It is not death, that sometime in a sigh This eloquent breath shall take its speechless flight; That sometime these bright stars, that now reply In sunlight to the sun, shall set in night; That this warm conscious flesh shall perish quite, And all life's ruddy springs forget to flow; That thoughts shall cease, and the immortal sprite Be lapped in alien clay and laid below; It is not death to know this,-but to know That pious thoughts, which visit at new graves In tender pilgrimage, will cease to go
So duly and so oft,-and when grass waves Over the past-away, there may be then No resurrection in the minds of men.


Thomas Hood

The autumn leaves swirled around him as he gazed down at the grave marker, the head of white pale marble below him, the chilled wind blew by him, but yet he could not feel it, whereas before he could feel little to nothing, now he really felt nothing.

"Goodbye, Isabelle…" Simon spoke softly, as he touched the stone before him with a pale cold hand, he watched as drops of red fell onto the pale marble, streaking it with blood from his tears.

He forced himself to turn away from the stone, and the name engraved upon its surface. He could no longer look, he couldn't fathom the thought of him never being able to go to the Institute doors again and hearing her voice, seeing her smile, watching her as she argued with Jace.

She's gone.

His mind processed it, it had only been nearly two weeks since her death, and he remembered it all too well, that it nearly killed him. He hadn't known, however if she had been burned like most Shadowhunters were when they died in battle, he had not been allowed to attend the funeral.

He was a Downworlder, a vampire, and although the Accords made it possible for Downworlders and Shadowhunters to work together, he was still unwelcomed in some strict Shadowhunter ceremonies, and the funeral of a fallen in battle, was apparently one of them.

Simon walked away from the Silent City that was under the old cemetery, he walked upon the cold ground littered with multicolored leaves of gold, orange and red of the old Manhattan Graveyard; he was trying not to think of when she was taken from him. He was there, he should've protected her, but nobody had to protect Isabelle she could easily do that herself.

He still felt guilty, knowing he was so close, but so far away to save her, before it was too late…

Simon heard the waves of demons shrieking, it was a larger invasion then many of them had seen, no doubt the work of Sebastian who had still not been found. Simon no longer bared the Mark of Cain, so he noticed in the battle everyone seemed nervous of his presence, could the actually be worried he'd be killed? He knew Clary would most defiantly be, but he couldn't find a reason why the others – Alec, Isabelle, and Jace would care.

A demon surged forward, claws extended rotting yellow cracked teeth bared as it jumped for him, Simon used his vampire speed to veer away from it, and when he looked again to attack he saw it's form closing in on itself decapitated.

He looked over in confusion to see Isabelle, a wicked grin spreading across her face as she held a glowing seraph blade in one hand and her golden whip in the other.

"Watch yourself, vampire." She winked as she passed him jumping back into the heat of battle, Simon stopped for just a moment to stare before he too got back into the battle.

After ripping a smaller demon apart with his hands, Simon gazed around the black blood of them all around him, he saw Clary and Jace across the opening alley they were in they seemed to be paired up it helped them, Alec was using his bow above them on the fire escape, as he had once before in a battle.

And then there was Isabelle, Simon rushed toward her as a demon came up behind her about to strike, Simon grabbed it and wheeled it around against the wall, as it screeched out in pain and faded from the wound he made in its chest.

Isabelle turned quickly after killing the one in front of her, her dark eyes wide as they took in Simon behind her, covered in black blood and gook from the battle.

She slitted her eyes slightly, like an unhappy cat that just lost a mouse and gazed at him.

"I can take care of them myself, I don't need you saving me…" she told him, not unkindly as she pushed her hair from her face.

Simon shrugged, "I thought maybe we could team up like Clary and Jace."

Isabelle made a snorting sound, "No, that's fine…Clary and Jace both know what they're doing."

"Ouch." Simon laughed once, as Isabelle made an attempt to insult him, but failed Simon could tell she was grateful for his saving her life just a moment ago, but for some reason he knew she'd never admit it, to herself or anyone else. He still wasn't sure what she felt of him, and he was still working out what he felt for her, but what he did know was, there was no other girl like Isabelle Lightwood.

Isabelle made a face and shoved passed him, Simon stepped back and blinked in surprise, and then sighed, as he watched her jump back into the middle of a ring of demons heading for Jace and Clary.

Simon couldn't help but think that his laughing didn't go over the way he had liked. And shrugged it off, they'd talk about it when they got back to the Institute…

Simon took a deep breath as he stopped to set on a park bench, he'd already almost walked halfway to the Institute now before setting down, stopping his flow of memories, he wore a dark blue wool coat, that buttoned across his chest, making him seem more muscled then he was, it was a coat that Clary and Isabelle had picked out for him, they both had agreed it made him look hot.

