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Kamichama Karin (Chu) © Koge Donbo

Poem Messages © Chang Mui Lie

Character: Karin Hanazono, Kazune Kujo, Kazusa Kujo, Jin Kuga, Himeka Kujo, Michiru Nishikiori

Pairing: Karin X Kazune, Himeka X Michi, Kazusa X Jin





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The alarm clock has sounded. Morning has arrived, the sun was starting to rise. 6 people who were in a house built. 3 girls in a room built. 3 guys who were in other rooms too, awoke. They look from the spirit of this day.

"Good morning, Karin-chan" called Himeka.

"Good morning, Karin-sama" says Kazusa.

"Good morning, too, Himeka-chan, Kazusa-chan" Karin replied cheerfully.

"Good morning, Kujo-san" says Michi and Jin.

"Good morning, too, Nishikiori-san, Kuga-san" said Kazune to be cold as usual.

Kazune, Jin and Michi take their mobile phones.

Suddenly, the phone Karin, Himeka and Kazusa vibrate. They also took their cell phones. Apparently there is a message that came to their phones.
Karin read the message.

From: Kazune Kujo

To: Karin Hanazono

Good morning, my girl

You're the sun who has woken

You're also the encouragement of me in the morning

All the smile that you have always given me, has fulfilled my dream last night

Until the morning, your smile was still too look at my fancy

I do not know what a sense of longing that satisfies my heart

I want to meet you

I look forward to you :)

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Karin's cheeks flushed after reading the message which was derived from Kazune.


Karin Kazune reply message. Likewise with Himeka, she also got a message.

From: Michiru Nishikiori

To: Himeka Kujo

Good morning, princess girl

Are you awake?

I've missed you

In fact, I got to dreaming

I really want to meet you

Seeing your smile beautiful

Staring at a graceful and beautiful face

I'll wait :D

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Himeka smiled softly. She also has the same feeling. That is, young miss named Michiru Nishikiori it. Himeka reply to messages from Michi's. And also Kazusa, do not forget the Kazusa. Kazusa also got a message from a young man named Jin Kuga, a famous artist.

From: Jin Kuga

To: Kazusa Kujo

Good morning, my beloved girl

How are you today?

Do you know? how I am longing to the point of dreaming

You shone like the sun that have my heart

Woke in the morning and rock me to sleep at night

How I love you

Oh, my girl

I'm waiting for you ;)

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In comparison to Karin and Himeka, Kazusa much more flushed face.

Patiently, Kazune, Jin and Michi awaiting their reply messages from the girl. Suddenly, their phones vibrate.

Kazune open the reply message from Karin.

From: Karin Hanazono

To: Kazune Kujo

Good morning also, my youth

I experienced the same thing with

Your smile makes you a handsome face

I became homesick

Miss your smile warm

My eagerness was like

I was expecting you :)

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Besides Kazune, Michi also got a reply from Himeka.

From: Himeka Kujo

To: Michiru Nishikiori

Good morning, well, my prince

I also miss you like in a dream

I flew with you in the sky

See the moon and stars are always close like you and me

However, now the morning

Finally, we also meet again

I really want to meet you

I'm waiting for you too :D

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Do not forget Jin too. Who knows if she also gets a reply message from a girl named Kazusa Kujo.

From: Kazusa Kujo

To: Jin Kuga

Good morning also, my beloved boy

All that you give to me I can not forget

My dream at night, it makes my heart flutter

Looking forward to today, see you again

Let us start the day together again

Which was filled with jokes and laughter

I look forward to you too ;)

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Karin, Himeka, Kazusa, Kazune, Jin Michi and get ready to school. They ate breakfast in the dining room have been provided by Q-chan. After lunch, they wear shoes and left.

"My friends, time to start the day..." Karin said.

Michi, he held the hand of Himeka. Himeka, she holds the hand of Karin. Karin, she holds the hand of Kazune. Kazune, he held the hand of Kazusa. And Kazusa, she holds the hand of Jin.

"IN SCHOOL!" said Karin, Kazune, Himeka, Michi, Jin and Kazusa.





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