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Later, they stumbled into Sasuke's apartment, trying to multi-task through their passionate kissing. Sasuke barely managed to close the door before Naruto pushed him farther into the hallway, bedroom door in sight. Pale hands gripped blond hair as tan hands drew patterns of fire underneath a dark shirt, both of them reluctant to let go and almost falling when Sasuke stepped on Naruto's shoelace. Naruto groaned because of the delay as he had to pull his shoes off with one hand, Sasuke not helping as he licked hot wet trails along his neck. Then Naruto regained his hold around the small of Sasuke's back and pulled him close, making them pause for a second as their hips ground together. Hastily they pulled off their jackets as they entered the bedroom, Sasuke falling down on the bed and taking Naruto with him, not letting their lips separate. Naruto was posed over Sasuke, resembling the position he'd had earlier that day, but this time he lay down on top of his friend creating wonderful heat to blossom up between them. They moved slowly, caressing each other with care as if scared the other would break underneath their touch. Every millisecond, every breath and feeling was carved deeply into their memories. They took their time to undress, admiring each other, making sure they wouldn't miss a thing. Naruto unbuttoned Sasuke's shirt, pressing butterfly kisses on every patch of skin he revealed. Sasuke groaned and let his fingertips trace Naruto's cheeks, jaw and throat, feeling the shivers his ministrations caused.

"Naruto" he whispered lovingly, as the blond licked a trail circling his naval and making his already uneven breath hitch. He sat up in order to let the shirt fall off his shoulders, Naruto sitting on his lap and helping him to shrug it off. Then he pulled up Naruto's t-shirt and caressed his muscled stomach, their eyes meeting before Naruto leaned down and kissed him deeply, his tongue loving every inch inside those pink perfect lips. The blond allowed him to take the orange t-shirt off, and gave a beautiful smile as Sasuke paused to hungrily drink in the sight of the chest he'd always dreamt of seeing like this. So many years… He took Naruto's hands in his, kissing the palms and placing them around his neck. He slowly pushed the amazing man in front of him down and started kissing and nibbling his way downwards from the hollow in his throat to the hem of his dark blue jeans. Naruto caressed the back of his head, fingers moving through his shiny locks, silently urging him on. He nuzzled Naruto through the fabric, feeling the bulge there with his lips and cheeks. Naruto groaned when he nibbled the tip with his teeth and he moved to unbutton the pants, his hands trembling as he fumbled with the belt. He swallowed thickly when he finally succeeded, pulling the pants and boxers down and moistening his dry lips. It wasn't the first time he'd seen his best friend naked, but he'd never seen him hard before. Hard because of Sasuke. For a moment he just stared at the revealed flesh, not really daring to believe that they were actually doing this, that Naruto wanted him to do this. But then he felt tan fingers tug at his hair and looked up to meet Naruto's gaze. Naruto was smiling, but he too seemed to be nervous.

"Please" the blond whispered, so low that Sasuke almost couldn't hear it, but he did, and the word caused fresh sparks of fireworks to light up all over his body. He nodded, not trusting his own voice at the moment, and leaned down to taste Naruto. His first lick caused shudders in Naruto's body, and his grip on those sexy hips tightened. He wanted to give Naruto the best blow job he'd ever had, and resolutely he used one hand to hold the length up and started licking and sucking on it wantonly.

Naruto could only moan at the sight and feel of the pale man working on him so eagerly. Sex had never felt this good before, and he never wanted it to end. He wanted to have sex with Sasuke every second of every day of his whole goddamn life. He thrust up into the hot wet cavern enveloping him as Sasuke hollowed his cheeks and sucked for real. There was no way Naruto was going to last long.

"Sh-shit Sasuke" he groaned, tugging the strands of hair between his fingers to make the raven stop.

Sasuke released him with a loud pop, disappointed that Naruto wouldn't come inside his mouth but eager for the next level of pleasure. Naruto turned them over, leaning over Sasuke again and kissing him, caressing every part of his body that he could reach. It was heaven and torture at the same time and his arms were thrown around Naruto's muscled back, trying to pull him closer and push him off, the feeling too much but not enough. Then a large hand palmed him through his pants, and he happily bucked into it while moaning Naruto's name against his lips. The blond released his lips and groaned, wanting to hear his name uttered louder with such passion. Sasuke then felt two hands working on the button of his dark pants, continuing to pull down his zipper. Naruto had at some point already pulled off his own the whole way, and he made the process short with Sasuke's. Once they were gone it was his turn to pause and admire the erotic sight below him. It wasn't exactly strange that Sasuke was so incredibly popular because of his looks, and a naked Sasuke was just too good to be true. He was simply perfect, and his flushed look and straining cock added to it. Sasuke's dark eyes regarded him silently, emotion swimming in the usually unreadable pools. Naruto felt his heart skip a beat and hesitantly, as if thinking that this moment was too perfect and would end any second, reached down to caress smooth thighs. Sasuke gasped quietly and bit his lip, in his mind begging Naruto to touch him where he wanted it the most. He was on the verge of begging him out loud too, throwing all his pride away, when Naruto seemed to have heard his thoughts and started pumping him.

"Aah, yes, Naruto more… touch me more…"

Naruto tightened his grip around Sasuke and clenched his teeth. It was too much but he couldn't come yet.

"Sasuke, do you have any lube?" he managed to get out, panting and drying some sweat off his forehead with his free arm.

Sasuke nodded, his eyes closed in pleasure. He waved his hand in the direction of the bedside table. "Middle" he groaned. "Don't stop."

