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Chapter 44

When I Look at You

Leah slept amazingly well. It was probably a combination of factors—the delightfully sinful sandwich Bella had made for her. Who knew Bella's true talents lay in the kitchen—the BLT was like sex to her tastebuds. Then there was the strawberry soda Charlie had purchased for her as a way of apology. Her mom had baked brownie cookies which were topped with only green M&M's. To this day she couldn't eat the other colors—they didn't taste right.

Once her hunger was satisfied, she and Bella lay on the bed and talked. Their conversation was on more than just Edward. It had been years since Leah had a sleepover and Bella never experienced one. The more tired they got, the sillier their conversation turned; both becoming prone to fits of giggles.

When they finally fell into slumber, Leah felt relaxed. Her worries and anxieties falling away—it didn't matter that she was scared for the future. She had Bella—and time to make things right with her family. He was right; the decision he had made was for the best.

When she woke up in the morning, she wondered if Sam knew what he was getting into. Shivering she tugged on the blanket but Bella's hold on it was too strong. Whether it was from her actions or just a normal thing for Bella; Bella started talking.

"Too green…black," Bella muttered. "No…so green…wet…cold."

What the hell was she dreaming about, Leah mused.

She tried closing her eyes and getting a bit more sleep but after being kicked by Bella for the fiftieth time she gave up. The bruise that was sure to find on her leg was growing by the second. Getting up, she pilfered clothing from Bella. Though they weren't close to the same height, she found a pair of sweats and a tee-shirt that fit well enough.

As she walked to the kitchen she heard voices. Entering she found her brother and Angela were making breakfast. Her mom and Charlie were sitting at the table drinking coffee. She stood there shyly; remembering her avoidance of them the day before.

Her mom glanced up first, noticing her. Sue got up and walked to her and hugged her. Her lips brushing her cheek as she asked, "Feeling better this morning?

"Yeah, I'm sorry. We had discussed taking a break but talking and actually doing it were two different things," she explained. It was the closest thing to the truth she could tell them.

Charlie apologized in his own stoic way, "Edward seems like a nice young man. This break doesn't have anything to do with the other night?"

"No," she replied, shaking her head. "It's better this way so that I can…well, I know things could be better between me and the family."

It wasn't long before both her mom and Charlie left for work. The weekend had officially ended and they were going back to their daily grind. It was a reminder that her time here was slowly slipping away; and it wasn't that she wouldn't be back to visit but this was an opportunity to make things better so those visits wouldn't be difficult.

Bella joined them soon after and the four of them enjoyed breakfast. Leah was surprised her brother knew how to cook. But apparently Angela had a wide repertoire of skills and she expected Seth to help out, sharing the tasks evenly. In fact after breakfast he gathered the dishes up without a word of complaint and loaded them into the dishwasher.

Their peace was interrupted by the arrival of Sam, Paul, and Amelia. Shutting herself in Bella's room for an entire day meant she had missed out on hearing the plans for the day. Amelia ran into the kitchen, a whirlwind of activity and motion. They were going fishing for the day and despite Amelia loving to do things with her papa; she was excited to spend time with her auntie Bells.

Angela looked torn—Seth obviously desired her company but Leah noticed how her nose wrinkled at the thought of sitting in a boat all day long. She decided to intervene. It was one step to getting to know her family all over again and it was more than apparent that Angela was going to be part of it.

"Seth, can't Angie stay here with us? I've barely gotten to know her and you two are leaving tomorrow for Port Angeles. Plus, I can't be sure but I think Paul gave Mia a cup or two of sugar for breakfast this morning. It might take all three of us to keep her tamed."

Amelia giggled, "You're funny, Leah. I had pamcakes and sausage."

She raised an eyebrow in Paul's direction. "See, I was right. Bet you didn't know I remember your weakness for syrupy goodness."

It became a girl's day. They watched Amelia's favorite shows and played with her toys. When she laid down for a nap; the three of them discussed Bella and Sam's wedding. Bella had finally decided the color was going to be salmon. It was the perfect payback for Sam's behavior a few nights ago and the fact he had tattled on Leah to her brother.

When the conversation turned to sex, Leah frowned. "I don't want to know—I really don't. For one thing, Seth is my brother and Sam—I practically see him as my brother too."

Angela blushed but the small satisfied smirk that appeared for a moment said it all. Bella wasn't so willing to let it go. "Come on, I'll bet you have some things to share or some recommendations," she goaded with a wink and a nudge.


"Aww, come on, Leah. Just one little tiny secret? Pretend like we're just some friends from school or work—we don't know your brothers."

Against her better judgment she shared. Angela looked like she was taking notes in her head and Bella started taking actual notes. At some point she threw a pillow at her stepsister.

"What happens when someone finds that piece of paper," she grizzled.

"No one's going to find it."

The conversation was interrupted by Amelia's small voice, "Are we going to play hide and seek?"

The trio laughed and Leah couldn't help herself. She went over to her and picked her up. Kissing her cheek, she replied, "Nope. But how about lunch and then we'll watch a movie."

Lunch was an easy affair. She was finding children were easily pleased with simple foods. Afterwards they headed back out to the living room and put in the movie Edward had given her. Surprisingly Leah was the only one who had seen it. It made her wonder if Angela and Bella had lived under a rock until now. They hadn't even read the book.

It was a story her father had read to her over and over when she was little girl. When she found out there was a more recent film adaptation than the Shirley Temple one—she was hooked. Even Paul had watched the film a few times with her and she would never tell anyone but he cried like a baby at more than one part.

Almost naturally Amelia snuggled into her side. Angela was curled up on the recliner with a blanket covering her. And it hadn't even gotten to the heart wrenching part yet but Bella was sniffling.

It was how Paul, Seth, and Sam found them late that afternoon. The four of them in tears; Leah knew what was coming all along but the rest of them had no idea. At the first sight of Paul, Amelia jumped off her lap and ran over to him.

"Papa, you'll never go away will you? Promise me."

He picked her up; his eyes meeting Leah's over the top of his daughter's head. He would never understand why this was her go to movie when she was upset. He had never cried until she made him watch it.

"Shove over, petal," he said to her as he sat down on the couch next to her.

Both Sam and Seth followed suit—Sam picking up Bella and somehow he managed not to grimace as she wiped her face and subsequently her nose on his shirt. While Angela launched herself at Seth and the two of them stumbled back over to the chair.

"I can't believe you've done this to them."

"What," she asked the effect of her raised eyebrow ruined by her tear-streaked face.

"You know what."

"It's a classic," she defended. "You love this movie."

"Hardly but it was your favorite so I didn't have much choice, did I?"

"Nope," she agreed with a smile and a pat on his thigh.