"Gregory House, will you marry me?" Wilson asked bent on one knee in front of his friend with a smirk on his face.

Greg's eyes widened in surprise, "Wow, this is unexpected," he said at the level Wilson was willing to take this, but Wilson had no idea who he was playing with. "Of course I will," House said putting his hand out for Wilson to put on the ring.

Wilson looked slightly confused, "Great," he said as he slide the ring on House's hand and then looked up and was stunned when he realized House was leaned in to him and then he felt his friends lips on his in a kiss. It wasn't even a short kiss, it was soft and lingering, and it... wasn't bad.

"I should get going, obviously you two have a lot to talk about," The cute girl from 3B said and left quickly.

House pulled back, looking at a completely stunned Wilson and smiled, then looked at the ring, "Is that platinum, you shouldn't have." He said.

It took a moment for Wilson to regain mobility and he stood up quickly and looked at House with angered confusion, "Why would you do that? It won't help your plan, she left."

"My plan was to get lucky and by the money you laid out on this ring," House said smiling as he looked up at Wilson, "I'd say my plan is working perfectly. What to you say sweet cheeks, you ready to go home and start celebrating."

Wilson shook his head, "You don't have any limits do you? You'll hurt anyone or do anything to get what you want. Well you finally did it, I'm done with you. I was an idiot to think the rehab or therapy would help you. I thought you had changed, that you valued our friendship but obviously you don't" He said self righteously and let the box the ring had come in fall from his hand as he walked out.

House watched Wilson storm out of the restaurant and sighed deeply. He'd been stupid enough to hope that Wilson would see that the kiss meant something, that it was too far for a joke so that there must be something more to it, but that wasn't the case. HOPE... how could he have been so stupid.


It was almost midnight and House was sitting at the bar in Wilson and his condo drinking on some scotch while smoking a cigar when he finally heard the door open and looked back to see Wilson glaring at him again, the same loathing look as he'd had in the restaurant. He looked back at his drink and took another sip.

"What happened to staying clean?!" Wilson said looking at the bottle that was half empty. He was pissed at himself for letting House fool him on so many different levels.

"I went to rehab for Vicoden, not alcohol," House stated still not looking at him. Wilson walked up and grabbed the bottle then poured it down the sink while watching House. "I hope you know you're paying me back for that," House stated as he watched the liquid go down the drain.

"I don't think so, I think I've paid more than enough for your self destructive behavior," Wilson said grabbing the cigar from House's lips and running water over it. "I want you're stuff out by the time I get home tomorrow, otherwise I'll bring it to your office and dump it out there." Wilson said as he started to walk by House but the older mans hand wrapped around his arm and he stopped, giving House a daring look.

"Stop acting like an idiot," he said as his eyes searched Wilson's. "You aren't mad at what I did, you spent what... around three thousand dollars on a ring so you can't talk about limits. You're mad because you like it. You're afraid to let yourself experience something between us because you're afraid you'll be abandoned by everyone you care about, your family, your friends and why? Because you aren't the perfect little Jewish boy you've always pretended to be? Quit pretending to be something you aren't!"

Wilson shook House's hand off of him. "What's wrong with you? Why are you still playing out this crashed and burned joke. I'm not gay! You aren't gay! You kissed me to screw with my head and now you're doing this to screw with my head too. What's wrong with you House, why do you have to always ruin everything?!" Wilson said half screaming.

House stood up and grabbed Wilson's waist pulling the man to him as his lips hungrily explored Wilson's awe struck mouth. He held Wilson tight against him as he poured his needs and love into that kiss.

Wilson's brain was on the fritz as House's tongue moved in his mouth and his teeth grazed his lips. It felt good, better than he'd been kissed in a long time but it was all a joke to House it always was. He tried to pull back but House had a firm hold on him so he bit House's lip and when the man let go he pushed him off of him.

House's hands went to his lip as he fell hard on his right side onto the wood floors. He grunted and hissed some with the hard impact of the fall on his damaged leg and moved his hands back to see blood from where Wilson had bit him. He looked up to see Wilson looking at him with mixed emotions. "I guess the honeymoon is over then," he said watching Wilson closely as he tried to stand, which took longer than he would have liked. "Don't worry, I'll be gone by tomorrow if not sooner," he said as he slowly limped into his room and closed the door.

Wilson felt bad, despite the fact House was being an ass, he didn't mean to physically hurt him. He watched grimacing with every painful step House made and when he was finally in his room Wilson let out a shaky sigh. He cleaned the bowl that House was using for his ashes and then he cleaned the rest of the condo and then he did the only thing left to do. Wilson knocked on House's bedroom door, "I'm coming in."

