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Prologue: The Breakout

The dark figure moved quickly, careful to keep hidden from the surveillance cameras.

He was dressed in black robes, obscuring his face and features. Carefully, he navigated his way through the tall shrubs, keeping out of sight.

Tonight is the night, he thought menacingly as he ducked low behind a dirigible plum tree.

Tonight he would finally have revenge, sweet revenge against the blasted Culturians. Revenge against the blasted protagonists who bathed in victory and revenge against those who imprisoned the defeated.

It had only two things on its mind: revenge and dominance.

The Dungeon of the Antagonists was where the souls of defeated Antagonists went after death. Inside the Dungeon, they were reduced to a petty form, weak and powerless. They say the walls were crafted by the Dementers.

The figure snorted dismissively, as if the Dementers served the University.

As he neared closer to the East Wing, the figure took out a small pane of black glass from his pocket. A clever little disguise for one of the key items in his plan.

The figure ran one of his thin, boney fingers down the screen and it flickered to life.

He typed in a few commands and immediately all the security cameras in the East, West and Dungeon Wings were fed a continuous loop. I'm a genius, he thought to himself as he stood straight up and dashed to the left brick wall, even Foaly would be put to shame.

The figure had heard rumors of secret passageways to the Dungeon but never had tried them himself. He carefully brushed his fingers against the bricks, looking, looking, looking...

"Ah ha!" he muttered triumphantly.

The fifteenth brick on the left was raised higher than the others. He pressed his finger against it and held back a yelp of joy as the bricks began to move like Lego blocks to reveal a small door the size of a Hobbit hole.

The Dungeon was dark and damp, the fluorescent lights hanging low. Lining the walls were tall panes of purple glass, each with a small steel square in the middle.

Probably a security lock, thought the figure, but not for long...


Immediately as the figure's foot came in contact with the Dungeon ground, a holographic screen popped to life in its face.

"Identification please," a cool female voice, the figure realized to be the Head Culturian, chimed.

"D'Arvit," the figure absently swore while pulling out its little black pane of glass again.

Within two seconds and several commands, the holographic screen was gone and the figure had free rein of this side of the Dungeon.

The figure literally shook in excitement. A mass breakout from the Dungeon of Antagonists, they would have no choice to initiate the Avengers and thus leave them to the mercy of their nemeses.

Casting a quick Invisibility cloud, courtesy of Egyptian magic, the figure began moving among the cells. As he walked he would sometimes get hints and bits of what they were saying behind the almost sound proof panes.

"I will have revenge for the destruction of my One Ring, you will burn to crisp..."

"I'll have your soul Batman, oh I will..."

"Mark my words Snow White, I will have my revenge! I will feast on your delicate flesh when I return and watch the scream escape your perfect lips! Mark my words..."

"My middle name is torture! Do you hear that Molly Weasley? I'll carve your soul like I carved lil' Fweddie's!"

There were some things the figure wish he didn't hear in the first place.

When he neared Cell XX89V the figure was quivering in fear and enthusiasm. He looked at the name plate on the side, scrutinizing every detail.

Defeated by: HARRY J. POTTER

The figure's hands were shaking when he pulled out his black hacking device. He typed in a few commands and held it at the cell door to scan.

There was one beep, two beeps, three and...


The cell door split in half and shards of purple glass attacked the figure. Dust clouded his senses as he quickly backed away. Thank Gandalf, he thought to himself, I had disabled the alarm system or else someone might've picked up my scream.

As he picked shards out of his robe, the air around him suddenly dropped several degrees. With a maniacal grin, the figure looked up to see a robed man emerging from the broken hole in the glass pane.

"M-my Lord," the figure said as he bowed down deeply.

The robed man looked at him coldly and cast his eye around the destruction.

"Free. At last," the man paused to inspect himself, "But how?"

The figure looked up at Lord Voldemort. He was the king of villains! A legend where he came from and a true one at that. He had split his soul seven times and lived! Only to be defeated by a stupid boy wizard but nevertheless a legend.

"My lord, I shall explain everything later but now I must free your comrades," the figure explained as he slowly stood as Voldemort cast him one of many cold looks.

"I operate alone, Muggle," Voldemort said, his finger twitching towards where his wand used to be.

The figure ignored him (a dangerous mistake if Voldemort had had powers. Fortunately he was powerless at the moment) and went back to work. In a matter of ten minutes the figure found himself standing in the middle of a circle with eleven towering figures (a coven included) with shards of purple glass everywhere.

The figure could barely conceal his excitement as they Apparated out of the Dungeons to a classified location where they would start the first stage of his master plan.

They will never know what hit them, he thought, seven of the worst villains to exist in this universe... united! I will have this universe in a week! PopCultureVerse will burn to ashes...

With a final cackling laugh, the figure turned to the seven villains and said one sentence that he knew would unite them all:

"Now who wants revenge?"


Dirigible Plum Tree: A tree from Harry Potter

Foaly: A character from Artemis Fowl

D'Arvit: A fictional swear word from Artemis Fowl

Apparated:Mode of teleportation from Harry Potter

Thank Gandalf: A character from Lord of the Rings

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