Last chapter. Thank you, everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! ^_^


Alan stood between the open French doors. Everyone else was up on the rooftop observation point but he had been drawn by the moonlight glinting off the glassy black ocean. His eyes followed the rolling motion of the beach break. Comparatively small but beautifully formed, the waves were perfect for pulling some wicked stunts on a short board.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" a voice spoke in his ear. Alan jumped and glared at Gordon, he hadn't even heard him approach. Gordon laughed."C'mon, grab your board and let's go!" his surf-mad brother told him, already wetsuit-clad, his own shortboard tucked under his arm. Alan grinned and ran to comply. He loved night surfing. The air was chilly so he quickly pulled on a wetsuit and followed Gordon down to the beach.

The moon was bright and lanterns set among the palm trees marked out the shore for the two brothers. They had been surfing for about half an hour when they found themselves sitting astride their surfboards out the back of the break, waiting in a lull for another good set to show up.

"Look!" Alan exclaimed, pointing to the sky. They both gasped in awe as hundreds of bright streaks of light began to shoot through the night, flaring towards the horizon and vanishing. This was all that was left of the asteroid they had exploded not 24 hours ago, as the pebble and dust-sized fragments ignited in the Earth's atmosphere and vaporized.

"Hard to believe, isn't it?" Gordon murmured. Alan nodded. He knew what his brother meant – that the source of these beautiful shooting stars would right now be wreaking destruction over half of the world, if it hadn't been for International Rescue.

The light of the shooting stars reflected in his blue eyes as he gazed skyward. Gordon looked sidelong at his younger brother and a slow, mischievous smirk crossed his face. The young astronaut was entranced by the beautiful sight above him...

"AAAAAAARGH!" Alan screamed as something grabbed his leg and yanked him off his board and under the water. With a strength born of panic he wrenched free of the grip and swam several frantic thrashing strokes, scrambling up onto his surfboard before the sound of laughter reached his ears. He turned and saw Gordon in the water, clutching the side of his board, unable to even climb on as tears of mirth poured down his face. Alan flopped back in the water with a gasp of limp relief before outrage caught up with him. Pulling himself onto his surfboard he advanced on his helpless brother.

"I'll get you for that..." he growled, adrenaline still flooding his system. Gordon gulped and managed to drag himself onto his board, paddling as swiftly as he could while still shaking with laughter. A swell caught up both of their boards and Gordon found himself being chased along the wave by his irate brother.

"Help!" he cried, and "Stand by to repel boarders!" He tried to execute a swift turn to escape, but suddenly Alan made a flying leap, landing on Gordon's surfboard and slamming his brother unceremoniously into the churning water.

"Ha haaa!" he shouted in delight as he managed to keep his balance and carve the commandeered surfboard back along the wave. "Take that, sucker!" Gordon popped up behind the wave just as the leash still attached to his ankle sprung taut, yanking on his leg and causing the surfboard to suddenly bounce to a stop. Of course, Alan kept going. With a yell the young man described a graceful curve through the air and fell with an enormous splash into the ocean, where the wave promptly fell onto his head. Gordon barely managed to keep afloat as he howled with gleeful laughter.

By the time they made it to shore both brothers were reduced to crawling onto the beach, exhausted by laughter. They flopped down on the sand, still giving one another feeble pushes that didn't serve any purpose whatsoever. The meteorite shower was nearly over.

"You know," Alan remarked after a while, "I'm sure it's not advised to go surfing while still having stitches in your skull!" Gordon grinned and felt the special waterproof pad he had persuaded Kyrano to cover his wound with.

"Why do you think I waited till it was night and Dad was otherwise occupied?" He replied. "He'll never find long as you keep your mouth shut..." he rolled up onto one elbow and stared meaningly at his brother. Alan smirked.

"I won't tell...if you promise not to tell about the fishing trip!"

Gordon groaned. "There goes my blackmail material! Drat you, Alan!" he couldn't help laughing as his brother flicked sand onto his face. "Alright already! We're quits," he agreed, shaking his head.

It was the end of another successful day for International Rescue.