"Leave me alone," House answered back as he wiped some of the moisture... it was sweat it had to be, from his eyes and continued his work on the swollen, hurting muscle.

Wilson sighed heavily and opened the door anyways to see House still dress with his face turned away and his hand frantically rubbing on his thigh. He swallowed, "I'm sorry I pushed you, I didn't mean for you to hurt your leg." He said honestly.

"Fine, you've cleared you conscience, now get out," House said in a soft low voice, still refusing to look at him.

Wilson took a couple of steps toward the bed when suddenly the end of House's cane was on his chest and he saw the man had backed away from him and was looking at him with big fearful eyes. He frowned as he realized House was scared of him. "I'm sorry, I'm not going to hurt you anymore House."

"Yeah... that's what they all say," House spit back still keeping his cane on Wilson's chest.

Wilson sighed, "I lost my cool, I admit that it was stupid of me to push you and not think about you falling, but you aren't innocent in this. You can't mess with people like you do and not expect to get hurt."

"So this was payback, I got it, I won't ever touch you again," House said watching him as he tried to push him back some with the cane.

"No it wasn't payback, I just wanted you off of me and I pushed you without thinking about it," Wilson said with frustration and finally got annoyed with the cane being pressing in his sternum and grabbing it tossing across the room. House scrabbled to the other edge of the bed as he heard his cane fall somewhere in the darkness of his room. "Quit acting afraid of me, you know I'm not going to hurt you," Wilson said as he walked closer to the bed.

House grunted as leg was jerked by the movement and started to spasm he tried to rub deeper in the muscle to some how relieve the pain that was shooting up his nerves. His hands trembling from the shear pain when he felt his hands be pushed away as Wilson's hands started rubbing on the jean covered thigh with smooth movements and a more tender touch. House wanted to pull away but Wilson's fingers were actually helping some so he leaned back and let him work.

Wilson felt the muscle jerking under his touch and continued his work until it seemed more relaxed, which took a good half hour. He swallowed as he wondered how bad it had to hurt and how long House had already been working on it before he came in. "Does it feel any better?" Wilson asked as he looked at House and for the first time he was close enough to see that House had red rimmed eyes that indicated he'd cried recently.

"It's fine, now go," House said looking away from Wilson.

Wilson felt both anger and sympathy for House. "Tell me... why did you do it, didn't our friendship mean anything to you?"

House swallowed hard, "Go away," he said softer.

Wilson stood up and then he noticed a piece of paper on the end table and picked it up. "What's this?" he asked trying to read it in the dark but being unsuccessful.

House tried to grab it but Wilson kept it out of his reach, "Don't, just put it back and leave."

Wilson turned on the light to see that House had dried tear stains down his cheeks and started to read the paper.


You're all I had left, and I blew it because of some stupid notion of hope that maybe you could allow yourself to love me back. I'm sorry for the mess, but I didn't have any pills. I'm leaving you everything and that should cover all the money I owed you. Hope your life will be better without me in it.


Wilson felt sick as he looked at House and suddenly his eyes were captured by the gleam of a kitchen knife that House must have sneaked out. He went for it a little after House has lunged for it and he tried to pry it from his friends hands, "No... you don't get to kill yourself in my condo!" he yelled.

"Just let me end this, I don't want to live like this anymore. I don't want to be in pain, I don't want to be alone." House said back as he felt the knife being pulled out of his hands and his fingers desperately tried to grasp it. "Please James... please... I can't do this without the drugs to numb me. No one will miss me, no one even likes me."

"I will miss you! I like you!" Wilson said as he finally got the knife away from House and looked down to see fresh tears in his eyes.

"It hurts all the time, I keep telling myself it's okay but it isn't, it hurts... the leg.. it just never stops and my life is pathetic, with the drugs it didn't seem so bad, but... without out them... please.." House said brokenly as he stared at the knife.

Wilson shook his head, "No, I'm not letting you kill yourself. You should have told Nolan that you were still in pain or me, we'll get you on something that will work."

"The vicoden is the only thing that works, we went through this before when I couldn't get off the walker because of the pain. I tried everything and the only thing that worked was the vicoden and that's how I managed to get on the cane. I need it," House said meeting his eyes.

Wilson frowned as he looked at the pain on the man's features. "I'll be right back." He left and put the knife up then grabbed a bottle of pills he'd kept just in case and walked back in House's bedroom. "Here," he said as he took out two pills and handed them to House.

