So I wrote an abomination of a fic for my unhealthy Joker fandom,

but lately I've been having some dreams about the Riddler. And got his logo tattooed

all over my leg, so, why not? Keep in mind I'm not as knowledgeable about him as the Joker, but I'm trying.

Enter Arkham City.

As you should know, The Riddler doesn't usually leave his hideout or temporary hideout, but he felt like stretching his legs this evening. As per usual, he had a few guys hired to help him steal some paintings. They didn't have much to work with here in Arkham City, so unfortunately he had to swindle these from under the Penguins nose.

But then again, he was never really a fan of the guy. Heck, he truly didn't hold anyone here in high regards besides maybe Ivy, since he owed her that much. Maybe.

He's standing outside as they load the paintings into a van. He has both hands on his cane, which is directly in front of him giving his appearance almost a aristocratic kind of view. He wouldn't have it any other way.

And besides all of this going on, his personal device would tick every now and then as Batman tried to analyze clues or found more trophies scattered through Arkham City. He'd never find them all, however. It's just simply impossible, and he was at peace with that fact.

Truly, Nigma was bored. Nothing new in this city. Same old, same old stuff. When he wasn't doing things like these, he was in his tower.

He'd rather be back in old Arkham.

Least escaping was fun.

Suddenly, an alarm went off in his pocket. He was sure to set up motion tracers around the small area in case of discovery, and now he was thankful he did. His brain never ceased to amaze him.

Momentary pat on the back, if you will.

He pulled out a rectangular device, staring for a moment, and seeing what area it came from, turned on his heels to look around. By then, his boys had loaded the paintings and were holding their guns up and pointing wherever he looked.

His eyes came to a stop in a certain, very cliche, shadowy corner.

Edward looked down at the puddle leading to that area, and noticed how it rippled.

"Show yourself, dog." he yelled.

No reply or movement.

One of his guys walked, well, stalked over to the scene. Edward saw his hands shaking, and really couldn't blame the guy. They probably thought it was the Dark Knight, but he wouldn't make mistakes like that.

"Boss you might want to come look at this." the thug slurred out.

As he made his way over, he noted in the back of his head that they all seemed to sound the same.

When Edward got closer, the thug took the barrel of his gun and poked the shoulder of the person they had found.

And for a moment, he was quite confused. Laying before his feet, perhaps passed out, was a girl. She looked to be no younger than eighteen and no older than early twenties.

Her arms were in front of her, as if she tried to shield her face from the fall. When he looked at her face, he began to wonder what something so innocent looking could possibly be doing here.

Kidnapped maybe?

This was a riddle in itself, and a riddle he indeed wanted to solve. She had saved him from his boredom, so he would save her from that filthy puddle.

He handed one of the men his cane, and leaned over to scoop her up. He wasn't all too surprised at how light she was, given her age assumption.

He turned to their vehicle, but was blocked by the man holding his cane.

"Move, fool." he snapped.

"But boss look at her leg..." he pointed uneasily at her left.

Edward had to lean slightly to see, but he wasn't prepared for this. He could have dropped her.

Running down her legs were his signature marks. The green question marks, and they were in all sizes.

It looked like a tattoo, but he couldn't be sure. And to make sure, he looked at her other leg, none too shocked to find another image. This one was just an icon, but the head of a jester. He knew who that could have stood for all too well.

Regardless, he brought her to the vehicle and sat in his seat, holding onto her while one of the other men drove.

"You're still going to take her?" one of them asked.

"Of course. I believe my finding her was no accident, and neither are the markings on her legs."

Light pierced through the windows. Well, some light. Arkham City wasn't too bright.

He was currently in his control room, typing away at this and that while his guest slumped against the wall near the door. He assumed she was nothing dangerous, considering her small stature and almost sickly nature. She may have been the whitest thing he'd ever seen.

Almost on queue, he turned in his chair to stare at her, and she moved.

He didn't budge, and she abruptly lost her balance and smacked onto the floor. At that, she quickly sat back up, holding herself up with her hand when she did.

Somehow he didn't notice her hands before, but the nails were long and pointy. Kind of like Catwoman, but real and not fake. They clicked as she set them on the floor.

