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Oh my goodness. I just wrote Quark seduction. What did I ever do to you? :P

I do not own any of the characters. Quark and Ezri Dax belong to the writers of Star Trek.

"Remember all those late night tongo games?" - Quark

"Who could forget?" - Ezri Dax


"Aaaaand I increase my profit margin by… mmm…. forty chips!"

"Feeling lucky this evening, Ezri?"

"I'm always feeling a little lucky, Quark," she leaned in close and mocked him playfully, "when I'm playing with you."

"Oho! You… ah… so sure about that?" Quark teased her right back. Ezri kept her cards folded closely to her chest as they both stared at each other for a pregnant pause.

"Show." Quark demanded without breaking the look.

They both threw their hands onto the table.

"Haha!" Ezri yiped with glee. Quark looked disgruntled at the suit of diamonds, but after a moment conceded, "Well played."

Ezri laughed, clearly a little tipsy, and leaned her body on Quark's shoulder. "Come now, Quark, I wouldn't have you so glum for all the suits of diamonds in the galaxy. And you know how much I love a good diamond suit," she said, playfully pawing at his own. His suit was not very flamboyant and, actually, she found that she preferred it that way. She admired how the tiny gems must catch the light just right to produce a subtle glint. From admiring the suit, her eyes strayed up to his face to his. He looked at her questioningly.

"Say, Quark, I didn't realise this, but... you're actually kind of handsome."

"And, Ezri, you're actually kind of drunk."

They both laugh at this. Quark's heart fluttered in his chest as Ezri leaned closer and ran her finger along the curve of his lobes. He closed his eyes and leaned his ear further toward her as she softly traced its labrythine folds. The warm caress of her breath, followed by a gentle tug sent him suddenly crashing back to the present. Pulling away, he gently and arrested her hand.

"Ezri," he murmured.

"Quark… I want this… I want you."

Quark shook his head. "No, you don't. I'll believe you think I'm handsome tonight, but you're drunk, my dear. Still… you've given me enough just with that." He smiled.

But she remained very serious. "No, Quark." The last thing he saw before she kissed him was the look of determination in her eyes. He surrendered melted into her proof.