House looked at them with awe and then up at Wilson who was holding a full bottle of them. "Is this a test?" He asked unsure of what to do.

"No, Dr. Nolan told me he thought your pain might be more than you were letting on and that even though you were definitely addicted that you might need the pills in order to function. I had just hoped it wouldn't come to that," Wilson said with a worried look.

House's eyes turned angry as he threw the pills at Wilson, "You knew I was in pain and you did nothing! You've been watching me torturing myself for months now, all the while you had a bottle of medicine that could make it stop and you SAID NOTHING! Get out," House said in a dangerously low voice that sounded more like a growl.

Wilson tried to touch House but House pulled back from him, "I didn't know you were in pain for sure, I mean... yeah I had my suspicions, but you acted like it was manageable."

"Because I didn't want to let YOU down, I've suffered silently in pain for YOU. So that you might not be so disappointed in me, so you would still be my friend, and now you're kicking me out anyways." House said pissed off.

"No I'm not, I'm not kicking you out," Wilson said as he looked down at House. "I never thought you... felt..." he shook his head as he slowly sat down to the right of House on the bed. "You always joked about us and stuff but I never took it seriously, I thought you liked Cuddy," he said with questioning eyes.

House rolled his eyes, "How many times do I have to tell you there is some truth behind every joke? I didn't push it because you never acted interested and our friendship does mean something to me, it means everything to me. Cuddy has always been second choice for me, you've always been first."

Wilson looked in House's eyes, "You're right... I've never thought of you as anything more than a friend, but I liked the kiss. It... somehow felt right and that scared me."

House sighed, "Well I can't say I'm too surprised, I'm usually right."

Wilson smiled at that, "Unfortunately you usually are. Here please take these," he said pulling out three pills and handing them to House.

House popped them in his mouth and chewed them, "So, can you just... forget about what happened tonight? The restaurant, in the kitchen and the thing with the knife?" He asked looking at the ground.

Wilson shook his head, "No, I can't." He watched as House looked more upset staring a hole through the carpet and put a hand on House's thigh. "But part of the reason I can't, is because I don't want to forget it, you're a pretty amazing kisser." He said then smiled at him

House looked at him with questioning eyes, "Don't tease me," he stated.

"I can't make any promises, but... I have been with a guy before, a couple of times actually in college," Wilson said blushing some as he looked down, "but I wanted a family so... I started dating women."

"I knew you made pancakes too good to be straight." House said with a slight smirk as he rubbed on his thigh.

Wilson pouted a little as he looked at House trying to work the pain out of his leg. "I'm sorry about your leg." He said softly.

House bit his lip some as he rubbed on it and looked at Wilson, "Maybe you could help take my mind off it." He said while looking at Wilson's lips and leaned in a little.

Wilson leaned in and started kissing House who responded eagerly. Wilson moaned as House's teeth scrapped his teeth and lips while his whiskers raked across his sensitive skin. House let his left hand touch Wilson's stomach and roam up his chest, while Wilson put his hand on House's thigh. House gripped Wilson's shirt pulling him too him as he panted. Wilson groaned with the intensity as his hand rubbed the higher up House's inner thigh, which in turn made House groan loudly.

House pulled back some, "You sure you're okay with this?"

Wilson was panting as hard as House was, "Yeah," he said trying to catch his breath, "but if this is going farther then we need to make sure we're on the same page."

House nodded, "I have to be on the bottom, my leg can't take the top for long."

Wilson rubbed his thigh, "That's perfectly fine, but I need to know what you're comfortable with sexually."

"I want to play all fields of the game as long as you're there with me," House said as he took off his shirt.

Wilson was surprised by the answer, "Are you sure? Anal can hurt, especially the first time," he said with concern.

"I'm sure you'll be gentle, and it's not like you're that big anyway," House said with a smirk and before Wilson could rebut he pulled him in a kiss as he's fingers worked on getting the shirt. House was having a hard time concentrating as Wilson's hand rubbed his crotch so he finally decided he no longer cared about the shirt, so he tugged it hard and the buttons flew off. A part of Wilson wanted to yell at House but the other part of him was so turned on but House's impatience and eagerness that he let it slide as he took the rest of the shirt off and then had to pull back to get his under shirt off. House tossed his and Wilson's shoes off the bed and licked his lips as he looked back at Wilson. Wilson grabbed House's neck and pulled him in another hot kiss and kept pushing into it until House was on his back underneath him and climbed on top. House undid Wilson's belt and pulled it off him throwing it blindly in the room and then did the same to his own. Wilson stopped kissing for a moment to unzip House's jeans and then started kissing the mans neck. House arched as his hands slid beneath Wilson's pants and underwear to grab his ass and pull him harder against himself.

