Everyone always said Adrian had a nose like a hellhound, an it wasn't for no good reason. The ruthless and cunning eldest son had been sniffing for a way out of the dreaded flask since the moment he'd been trapped inside. Sniffing; figuratively speaking. Both he and Cassius had been stuck in each others company for the better part of what felt like eternity. Their only escape from the other was to dive back in to their own minds and wander the darkness there. It was a lonely place for both of them, but Cassius had seemed to have gone completely insane. Had he not been that way already. Knowing this; Adrian felt less guilt for what he was planing. Not that he was sure he felt any in the first place.

Adrian was scheming, always, waiting for the right time to release himself from their dreaded prison. Twelve years had gone by and as more time passed he felt his body becoming more and more useless. Having been denied damned souls for so long would do that to a once powerful spawn of Satan. He took in a gasping breath and forced his eyes open. Slowly his fiery gaze adjusted to the darkness, but there was nothing to see. Cassius lay, seemingly asleep across from him, small roaring snores escaping him now and then. Adrian dropped his gaze and sighed, soon he wouldn't be able to do anything at all. He felt like this was his only chance to free himself.

Once lodged deep inside Hitler's bowels, the flask sat heavily guarded now within the dark Palace. Adrian could faintlyhear his once faithful servants talking, but what was bein said didn't interest him. Using all his strength he crawled over to his brother and with a sharp intake of breath he plunged his jagged ringed hand deep in to the muscled chest. Gripping hard and carving out Cassius' essence from him, removing it from the spot a human heart would be. His eyes shot open, falling lifeless under his elder brothers gaze. Adrian held the essence like a beating heart, placed it to his lips and devoured it right before him.

Cassius' body shook, all his power draining in to Adrian who drank them in with a sickening laugh. Although he couldn't die, this was a devils equivalent. Power surged through the eldest son, the flask shaking and glowing menacingly. The guards who stood watch stared on in horror as the last person they wanted to see emerged from within. They ran as fast as they could to warn his evilness, but Adrian was so much faster. Revenge was burning in his mind as he knocked unsuspecting servants of hell and ghouls alike out of his way. He felt the damned souls drawn to his body like a magnet, drinking in more power as he matched straight for the burning wall of hellfire, throwing himself without hesitation straight in to it. The winds of earth greeting him, returning to his new hell, prepared to finish what he had started. And this time; succeed.

a/n: the idea came to me at three this morning and I typed it put on my iPod. I'll fix the mistakes in the morning. I just had to type this out before I forgot. Should I continue it...?