Simon of course couldn't see how, as he put his face back into his hands, as the blood streaked tears threatened to spill over once again. He couldn't let the passing humans see him like that, so he took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he remembered, he knew he'd be able to speak to her when they returned to her home, ever since he had met with the Angel Raziel to gain the sword Glorious, he had been able to walk upon holy ground, the Angel had said he was a warrior of God, and they suspected that could be also the reason why he could speak his name once again.

Simon sighed inwardly, if only he knew they wouldn't get back to the Institute…

Clary and Jace had been boxed in, Simon knew what he must do, regardless if he was hurt or not, he had to help them, Isabelle seemed to be doing well at the moment and Alec was close behind him, seraph blade in hand to help defend Jace and Clary who were being closed in on.

The impact Simon felt was like hitting a rock hard wall as he tackled a demon to the ground and slashed at its throat, spraying blood all over his face and chest, his t-shirt forever stained with the black liquid from the demon he just slain as it collapsed in on itself, it gave Jace and Clary they clearage they needed to be rid of the rest in the circle, with the help of Alec who was close by.

"Nice work, vampire." He said as he passed by, his black hair matted with black blood, as he patted Simon on the shoulder as if with approval of fighting demons, but his dark blue eyes shone, and his mouth was set in a hard line, Alec still didn't like the thought of how Simon and Isabelle were on again off again.

"Thanks." Simon acknowledged his noticing how he killed the demon, although it did make him slightly self-conscious.

"Is that all of them?" a voice asked coming up to them,

"Think so." Clary looked around and noted, as the blood that was once all around them too was fading into the ground.

Simon looked down at himself covered with the stuff and smirked; "Now if only it would fade from my shirt, this is one of my favorites."

He looked back up to find them all gazing at him. "What?"

"Funny, Simon." Isabelle replied coiling her whip back around her pale arm, flecked with the black swirls of runes.

Simon grinned as she made a face at him, at first he thought she was just mocking him, but something was wrong…her eyes seemed too bright, and her face was twisted up as if in pain.

"Izzy?" Jace asked, slight panic trailed his voice, which to Simon was unusual, Jace was never panicked about anything, especially not a battle.

"Isabelle?" Alec to asked, as Simon watched in horror, as a blade pushed forward out of her chest, dark blood bubbled out from around the blade protruding from her chest. She coughed, as it bubbled out of her mouth as well, and then it vanished, being pulled back as she collapsed on the ground, and behind her sword in hand was Sebastian.

His black eyes shone like dark tunnels, his white hair now stained red with Isabelle's blood, hatred boiled within Simon as the shock began to fade, Sebastian looked up at them, as they rushed forward grinned and spat.

"That was for taking my hand, you little bitch!" and with those venomous words, he was gone as fast as he had come.

Simon rushed over, pulled Isabelle up on his lap as she shuddered, he smelt her blood, and felt his fangs, but ignored them as he forced them to retract, he couldn't think about blood now, he couldn't.

"Izzy…" he said softly, as her eyes fluttered, the hole in her chest pumped blood like the broken heart beneath the skin, the others stood around them, as they worked healing runes all over her stomach and arms Clary put one on her shoulder as Simon held her, but she wouldn't tell anyone what it did, all she said was it's a stronger healing rune, but when Simon caught glimpse of it, it looked more than that, it looked somehow familiar but not, and something strange stirred in him, but he had no time for that.

"Isabelle." He said, blood tears streaked his face, as she gazed up at him, Simon noticed Jace holding Alec back as he too cried, Clary looked at Simon and he told her using his eyes that it was okay to leave him and Izzy to help Jace with Alec.

Isabelle laughed, as Simon looked at her.

"Why are you laughing?" his voice cracked, as she looked up at him, her dark eyes trying to tell him something, she took a deep breath and winced as she tried to look down at the wound but failed.


"Shhh. don't move." He told her stroking her hair as she grabbed onto his arm with her hand, Simon was used to Isabelle being warm and fierce, but at the moment even he could feel her skin growing cold.

Simon wept as he kissed her forehead, she closed her eyes and opened them, putting a hand to his blood streaked face, she wiped the tears from his face, staining her pale fingers red.

"Simon? Why are you crying?" she asked quietly, "I'm fine, I've never felt better."

"No…" Simon replied looking at her, this may be his only chance, "You're not fine, Izzy.."