"Fuck me..." Wilson panted as he grinded his hardened penis against House's with the pants and underwear still between them.

"Oh, I intend too," House said in a deep voice as his hands maneuvered their way to the the front and he started stroking Wilson's cock.

"Shit," Wilson said as he used one hand to keep himself up while he unzipped his pants to give House better access to him.

House grinned up at Wilson's blushed cheeks as he worked him into a horny mess then stopped. Wilson started to look disappointed when House grabbed his pants and pulled them down and soon Wilson was completely naked straddling House. House looked at Wilson's hard dick and licked his lips, as his hands grabbed Wilson's ass and pulled him towards him. Wilson could see where this was going, "House are you sure about this? You don't have to do anything you aren't comfortable with," he said with warm eyes.

"I'm sure," House said and bent his head so that he could lick the tip of Wilson's dick and then he softly sucked on it.

"Fuck you," Wilson said as he moved closer and watched House give him a blow job, he wasn't sure if House was extremely talented, or if it was just the visual of watching him that made it so good.

House finally stopped and looked up at Wilson with blushed cheeks, "I hope you will."

Wilson kissed him held him for a while then slowly made his way down his body until the skin stopped and the pants started. He could see that House was a little bit hesitant so he pulled at the pants slowly, giving him time to stop this if he wanted but he didn't and soon the pants were off. Wilson watched as Houses hand covered the crater in his thigh with his hand and he smiled softly at him, he knew it would take time for House to trust him with that part of himself. Wilson littered House's pelvis bone with kisses on each side as his hand worked over the thick hard shaft.

"Who's going first?" House asked as his hands were in Wilson's hair.

Wilson looked up at him, "Do you have a long endurance or do you usually just... pop?" Wilson asked as he looked down at dick in his hand.

"The vicoden makes me have a longer endurance," House said looking at him.

"Well I feel like I'm about to lose it pretty soon so if you're sure about it then I'll get you ready," Wilson said looking up.

"James... I'm ready for this," House said softly.

Wilson swallowed, "I lied... I have thought about this before, a couple of times, but this is better."

House smirked at him and was about to say something when he bit his lip as Wilson started sucking his throbbing cock. His eyes rolled back and it took all of his power not to thrust into that hot wet mouth.

"Lube?" Wilson asked looking up and then sucking again.

It took House a moment to comprehend speech, but when he did he opened his night stand and pulled out a bottle of good grade synthetic lubricant and opened the lid. Wilson put out his hand and House put good amount of drops on. He moved his legs out more feeling his thigh acting up some but he focused on the blow job and could feel Wilson's fingers slicking up his opening. He swallowed as he felt one finger enter him and it felt... awkward, he felt his face blush as he started to get a little worried but then Wilson started moving the finger in him and he started to enjoy it. A few minutes later and Wilson had worked three fingers in House and House was rocking his hips to Wilson's fingers. House gripped Wilson's hair and gave it a small tug. Wilson looked up with blushed cheeks and a slobbery mouth. "I'm ready... please fuck me... I want it..." House said panting hard.

Wilson nodded and let the dick fall from his mouth then grabbed the lube. He coated his cock with it and got it back to being fully erect, "It might hurt coming out, so let me know if it starts to," Wilson said as he slowly started to remove the fingers. When his hand them out he put his tip to House's opening and slowly pushed in. "Ohhhh... that's it... you …. feel good... really good..." Wilson said brokenly while panting as he slowly entered House all the way and didn't move. He wanted to give the man a chance to stop things or get use to it before he started really fucking him.

House's mouth hung open as Wilson entered him and filled a part of him he'd never realized felt so empty till now. He felt whole with Wilson inside him and started wiggling his hips to feel some friction. "James... stop teasing and FUCK me," he moaned as his hands where on the back of Wilson's thighs pulling him closer to try to get him to go deeper.

Wilson figured that was a clue that House was ready and slowly pulled out some and thrust back in and they both groaned with how good it felt. Wilson started out being gentle, but soon House stopped him.

"Can you go deeper if I'm on my stomach?" House asked as he was rubbing his dick.

"Um.. well the angle is better so yeah, but you'll need to have a pillow under you're pelvis to really..." Wilson shut up as a pillow was put down and House rolled onto it. "Go hard, you're not going to hurt me. I think you're about to milk my prostate some though," House said as he moved his legs apart and looked over his shoulder at a hesitant Wilson. "Jesus James, fuck me!"

