Chapter 2 and revenge is a dish best served as a game... Thank you again 'The Evil Al' hope you continue reading! Enjoy and review!

Sam had just Leaped into another wrecked person's life. A replica of Al's handlink is lying on the floor – with one new addition to it – a mini screen and a note on the back that read:

'Thought you might like to have a look at the new handlink - Gushie helped upgrade it! So I can talk to you if the Imaging Chamber doesn't work like usual. Click the play button for instructions…

In a bit, Sammy!


'Hmmm. Seems plausible enough, I just hope he wasn't too sore about earlier… I hope Al explains who I've Leaped into this time.' Sam quietly thought.

Beckett quickly taps the 'play' button onscreen and an image of the Admiral appears.

He starts talking about women first – much to Beckett's frustration... Sam huffs in irritation at his perverted best friend's image.

'Always the same womaniser that I met beating up a vending machine…' The Doctor thought.

"… And that is how you use the new and improved handlink… Here's a present for you as well before I go and give Beth a once over – it's just a game."

Sam raises an eyebrow.

Then the screen turns blank.

Suddenly a maze appears with a dot. Sam deftly manoeuvres a small dot through the maze, narrowly avoiding the walls and gets through the levels…

Level 3…

Beckett is now hooked on the game and he's about to make the end of the level.

He makes it to the end, but seconds after finishing a scary monster appears screaming wildly – startling the quantum physicist and Sam starts joining in the screaming and hurls the shrieking handlink out of the window. The window shatters at the sheer force of the object thrown.

Al emerges from the Imaging Chamber door with a cigar and cackling like a hyena at the whimpering Doctor who was rocking back and forth on the floor, pale as a ghost. A blonde female enters the room and sees Doctor Beckett sobbing on the floor.

"Bubby? What's wrong? I heard you screech and the window shattering. Oh my God! Are you okay?"

She rushes across the room - absolutely stark naked to pick the Beckett up off the floorboards. Al's cigar falls out of his mouth as he gawps and Sam glares at Al in a way the Calavicci had never seen before.

"This means war, Calavicci…" Sam snarled at Al before having his lips stapled together by the blonde.

Al saluted that one off.

Then Sam Leaped once again.

Had plenty of experiences with that one! Hope you enjoyed! xD