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~Make the leap~
/Seal your fate\
•Create a new you•
So, why wait?

He stood at the ledge, his hands wringing as he felt the warm salty air against his skin. The soft spray of water gently brushed his skin, as tears streamed down his face.

This was it. This was the end.

He was a coward and he knew it. He was weak, pathetic. He was ashamed to call himself a Dauntless when he had a will more fragile than an Amity.

What had he gotten himself into? Why had he taken part in hurting the girl he loved?

'Don't come near me again, coward. Or I'll swear I'll kill you.'


Oh, god, Tris. Al loved her with a fury. Ever since he saw her throwing knives. God, she had the willpower of a lion.

Compared to her, Al was a mouse. A wimpy, little pathetic mouse who couldn't even beat Myra. He played unconscious when he was punched during wrestling. He was too scared to think of what would happen in his fear landscape.

This is the only way, he thought to himself as his hands closed around the cool metal of the railing. There's no place for me here...not anymore. He took a deep shuddering breath as he hoisted himself over the bar. Did he want this this? Was he ready?

Yes, of course.

"There's no place for me here," he said to himself as he stepped onto the three-inch stretch of bare earth between him and the chasm. Between him and the pit floor.

*Brace yourself*
{and take the leap}
#the end is near#
|No one will weep|

"I'm sorry, Tris," Al said as he looked down. Would anyone miss him? Would anyone mourn?

No, no one would.

He breathed in for the last time, leaned forward and released his grip on the steel bar.

Then he was falling...
sailing through the air...
His life flashing before his eyes...

This is the end, he thought through a haze of emotions and sorrow. This is really the end.

[Life is like a candle]
-flickering through the night-
=We don't know when it'll go out=
...But we know it might...

Al's last moments were spent in tears. Al's last moments was spent in sorrow and regret. Al's last moments were spent thinking... of everything.


He heard the roar of the rogue water in his ears. Goodbye world, you won't miss me, he thought.

And then he was gone.

Now nothing but a memory and a whisper in the wind.

Al was gone.


Free. At last.


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