The Twilight Series belongs to S. Meyer, no copyright infringement is intended. I'm just playing with the characters.

AN: Yes, I know I already have several WIPs but this story is screaming to be told. I liken it to Twilight without the supernatural with a dash of 50 shades and of course an homage to Chels' This is Gonna Hurt.


Perhaps an email wasn't the best way for her to deal with the situation she found herself in but—she didn't know what else to do. Lately, their relationship had become stale and worn. She no longer was sure why she had agreed to his terms in the first place.

Then there was the fact she was going home. For the first time in over four years she was going to set foot in La Push. She didn't count the few days she returned to bury her father. That was a blip on the radar screen so to speak.

It was during her return home for those few days when she saw everything she dreamed of in front of her face—not hers but belonging to someone else. The fact her cousin—sister—best friend walked up with her swollen belly and expected her to be happy for her. Who does that?

One person—Emily Young.

The fact there was a life growing inside, one that belonged to Emily and Paul—her Paul. Or at least he had been hers until that fateful day when he confessed his mistake. Perhaps had there not been a child it was something she could learn to look past—but she couldn't.

She ran—far from La Push and vowed to never return. But here she was returning to help her stepsister plan her wedding. It seemed as though everyone around her had the happiness they longed for.

The closer she came to La Push, the more her thoughts strayed to the reasons behind her bargain with the devil himself, Edward Cullen. The whisper of his name was enough to make her body tremble in desire and fear. He knew her darkest secrets, desires, and needs and above all understood her need to submit to him.

He was a dark beacon that she was inexplicitly drawn to. He was the one she called master while he had her on her knees begging for his touch. And maybe that was why she broke it off the way she did.

He would come for her—punish her and that was exactly what she wanted…what she deserved.