Sunday 2Nd September 2012

Special Fairys

Once a upone a time it was a sunny day the fairys was a sleep in flowerbed and when it got dark night they all come out of the flowersbed the king and queen daughter and son when to the flowercastle and they was having a party and all the family and friends and all the others fairys come to the party having fun and the king and queen said to all the fairys that it is going to be a very good night and they all said it is going to be a good night and when the sun come up they whet to the flowersbed and whet to sleep and king and queen daughter whet to her boyfriend flowerbed they whet to the flowerbed and they when to leep to gethere and whet the sun when down they all got up and the king and queen said where is my daughter and the king and queen daughter come in witrh Calvin and the king said where have you been and they said I was a sleep and the queen said he okay for you two should get merred to night but you have to tell you mum and dad that you two are geting meered to night so his mum and dad said okay you can get merred to night what your name Kim okay that not a bad name that i good name so they got merred and Kim had a baby girl and they called her Sabiya and her mum and dad are king and queen and they said to Sabiya one day you will be queen with your boyfriend and she said will i love you mum and dad.

The End From

Laura Jane Florence