

Only once or twice had her normal cycle of strange dreams had been broken with nightmares of him destroying her new family, this had occur now and then a few times and they were back to the men and women in hoods that fought against the strange warriors with the red crosses upon them.

Naruko set back in her chair and watched her babies sleep as she too began to feel the effects of sleep's sweet embrace overtake her as her eyes became heavy and she drifted into the realm of dreams, or in her case the realm of her ancestor's memories.

As her eyes finally shot she was instantly transported to the realm of her ancestors memories, before her was a massive forest with beautiful trees as far as the eye could see.

The scene before her eyes then focus on a young man no older than 20 years of age who then turned his head to see a much older gentleman with a cane walking up to him with a calm and collected nature that only his years could grant him.

The young man gave a nod of his head and then said, "You look concerned old man?"

"I am Connor this war is continuing to engulf the land and its people as we speak, but at the same time I see hope in the future if not within either of our lifetimes but I see hope for the first time in years."

"You only speak as if the world is immovable?"

The old man whose name was Achilles looked out over the Davenport Homestead and then said, "For once I how much hope in me and it's all thanks to you Connor and you have done to bring so many people of different backgrounds faith and races here and given them a chance to work and thrive. I believe in the future and that this is how this nation will continue to evolve and better itself, it will take a very long time but it will happen eventually."

"I hope to see that day old men." Connor said.

The old man gave a smile as he watched the people of the Homestead go about their business, "As do I, but no matter what I believe the spirit of this nation will continue on even long after it has passed into the pages of history. In a way I believe that this nations spirit will not only live on in the people who remember it but in a way also embodies the very creed of the assassins as well not only for freedom but peace as well."

Just then a young girl's eyes shot open from the peaceful sleep she had been enjoying of the memories of her ancestors, she had red flowing hair and green eyes and instantly brought herself into a sitting position in her treehouse.

She then took a running jump and began to traverse the tree tops as if it was the most natural thing in the world to her, eventually she use several tree branches as if they were nothing more than monkey bars to get to a rather large tree where she now stood taking a look at the ground below her.

She then noticed two men walking directly beneath her quickly made a jump from the tree to landed on one of them the older of the two quickly moved to he's left as she hit the other man sending him right on his back as she was resting on his chest and smiled as she then said, "Hi dad uncle Raven, what's you doing?"

The man was surprised by her statement and sighed as he tried to push her off of him and then said, "Kushina where did you come from little girl?"

The little girl just gave him a look and then said, "I was just sleeping in my tree, what are you guys up to?"

The two older men just looked at her, "You been practicing your free running again haven't you?"

She just gave them a 'You think' look and then said, "Well I'm really good at it you know, but I have to ask yesterday I heard some foreigner talking about how ninjas are assassins what's up with that?"

The looks on their faces was one of humor but also curiosity, they motioned for her to follow them as they spoke, "Well my little niece there are quite a few differences between them, for example the samurai are known as the masters of the blade for a reason. They are known for their abilities in fighting large-scale battles as a group something that ninjas only do as a last resort."

Her father then walked up and then continued, "That's right the samurai are the frontline fighters of our world the ones who go into action first, they follow what's known as Bushido or the way of the warrior. They are very horrible and powerful and like ninjas and us they know how to use chakra but are not dependent upon it like ninjas are, that's something we both share."

Kushina was truly impressed by what she had just learned, her uncle and continued his lecture, "Even the lowest samurai are highly trained to defend those they love and to fight for what is right, unfortunately there are people out there who think just because they have a samurai sword that they are undefeatable. These people who corrupt the Way of the samurai are usually dealt by either of us the Assassins, the Ninja or the Samurai themselves."

They then continued to their lesson, "As for the Shinobi or ninja as they are sometimes called, while it is true that they do assassination missions they do not follow our creed young one."

She gave him a bit of the confused look as he then continued, "Shinobi are sort of our world's jack of all trades, one moment they are bodyguards sent on a mission to help a town another mission they are sent out to retrieve items for someone or they are sent out to kill someone, the problem is that they can be hired by just about anyone to do anything their client wants."

"I take it that we have to deal with them a lot?" Kushina asked.

Raven nodded to her and then spoke, "Unfortunately, while we do work with some ninja they are our primary enemy's most used tools in this world. Do not hate them for it Kushina, most of the time they do not even know they are being used but every once in a while will find that one must be dealt with to protect all of the innocence in this world."


Naruko awoken from her dream with a start at the sound of knocking coming from her door and realized that she had a visitor, she checked on her babies once more and went right to the door to see who it was.

She was happy to see that it was the old drunk himself and bridge builder of Wave country Tazuna, the old drunk as she had come to call him and walked right in to the living room and then spoke to her in a serious tone, "It looks like motherhood suit you quite well kid, but this morning I remembered the secret passage to your ancestral home I remembered the way in and we can go right now if you want?"

She looked at the two cribs holding her children and then turned back to him and asked, "What about?"

"My daughter and grandson will watch over them for you while you do this." He said to her.

She looked into his eyes and said, "Let's do this for both myself and my children, they deserve to have a future but to do that we have to know our past first."


After only 40 min. they came upon what looked like a giant cliff face with a waterfall directly in front of them and watched as Tazuna walked directly into the waterfall and disappeared from her sight only to stick his head out of the waterfall and then motioned for her to follow him in.

After just a minute they appeared on the other side of the cliff face and were shocked by the state of the Whirlpool village and its ruins.

They walked around the ruins of the village with a sense of dread and for some odd reason a sense of hidden hope that this place seemed to instill in Naruko's very body, as they walked down a path that led to what could only be described as the Whirlpool tower.

She then began to see the ghosts of the past walking about the area as if the village had never been destroyed in the first place.