Naruto smiled to himself, slightly surprised that Sasuke didn't even protest about bottoming. Not that he knew anything about the raven's preferences. He opened the drawer and easily found the lube, opening it to coat his fingers. He nudged the pale thighs apart, giving him a good view of the puckered entrance. He felt his stomach coil in anticipation and tried to keep calm. There was no denying that he was nervous though; he wasn't popular like Sasuke and had only done it a few times before. And most of those were with girls since he was bi.

"Stop stalling Naruto, I want you to fuck me" Sasuke demanded, and Naruto almost lost it. He pushed one finger in deep, moving it when Sasuke gasped and wriggled his hips against it. He couldn't think anymore, only follow the movement of the writhing body in front of him, pushing up against him and urging him to go faster, to give more pleasure.

With three fingers inside he was hitting Sasuke's prostate over and over again, moans spilling out of swollen lips in waves of hot pleasure. When the raven couldn't take it anymore he pulled Naruto's fingers out, pushing him onto his back and licking his lips hungrily, watching Naruto lying there with half-lidded eyes. He couldn't understand why Naruto wasn't at least as sought after as he was himself; the tan blond looked like a god to him, absolutely gorgeous and with all that sexy muscle too. He found the lube and poured it all over Naruto's erect dick, smearing it meticulously until the whole length was covered in the clear substance. Then he raised himself above it, smirking at Naruto's shocked face, and slowly lowered himself down on it. As it pushed inside he hid a grimace, he didn't plan on letting Naruto know how uncomfortably he was stretching Sasuke. He doubted the blond had ever bottomed before and he didn't feel patient enough to go that slow, opting to bottom himself instead. When Naruto was fully sheathed inside him he paused, allowing both of them to adjust to the feeling. Naruto felt like he was going to explode. Sasuke felt so amazing around him, and seeing the raven placed on top of him, Naruto's dick inside his hole and his mouth parted, caused his whole body to tremble with need. He let his hands glide up along tensed thighs to settle around hip bones, tracing them with his thumbs, and gasped when Sasuke moaned and opened his eyes to give him a smoldering look.

"Move idiot" Sasuke murmured, and Naruto didn't even notice the insult said so affectionately. He could only lift Sasuke up and down, thrusting unevenly before he found a good rhythm, Sasuke helping him move. They were both feeling as if their whole bodies shook with pleasure and emotion, their bodies connected so deeply. It was new and scary, and they both tried to hold on to reality desperately. Doubt flew through their minds but was quickly replaced with want and need, and love. They weren't the kind of people to worry about the future anyway, not now, not when everything felt so perfectly right and complete. As they neared the end, they gazed into each other's eyes, for once completely open and honest with each other. They were both smiling as they came, holding each other close, feeling the other's pleasure as clearly as their own.

"I love you so much Naruto. You're mine, you've always been mine. You can't ever let me go."

"I won't Sasuke, I love you too, I've loved you ever since that day when you took my hand in yours and smiled. I was expecting you to reject me you know, like you rejected everyone else."

Sasuke leaned his forehead against Naruto's smiling brightly, a smile specially reserved for his best friend only. "I could never reject you Naruto" he murmured reassuringly. "You're everything to me."

Naruto smiled his wonderful smile, the same one he'd shown that day so long ago, and Sasuke kissed him. Kissed that smile like he'd wanted to do the first time he saw it. Like he should have done. Like he was going to do every day for the rest of their lives starting today.

~line breaker~

"Aargh, those two are annoying me to hell!"

"Who is?" a red-head asked the pink-clad girl beside him.

"You know who I mean" she said, flicking her equally pink hair and waving in the direction of the couch, situated against a wall in the large house where a party was currently being held.

"I thought you wanted them to be together" was the amused response. Gaara watched the happy couple that seemed to be completely in their own little world. Naruto was sitting with his legs thrown over Sasuke's, own arm across the pale man's shoulders and the other trying to stop the hand that had wandered up his shirt. It looked like Sasuke was trying to turn the blond on so that he'd cave in and leave the party. His suspicions were further strengthened as a pale hand started massaging the inside of an – to celebrate the occasion – orange-clad leg.

"Yes, but they don't have to flaunt themselves in front of me!" She pouted and crossed her arms, glaring at the offending couple.

"Oh, I'm sure they're doing it to purposely offend you" Gaara mumbled and sipped his drink. "You're just pissed because you got dumped again."

"Ha! That guy was a fucking douche and I'm happy to get rid of him. Oh no just look at them!"

Gaara looked, and he could see a flustered Naruto trying to appear annoyed but looking happily pleased about something Sasuke had said. Probably something sweet and lovey-dovey; the Uchiha was apparently quite the sweet-talker.

"Just ignore them" he said, unable to stop his own smile at seeing them so happy together. He'd been Naruto's confidant long enough to appreciate them finally being together. "They're just in the honey moon-phase."

"But it's been two whole years and they're still acting like love-struck fourteen year-olds!" Sakura complained, turning the other way resolutely.

"Well, you can't blame them" a third voice piped in, coming from Ino. "If my boyfriend was that hot I'd be acting like that too."

"If you had a boyfriend you mean" Sakura countered.

Gaara just ignored them as they started fighting like always. Instead, he watched as Sasuke at last seemed to have convinced Naruto to leave, tugging him impatiently by the hand and scowling when Naruto laughed at his antics. He could see other people snorting with recognition at seeing the familiar scene. Sometimes he wondered if Sasuke agreed to go to these kinds of parties just so he would be able to drag Naruto home in front of everybody, showing off shamelessly. He smiled and drank the last of his beer. He should really consider getting another one.

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