A/N: This was created a long, long time ago, it has no connection what so ever to the previous ch under this title, but is simply To Practice Also mind that this is un-beteaed and so al the faults are mine =)

Harry snarled softly as he tugged at the gentle silk bonds restraining his hands.

"Please Harry, do you really expect me to give in to that?" the amused tones of his torturer reached his ears.

How had he come to be here again, oh right he'd forgotten to turn in his assignment for this week. But still to tie him up like this and refuse him food was just mean even for the notoriously evil Potions Master Severus Snape.

"Look, I'm sorry, I'll turn it in first thing tomorrow," Harry said all the while trying to break the bonds of silk.

"If I let every student do that I would very quickly lose control of them, and then they would all blow up the school," Severus commented absently as he continued to correct the essays in front of him.

Harry growled and struggled harder against the bonds, the burn in the back of his throat getting stronger with each breath he took.

"But still refusing to let me feed and tying me up with enchanted bindings is taking it a bit too far," Harry complained as he tugged at the stubborn bands.

"If they were not enchanted you would break them in mere seconds and then there would be no point in tying you up would there?"

"Argh!" Harry exclaimed, thrust his Master to latch on to the most unimportant thing.

The young vampire squirmed in bindings, it had been hours since he'd last feed and the scent of the man that had turned him was quite enough to make him bloodcrazed.

Severus looked at his childe, the man was young so forcing him to go without blood for hours on end might be a tad bit cruel but really the fledgling could not go on feeding as often as he was doing now it would be extremely hard for him when he entered the real world and he couldn't come to Severus for a quick feeding.

Harry moaned softly as he felt the bloodlust pumping along his veins. Damn Severus and his stubbornness.

"I'm sorry," he tried once more, Severus didn't even respond.

"Please, I'm sorry, I won't do it again, I'm sorry," Harry said.

The burning in the back of his throat was almost unbearable by this point and he knew that any second now the world would fade away in a haze of red.

Severus sighed as he stood and walked so that he was standing in front of his childe. Harry raised his head and looked at his Master, when the man stood so close to him the smell of the others blood seemed so close.

"Have you learned your lesson?" Severus asked calmly.

"Yes, I'll never be late again," Harry answered an over tone of desperation coloring his tone.

Severus looked at him doubtfully but waved his hand over the bonds making them disappear. Harry sagged to the floor when the bonds disappeared, damn he was all dizzy.

When Severus gently lifted him of the floor and into his lap Harry shifted gratefully into the warmth of the elder vampire.

"I'm thirsty," Harry mumbled into the warm chest of his Master.

Harry smiled satisfied as his elder shifted slightly and pushed the collar of his robes aside giving Harry free access to the creamy white neck under it. Smiling even broader Harry let his fangs go and sank them into the neck in front of him. Ignoring the groan Harry snuggled deeper into Severus' lap and swallowed the lovely red liquid.