She followed several of the ghostlike beings into the tower and came upon a section of the wall that had a very familiar symbol upon it with a small silver skull in the center, upon both instinct and the memories of her ancestors she reached out and put her fingers in the eye sockets of the skull and pulled it back activating the mechanism which then forced the doors to open before her that had been hidden as just a part of the wall and walked in.

After just a minute she came upon a large library like section of the underground and was absolutely surprised at what she saw in this area and was surprised to see two of the ghosts walking into a very specific hallway and area and quickly followed them in, upon entering this large special room that was lined with what she could only describe as computers set a special chair in the middle of the room with a skeleton directly below it.

She ran over to the skeleton that looked as if it had positioned itself in this peaceful look before the person had died of what she could guess was some Gravis injury, almost on instincts she activated her Eagle Vision and saw a message written on the ground as only someone with her bloodline could read in the first place.

'Your dreams have led you here now step into the Animus beside me and learn the truth my follow Uzumaki.'

By the time Tazuna had made it into the chamber he was shocked to see her laying down in the strange machine then looking over at him and said, "Keep an eye on everything old man I've got something to do but will I be back I swear it."

With this said she closed her eyes and was immediately drawn into the Animus control system and was immediately brought to a strange island seeming to appear out of thin air with strange rocks floating in the air, she found herself laying on the ground and proceeded to stand on her feet and then walked forward amazed at the place before her and the fact that it seemed so real.

Just ahead of her was a strange arch made of pure stone that was like black glass and marble as one, as she began to walk up to the strange structure she heard her voice and saw an older version of the man from her earlier dream sitting on a nearby rock, "Just going to walk past me are you little one?"

Naruko turned around to face him and was truly surprised by who was standing before her, "Your Raven, Kushina's uncle but what are you doing inside this machine?"

He gave her a smile and stood to his full height as he walked over to her and motioned for her to follow him and began to speak, "Actually my young bird this machine is known as the Animus and I would take it that the dreams have already started."

"How did she know about my dreams?"

"It would be the only way you would find this place and the Animus, and as to why I am in here in the first place as you have undoubtedly noticed is because that is my body and I am in one regard dead."

She had a scared look upon her face as he then continued, "When you came into the Soul Chamber as we call it that my body is currently lying on the ground you activated the Animus systems bringing me back in here."

Naruko stopped dead in her tracks and turned to him and said, "Are you telling me you're a ghost?"

Raven then started to laugh and then began to reassure her about his true existence, "I'm no ghost little one, I downloaded my mind into the machine you're currently in. I did it because my body as you have undoubtedly already guessed from the look on your face that was too bad we damaged. I was mortally wounded when I did this, I knew they would never find the sanctuary but I was too far gone for anyone or even my own medical skills to save my life so here I am."

"So you're trapped inside this machine… Am I trapped here to, I have children I have to!"

"No you're not trapped here at all I'm happy to see that you have family but you seem too young to have children yet…"

She turned to face him and then said with a sense of seriousness in her voice, "I'm Naruko Uzumaki, as for my children I didn't have any choice in their conception."

He now had a somber look upon his face and then put his hand on her shoulder and said, "I'm sorry for what was done to you but I can tell that you care for them a great deal and I pity whoever comes after your babies, and I can help you by teaching you our clans histories abilities and our creed."

He noticed the look of recognition on her face as she then asked, "I noticed that some of my dreams mention the creed but how can they help me?"

He gave her a smile and then pointed towards the black arch and said, "The arch of this island are here to help me train The next generation of our clan the arch will lead you to our ancestors memories unlike your dreams these allow us to relive their lives and absorb their abilities much faster but at the same time you'll have to take long breaks during those times that I can train you here on the island in things that you won't be able to learn from some of our older ancestors like what made our clan so feared in the first place."

She looked back to the archway, "So I should start here reliving my ancestor's memories."

"Exactly the Animus will help you by reliving their memories especially that of one of our ancestor named Desmond Miles lived a good chunk of our ancestors memories, and the ones that he didn't we can just call up on the animus like Shao Jun and Edward Kenway."

She turned back to the archway with a sense of awe and wonderment at what awaited her upon her entry, "I understand, see you on your side mentor Raven."


Tazuna had watched over Naruko for the last day hoping that she would emerge from the strange machine he had at least put a blanket over the skeleton on the floor afraid to move it but wishing to show it some form of respect and dignity, his daughter and grandson stood in the room as well watching over the two sleeping babies in their crib as they all waited for their mother to awaken and be among the living once more.

Inari could only pray that the woman he had once saw as his big brother until she revealed that she was in fact a young woman who had hidden this from everyone to protect herself, he had seen her suffer through the long pregnancy even though she loved her children she still wanted to do terrible things to the father even though he was still trying to come to terms with the things she wanted to do to him.

While the three of them were becoming more concerned they then I heard a strange noise coming from the shame and saw the part over her face move at this moment in time she began to physically move and get out of the strange chair working all the kinks out of her body as she did and was surprised to see all of them there, "How long was I in there?"

Tazuna ran over to her to help her up, "You've been in there about a day, what happened to you in there?"

Naruko looked down at where the skeleton was and then said, "I met him, he found a way to put his mind in the Animus here is the only thing keeping him alive his body is too far gone but his mind is still here but it's not permanent. Eventually one day he will pass on but hopefully not before he's passed everything on to me all the knowledge of my clan as well as our fighting abilities."

The old drunk smiled at her and then said, "How long until you have to go back in?"

"A couple of days of rest should be enough before I can go back in and that'll give me enough time to start training in the ways of the Assassins, as well as to explore my ancestral home there's so much here I have to see."

"I can help you rebuild parts of this village if you want?"

"Thanks old man, it's time for the Creed to be reborn."

End of C4

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