She opened her mouth to speak, but he kissed her before she could, Simon could taste her blood in her mouth as she breathed raggedly under his hands, he felt her hand stroke the side of his face, as he pulled away to look at her.

"Thank you…" she whispered, as her hand began to shake and she pulled in another painful breath, Simon looked down at the wound, the blood was still pouring from it, and he wondered how she could still be breathing, and he remembered the healing rune, and the one Clary had placed on her, and he became hopeful.

"Simon…" her voice was quieter, nearly a whisper,

"Yes, Isabelle?"

"I…I've always been afraid…"

Simon laughed, "Afraid? Afraid of what, you aren't afraid of anything, Izzy. It's what makes you fierce."

She looked up at him, her eyes sad but pleading, pleading for him to listen, so Simon did, as he stroked her face.

"But I am, I'm afraid of love…" she spoke slowly, her words becoming slurred,

Simon took in her words, as he listened to her.

"I was so worried, so scared if I gave my heart away it would be broken, I was worried that what happened to my parents would happen to me, and I kept it to myself, inside me, until you.." she paused, and Simon grew frantic as he took her hand in his, and she closed her eyes but opened them again, as if she was fighting for her life.

"Even when you were mundane, at first I did just use you, I was lonely, but then…it changed, I began to feel something, I couldn't stop thinking of you, when you were gone I'd miss you and finally…it dawned on me, why, and I denied it, I couldn't face the thought, but now…it may be too late, but now…I have to tell you…"

"Shhh, Isabelle, it's never too late…" Simon told her comforting her,

"Oh…but it is, Simon….it is and I'm so sorry." Her voice cracked as she brought his lips down to hers, Simon noticed they too had become cold as she pulled away.

"I love you…" she said, quickly.

Simon was taken aback, as he blinked, three times he had thought she was going to say those words, but never did, three times he was prepared to tell her the same, if she had first.

He gripped her hand tighter.

"I love you too, Isabelle Lightwood. I think in a way I always have…" And he leaned to kiss her softly once more, "And when we get you back home, and you get better, we can discuss our feelings further, okay?" he was hopeful she'd agree, but all she did was grin, and close her eyes.

"You love me too?"

"I do." He nodded, "I have always in a way, ever sense I first saw you. Even if I thought I was in love with Clary, there was always just something about you…it drew me in."

She laughed slowly, "Good…but Simon…"


"I won't be getting better…"

"Of course you will Izzy…" he said but his voice trailed off, as she shook her head slowly,

"Not this time…"

"No! Isabelle! Don't you say that!" Simon shouted, as he got glances from Clary and Jace, as he noticed Alec sat against the brick wall, shaking his head in his hands, and he wondered how much of their conversation they had heard, but Simon didn't care, he just wanted Isabelle to be okay again.

He felt her fingers brush his face, and he looked into her dull eyes, the shine that was once there was fading, as he gripped her hand tightly, the cold seeping in him worse than falling snow.

"Izzy…" he said, as he looked at her, she had grown still, but her chest still rose and fell slowly,

"Isabelle…" Simon leaned over her,

"Just…remember…" she said so quiet he had to lean in to hear, "I love you, Simon Lewis, I have always…"

Her words were cut off, as she sucked in a breath.


Simon felt her grow very still, as he looked down at her, he placed his hand just below the wound in her chest, the blood had stopped pumping out, and her form were very still.

"ISABELLE!" Simon shrieked, shaking her, the blood tears blinding his vision as he kissed her, trying to get her to awaken, trying to get her to speak to him to talk anything.

"ISABBELLLE!" he bellowed, as he felt arms drag him off, her hand fell limp from where he held onto it, the strength sucked from her grip, as he was hoisted away from her,

"NO! NO! PUT ME DOWN!" he yelled frantically, kicking, when he heard Clary's voice, sad and grief stricken as his own.

"She's gone Simon! She's gone!"


Simon stopped moving and went limp, as he let them take him from her body, and he saw Alec shuffle over and pick up his sister, his tears fell upon her body, as her black gear was wet with the blood from her unhealing wound,


She was gone…

Okay...sooo um this is first story i've ever uploaded for anyone to read, and i just got this idea after reading that Cassie Clare will be killing off one of the main characters in CoHF and i was thinking, what if it was Isabelle? being she is one of my favorite characters (i'm a full on Sizzy shipper lol) how would i feel and how would Simon feel...anyways, i think this sucks, terribly but i'm opened to reviews for sure before i update to the next chapter :) i have a few written and i think the plotline will be interesting.