The sound of the piano drifted through the house. Prussia had heard the melody many times before. It was one Austria seemed to love playing, but Prussia couldn't remember what it was called. Quietly, he crept up to the music room. Austria had his eyes closed and was really getting into his playing like he always did. I wish I could play like that. It's so… beautiful. The sound stopped abruptly, and Austria turned to face Prussia.

"What is it, Prussia?" he asked, annoyance apparent on his face. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

How did he even know I was here? Prussia, embarrassed, spat out,"I—well—I was going to tell you to stop with that racket!"

A small look of what seemed like hurt passed Austria's face. But it quickly changed into a blank expression. "Well, since you are a guest, I'll respect your wishes. I'm sorry my playing bothered you so much."

"Well… okay, then!"

Prussia stormed out of the room and found his way to his bed. He flopped down on it, cursing into the small pillow. Why do I always have to make such a fool of myself? A knock at the door stopped his pitying. It was Austria. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything—"

"Of course you're not interrupting anything! Who in the hell do you think I am? Some kind of… vulgar... person?"

Austria simply blinked at him. "I was going to the store and was wondering if you wanted anything?"

I wonder if he'll let me come. "No. I don't need anything." Austria nodded and turned to leave, but Prussia caught him by the sleeve. "Wait… Austria… I...," I can't just come out and ask him. "I don't know what's at the store. So, may I join you?"

"If you wish," Austria sighed.

They made their way to the front entrance- Austria walking briskly with his hands behind his back, and Prussia stalking in his wide gait. Austria grabbed his coat and scarf off the rack and slung them on. Prussia started to reach out for his but stopped. I don't need a coat. Cold doesn't faze me. I'll show him how tough I can be. "It's chilly outside," Austria said. "Don't you want your coat?"

"No! The awesome Prussia doesn't use such things!"

Prussia marched outside, instantly regretting his words. It was snowing and waves of cold hit him like slaps in the face. Damn it's cold here. But he didn't let his emotions show. He stood up straight and put on a brave face. They walked through the snow, not talking. It was Austria who finally broke the silence. "So, Prussia, have you been enjoying your stay?"

"It's alright." I love visiting with you.

"I'm sure my house is very boring for you. But I'm sure Germany's house is just as bad?"

"At least at West's house, I can drink as much as I want." I don't want to get drunk when I'm with you.

"I'm sorry I don't keep a lot of alcohol at my house. We'll get some while we're out. Does that sound good?"

"Sure." He's so caring sometimes.