Bit of humour to fill the gaps in between Leaps! Enjoy!

Al looks intrigued by something left on pause by Sam earlier during his Leap. The volume is turned up to full and the video is set to full screen. What the Calavicci doesn't know is what the video contains…

"Sam. Sam! Are you there?" Al yells into the shrouded darkness of the abandoned room as he plants himself into an empty black seat.

'Must be out trying to prevent the Sheriff from being convicted of rape… According to Ziggy." He thought to himself. 'Ah well, I might as well watch this!'

The handlink squealed as if asking for a response.

Al grins to himself, ignores it and clicks play.

It was the Francium test in the Pacific Ocean. The Admiral winced slightly at the ship in the distance close to the large explosion that was taking place. The spray of the sea was seen engulfing the naval ship.

Mesmerised, he leaned in closer as if he was trying to read the ship.

Big mistake!

Screams split the silent room in two with a scary image of a face appearing on the computer monitor. Al falls backwards off the chair - screaming no end of curses at thin air while writhing on the floor in astonishment.

From a murky corner, the Leaper's amusement is heard resonating in apoplexy. The main beams of the lights slices through the shadows and the Admiral spots Sam heaving for breath on the ground.

"You fell for it! I thought you'd be more cautious than to watch the Francium Test." Sam wheezed through uncontrollable laughter.

"Sam Beckett! I'm fucking gonna kill you!"

The Calavicci's face was a picture written with pure murder in his expression. He tried to punch and use other attacks – but to no avail. All the attacks just passed through the Doctor's body, while tears of amusement rolled down Beckett's face as he laughed harder the more futile attempts the rear end Admiral made.

Meanwhile in the Imaging Chamber…

Gushie and Tina were splitting their sides at the foolishness of Al. That was until he left the room with pure rage burning through his eyes.

"He's Leaped now…" Al forced through gritted teeth.

"That was what I was trying to warn you about, Admiral. That was the main reason for him leaping into Syrus Meyers. He wasn't there to prevent the conviction of Michael Summers at all. He was there to scare you!" Ziggy spoke in annoyance.

"Well he'll pay next time…"

Then Al stormed off to his room to reflect and plot.

"Geez, what's eating him?" Gushie whispered.

More coming soon in the scream side of things! xD