The Horus King

The wind slapped against Nefertari's skin as she sprinted across the muddy Nile bank, her dark locks dancing in the wind, Ramese and Moses following suit. There was no fear of crocodiles or serpents. They were with the living Horus, the protector. They were free.

Her heart thrashed against her chest as she neared the fishing post, her breathing faltering and her steps quickening. Victory was insight. She could taste it. She was going to win. She was-

"Ahh!" The dark skinned princess screamed as she was most kindly shoved into the shallow parts of the mighty Nile. Her vision blurred and all she could see was the murky green waters.

"Ramese!" The girl shrieked, emerging from the water when she fell short of oxgen. Her hair stuck to her skin and her pretty linen dress was stained with mud and other stuff she didn't want to identify.

"I win, whats my prize?" Ramesse declared, grinning victoriously.

"My fist down you throat you creature of Seth!" She growled, struggling to free herself from the reeds. Ramese' laughed rose.

Moses, whom had remained silent, heaved her out of the water and she lunged at the older prince. "I demand a rematch! That wasn't fair."

Ramese had stopped chortling and was now struggling to not choke on mud as the princess shoved his face into the mud. "All is fair in war." He gasped, his eyes widening.

Moses hauled the little princess off his brother, his body shaking with laughter. "Okay, thats enough. I'm afraid you'll kill my brother. How would I explain that to mother?"

"We could do it, of course." Nefertari said, narrowing her eyes at her friend. "We'll escape to India and live as fugitives."

"I can hear this." Ramese pointed out, standing up from the muck- his face twisted into an expression of disgust.

"Its not too late," Nefertari whispered, smirking at Moses.

"Some other time, perhaps."

"Nefertari?" Kaphiri, Nefertari's handmaiden hollered from the palace. The three children exchanged guilty looks and Moses smirked.

"Last one to the palace has to tell Huy we broke the statue of Anubis!" Ramese called before sprinting off into the orange afternoon glow that swallowed the city, his two companions chasing after him- leaving behind a trail of footprints and bubbling laughter.

So in this story Nefertari is a royal princess by blood but treated as a spare as of being the niece of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten who banished all the old Egyptian gods and forced the religion of Aten, the solar disc, and did a whole lot of other shit that I won't go into. Anyway the people viewed him as a rebel and when Horemheb came to the throne shortly after the reign of Aye (Nefertari's grandfather) he was idolized as a savior for restoring order to the glorious Egyptian empire. Or something like!

So these are little random one-shots between Moses, Ramese and Nefertari from children to adulthood. Ratings may change but you will be informed. Next part should be longer. Please review!