Wilson climbed on and entered House slowly and then started going at him harder. Soon one hand was on House's shoulder while the other one was on House's pelvis bone in a death grip. "Fuck where do you want me to cum... hurry House," Wilson moaned.

"Cum where you want to... oh... harder... fuck me harder..." House panted.

Wilson did just that and cam deep inside House's hot tight sweet ass with a blissful groan. He'd never cam in a man before and loved how he felt Houses ass spasming around his spilling cock. "I cam inside, is that okay?" He asked after a minute to compose himself.

House smirked over his shoulder at him, "You know you can't get me pregnant right?"

Wilson pulled out quickly to see House's smirk drop some and smiled, "You really plan on sticking that thing up me?" He said as he turned House on his back and notice the clearer liquid. "Whoa... I actually did milk your prostate some."

House blushed, "Well it took you long enough, I'm not a flower you know."

"Apparently not, but please be gentle with me, with that thing. I don't want to get ripped in half." Wilson said with some humor, but also some truth.

House nodded, "Fine now let me lick that pretty little hole." He said and Wilson moved so that he was on his knees with his ass to House's face and gasped as he felt the man pull his cheeks apart and started rimming him. He'd never rimmed anyone before but he felt he had to be doing it right since Wilson was gasping and widening his legs for him. House worked his tongue in and out of Wilson's ass until for a few minutes before getting out some lube and sticking a single finger in, he worked it in and out when he felt Wilson start to suck on his cock and tried to concentrate on finding the prostate, when he did he started rubbing in softly. A couple of minuted passed and his hand most of his hand in Wilson's ass. Four fingers were in and Wilson stopped his blow job and turned around.

"I've decided I want you to cum inside me too, I want to feel what it's like to have you cum inside me." Wilson said and kissed House softly, then he lowered his hole on to Houses hard penis. It took a moment for his ass to decided if he was going to let it in, but Wilson concentrated on relaxing his muscles and it slipped in. Wilson took it slowly and relubed a couple of times but five minutes later his eyes were almost black from being dilated as he was bouncing on House's huge cock and his hard cock was slapping on House's bare stomach. He tried to hold out as House pinched his nipples, but his dick leaked as his prostate was stimulated. His ass started gripping the already big dick harder until he felt House grab both of his hips and started thrusting deeper into him then he thought possible. House grunted deeply and Wilson moaned as he felt something warm fill him. He could feel House's cock pumping and shooting cum inside him and it felt... wonderful as his eyes watered at the beauty of it.

"So, how was I for a first timer?" House asked as he looked at Wilson with a smirk.

Wilson leaned down and kissed him, "You were perfect."

House smiled, "Not that your ass wasn't good, but I think I prefer to be a bottom."

Wilson laughed, "Really, I wasn't sure with all that moaning and begging me to fuck you harder," he said sarcastically.

House pushed Wilson off of him and then rolled on top of Wilson, "Don't even pretend you didn't like my thick cock up that tight hole of yours. You were just bouncing away on my pole." He said challenging.

"Fine, to be honest all of it was good, and you cuming in me," Wilson said with emotion as he touched House's face, "that was... well there aren't words to describe it."

House's eyes softened on his, "I felt the same way when you did it to me. It just makes you feel... loved and whole."

Wilson nodded, "We should probable get cleaned up, huh?"

House opened his drawer and pulled out a container of wet naps and started cleaning them up then threw it on the floor. "See now you don't have to get up and we can snuggle."

"I didn't think you would be the cuddling type," Wilson said as he curled up to House and Houses arms wrapped around him.

"You don't know me quite as well as you think you do James," House said squeezing him some.

Wilson smiled some and it faded, "Greg... promise me you won't ever kill yourself."

House sighed, "I can't promise that anymore than you can promise me this will work out, but I'll promise to talk to you next time I feel that low and bad."

Wilson looked behind his shoulder at House, "I think this has a really good chance of working out."

House smirked, "Does that mean I can use the tub without you throwing a hissy fit?"

Wilson smiled as he turned his head back, "We'll have to see, but if you are always that good in bed then I would say you can use the tub whenever you want."

"You're such a push over," House said nuzzling his nose in Wilson's hair.

"And you're really a big old softy, we're even," Wilson said and noticed for the first time that House was still wearing the ring he'd given him. Soon they were both asleep in each others arms.

The End...