And then came her eyes. She looked around, seemingly disoriented and saw Edward for the first time. They locked gazes and he felt momentarily blown away at the bright red of her eyes. So unnatural, but he knew they were real, as were the tiny, cat like shape of her pupils.

Give her a tail and she could have been some real version of a cat-person. Or a demon, take your pick.

"The Riddler?" she spoke before he could.

He could describe her voice as slightly more mature for her appearance, and laced with venom. Not towards him, it seemed, but towards someone else perhaps?

"You know of me." he had to supress an smile. He was, after all, a famed genius.

"Am I dreaming?" she turned away and scratched her head, eyes suddenly getting a little wide in a startled way.

"No." he drawled out, unsure if it was meant to be a compliment to him or an actual question.

"So you are Edward Nigma, right? The REAL Riddler?" she held out a hand, as if weighing the words.

"Of course." why was she so surprised? Surely she's lived here before this.

"Oh..." she stopped again and held her head, looking down. When she did, she moved an arm over her left leg purposefully.

"Ah! No." he sat up, remembering. "Why do you have those there?" he pointed.

"Oh, I guess you already saw them huh?" she moved her arm away, putting her knee's to her chest and staring at him. "I got these tattoo's when I started having a recurring dream."

Edward felt himself slump a little. "Oh."

She stood, and he looked straight forward at her. Now that she was awake, she looked a lot less frail. It looked like she stood at about five feet, three inches give or take one inch or so. She had a white pullover hoodie thing on, but it seemed most of her muscle was in her legs, which shown well since she was wearing shorts. Probably not the smartest choice for attire in these walls.

Other things about her: she has long, brown hair, and her bangs part from the left going right. She was wearing a necklace, it seemed, but the charm was under her jacket. As for shoes, she didn't have any.

One more thing more or less worth mentioning, she was quite swell in appearance. Not ugly whatsoever, which he would have no problem being honest about.

"What about the other? I'm sure you don't take me for a fool and think that I don't know who that is for."

"Not at all. It was meant as a...tribute if you will, to the Joker. As my other leg is meant for yourself. Any man with such intellect is worth admiring."

He could have imagined it, but it seems he may have saw a wicked smile on her face before it dissapeared.

"Ah, well I'm glad to know some people enjoy my work." he put a hand to his chest, feeling a little too proud of himself at the moment.

"And as I know your such a brilliant mind, perhaps you can understand my situation here." she clasped her hands behind her back, looking positively innocent as could be.

"Go on my dear." he waved out a hand.

"I don't think I'm supposed to be here. From this world, that is."

Riddler could have let his mouth drop. He felt like he had just found the most perfect riddle of all, as insane as she sounded. "Proceed?"

"I come from a world, same planet, but another dimension. In our version of earth, all of this." she holds out her hands. "is something merely from comics and video games. Your all our entertainment."

He stood up at that, and she wasn't far from him to begin with but he scooped her up in his arms and swung her around. If he could have saw her face, her eyes would have been wide.

"Thank you! If anything is to ease my boredom this surely will. Not to mention I knew that some world would admire my work." he set her down, grinning from ear to ear.

"Woah guy I mean this is just as long as this isn't a dream...I just know I do not belong here." she sighed then, and let her head hang. "Oh, how I've wished to be in this world with you guys. To be among the best of the best." she held up a dramatic hand.

"What are you in your world if you don't mind my inquiry? You seem, well, not normal." he pointed at his own eyes indicating her own.

At this, she laughed, and it was indeed different. It reminded him of the Joker's laugh, but very inhuman. It even sent a chill down his spine, how about that?

"That's the riddle, isn't it? I'll give you my name, though. It's Jigsaw." she smiled. Which was also extremely eerie.

"Jigsaw? Like a puzzle?" he pointed, smirking at the clever name.

"Yes and no. My name has a different purpose, but first lets explore." she pointed out the window at the city.

"Nonononono, my dear, did your games tell you what this is?" he put both hands on his hips.

"Of course. Arkham City. If your worried about being blown up and whatnot, don't worry, I have your back. And I'm all the backup you'll ever need."

As he stared at her, he couldn't get over how positively radiant she seemed to be. And to think, this was barely a glimpse of what she was.

Jigsaw is myself set in a fictional version of earth I wrote a long time ago.

She looks exactly like myself, and I might be a little vain but it's all good. Review? ;;