So this is a fanfiction where basically instead of Gwen there is another character called Emilia. This takes places after she has been living in Camelot for a couple of years and she and Arthur have admitted feelings for each other. There past will be explained in flashbacks which are from her point of view. Also the King's ward is Mordred and not Morgana, so as of currently she is not in the story.

"I have called you all here today to make an announcement," she stood in the shadows of the hall as were it not for Gaius she would not be here. Uther's voice boomed across the hall. To his right stood another King, whose name Emilia could not remember if she tried. Arthur was leaning against one of the concrete pillars that supported the ceiling. He looked over at her and smiled. She smiled back before brushing one strand of hair behind her ear. "Over the next week we two kings will be entering discussions. We propose that our two kingdoms become close allies through the strongest of bonds. Should everything work out my son, Prince Arthur shall marry his lovely daughter, Lady Katherine. I hope you will join me in congratulating them," everyone started to clap as Arthur stared in shock at his father. He then quickly turned to where Emilia had been standing. No one even glanced at her as she walked through the corridor, tears forming in her eyes. She rushed to Gauis' quarters knowing that he would not mind that she was there. Pulling out a piece of paper and quill she sat down and wrote. A tear fell to the page so you could see the smudge. When finished Emilia folded it in half and wrote Prince Arthur. Checking all corridors she rushed to move to someone. She knocked on the door when she got there.


"Why did you think I would be all right with this?" said Arthur to his father as they stood in his chambers. "I mean it father, how?" his father sat down in one of the chairs.

"I thought you would see that this is best for the kingdom and in time you will love her," Arthur turned to face his father.

"No I won't. I know that and you should have asked me. But you didn't!" his voice became higher and higher. A knock sounded at his door.


The door opened in front of her. "Mordred hello," she said. Mordred smiled back at her.

"Emilia, hi. What can I do for you?" he stepped to the side as though to let her in.

"No, I just am here for a quick moment. I was wondering if you could deliver this to Prince Arthur as a favor to me. Please Mordred it would be of great help," he smiled back at her.

"I am more than happy to. Can I ask what it is about?" she looked down at the letter for a moment.

"About something to do with when I was his maidservant. I wanted to give it to Merlin but I could not find him. A small matter but I need an answer as soon as possible," she smiled at Mordred as he took the letter. "Thank you so much," she turned to leave.

"No problem at all," he closed the door when she had left but opened it soon after and walked to Arthur's quarters and knocked on the door.


He walked to the door to open it. "Mordred hello," Mordred walked into the room and pulled the letter out.

"Emilia wanted me to give this to you," Arthur took the letter from him and unfolded it.

Dear Arthur,

I first need to congratulate you on your engagement. I wish you all the best for it. I understand that we could never be together and it would be stupid of me to think otherwise. I hope you realize that it is not because of us that I do what I am but because I need to leave this behind.

Goodbye Arthur.

He threw the letter down onto his table and rushed out of the room leaving his father and Mordred behind. His father was the first to move towards the letter. As he read it his face turned to a scowl.

"Where would I be able to find Emilia?" said Uther without looking at Mordred.

"Probably with Gauis or at her home in the lower town," Uther then rushed out of the room leaving Mordred by himself. It was only then that he himself moved towards the letter and with shaking hands picked it up. When he finished reading it, he scrunched it into a tight ball and threw it against one of the walls before leaving the room.