Been playing Arkham City and got to see

the Riddler a little. Still doesn't help with knowing the little things

but I shall still write this fic. c8

Perhaps only a couple hours later, the two were in another section of his tower. She seemed to be looking for something, throwing his things around while he stood over her, head cocked to the side.

"Did I have anything with me where you found me?"

As she said this, she turned to look back at him, making almost a childish pout-face. It really didn't suit her.

"No. At least I don't think so. What are you looking for?"

She smiled at the question, and opened her arms. "Believe it or not, a scythe. About this long. It also has an old chainsaw engine attatched to the blade. You wouldn't miss it."

"Apparently I did." slight pause. "Isn't that more like The Scarecrow? He wouldn't like you stealing his gag."

"He," she pulled out the word, continuing to search his things. "has his needles. Besides, he'd have a scythe because he's going for the farmer-scarecrow thing. I have my scythe because the reaper is usually personified with a scythe. Therefore, I am death."

Edward gave her something of a dissapointed look. "Don't look at me that way. You all do it. You've got your question marks, Joker has his face. Among other things."

She finally stood, placing her clawed hands on her hips, staring at the mess she made.

"Looks like were going back to where you found me." she murmured mostly to herself.

Jigsaw suddenly felt a hand close around her wrist and yank her backwards. She almost collided with the Riddler if he had pulled any harder.

"Listen here. This is my tower and YOU listen to ME. I am not your sidekick."

Jigsaw bit down hard. She was not one to take orders, and definitely not from someone she could break in half. But then again, perhaps this was a blessing in disguise. Time to play the fragile, scared chickadee.

"Oh I'm sorry.." she let her gaze drop to the floor. "I just figured since your so revered and strong, you'd protect me. I can go alone..."

And as expected, the man's grip loosened and his face softened. "No." he sighed. "I'll take you there. Batman would break you, girl."

He turned away, she assumed to gather things, and she took the moment to breathe. Jigsaws eyes turned colder and she stood straight. Batman wouldn't stand a chance. She is nothing from this world.

"You say it was here?"

They had made their way across town in the oh so inconspicuous car with the big green question mark taped across its frame.

"Indeed." the Riddler was standing back, both hands on his cane as he was earlier. "Don't go off without me, though. This city could swallow you and I'd never know."

"Awe, you do care." she turned and smiled up at him jokingly.

At this, he shuffled his feet and turned away. What an interesting rat that was.

Turning back, she was gone.

He tossed his cane up as he ran forward, snatching it as he went, and followed the damn girl around the corner.

"I thought I said..." he didn't finish, following her eyes to the old burnt down Iceberg Lounge.

"Cool." she picked through the rubble, tossing things about.

He then leaned on a building, watching her with some interest. Her weapon sounded interesting, but how in the hell would she carry it? Scythes are already heavy, and the two just don't seem to go together.

"I never took you for a babysitter, Nigma."

No mistaking it. He knew they had gone too far, but in his efforts to please this curious creature, he'd let it slide. Now he might pay for it. His legs told him to run, but they were rooted to the ground. He didn't want to be branded a coward to his new toy.

"Hey guy, I'm an adult." she stood and faced the Penguin.

Penguin stood behind several thugs, or guards, looking smug. And why shouldn't he? Everyone know the Riddler was a hideaway guy. Never does dirty work up front. He had nothing at his advantage. Her words from earlier rang in his head, but how could she possibly be any match for these people?

His eyes trailed to her hands, where she held a broken piece of glass.

"Awe, how cute. Whatcha gonna do with that darlin'? Don't trip and fall." Penguin sneered, getting some laughs out of his crew.

Right after, Jigsaw held the glass up and cowered. "Please don't do this!" she screamed.

When the lot got more smug, advancing on her, Edward saw her arms relax. Everyone stopped, and she held up the hand with the glass. She held it between her fingers, showing them all, and with a slight flick of the wrist, hurled it at the Penguin. It took root right in his hand.

This was bad for business.

"Bitch!" Penguin yelled, holding his arm. "You'll pay for this!"

The crowd converged on her, but she was quick to react. Almost too quick. As she fought hand to hand, it reminded him of Catwoman's style. At one moment, he caught sight of her raking her nails across one of the inmates' faces. He wailed in agony before dropping away.

Penguin looked as surprised as he was.

When she was done with them, she picked up a gun with her foot, tossing it and catching with her right. Some sort of shotgun, he couldn't be sure. He just saw her flick it open, shut, and aim the barrel down at Penguin.

"No! Don't do it." Riddler finally found his voice. "Without him, everything will fall out of balance."

Jigsaw looked his way, boredly, and then back at Penguin. "Your lucky. My, uh, babysitter as you called him? He has a little influence over what I do." she turned her leg and pointed at her tattoo. "I never did like you, Mr. Cobblepot."

Penguin just kept looking back and forth between the two, confusion painted all over him.

Jigsaw turned away, and began walking to where Riddler was, letting the gun rest on her shoulder in a lazy fashion. "Bad for business?" she asked.

He went to answer, but over her shoulder he saw Penguin pull the gun. Well, umbrella.

He even put a hand on her shoulder to push her aside, but it was too late. The shot rang out, and Jigsaw fell forward.

He caught her, seeing as she fell the wound in her back.

Edward expected his turn next, but when he looked up, Penguin was gone.

This shouldn't have happened. He wasn't done with her yet. This girl was a riddle, a puzzle even that he intended to solve. All of this brought to an end with a single bullet.

He had laid her where he used to sleep, not really knowing what to do with her. In his puzzlement, he sat cross-legged on the floor, his face about level with the bed.

She looked to be sleeping peacefully, but he couldn't tell. Was she dead? Probably.

No matter how other worldly she seemed, she was still human.

Or was she?

Edward tapped his fingers together for a moment, looking at the still body. The way she was laying was slightly on her stomach, her arms brought to her chest as if she was cold. Her back was bloody from the gunshot.

Slowly, he lifted her shirt to find the point of impact.

Her jacket being so tight to her frame, he had to feel with his hand where the hole would be. And he damn well felt like a pervert. But to his surprise, he could find nothing, and as his fingers brushed where it should have been-

"Feel free to continue."

He lept to his feet, slapping his arms behind his back. When he looked down, solid red eyes stared back at him. Perhaps some amusement there, but she wore a frown.

"How are you alive?" he asked quickly.

"Like I told you, I'm not like most people."

She sat up and pulled back her jacket, revealing as he thought. Nothing there.

"How...?" he whispered, bending to take a further look.

"I wouldn't be interesting if I solved the riddle of myself now would I?" she pushed her jacket back down. "So tell me what you were planning to do, assuming I was dead. Didn't know you were into that sort of thing."

"Absurd! I would do no such thing."

"What would you do?" she slided up to him, totally invading his personal space.

He backed up a little, putting his hands up. "Now now.."

"Here's a riddle, question, what have you." she waved a hand. "Do you have a girl, mister Nigma? Like Harley?"

He crossed his arms, disgruntled. "I'd never strike a woman. But no, I do not."

"Where do I put in my application?" she purred, yanking him by his tie. He wondered for a moment how she could possibly be stronger than him.

As idiotic as it sounds, as genius as he was, he never took notice in many girls. He did, but didn't. They never noticed him, so he figured he had enough love for himself to just not worry about it. But then again, it would be nice to have someone that worshipped the ground you walked in, considering almost all females are like that.

As he had pondered this, Jigsaw had moved back, and was watching him with arms crossed.

"What?" he asked, assuming she asked a question.

"Sorry I get a little crazy when I recover from wounds like that. Hurts a little more in this world than mine."

"Oh?" he put a finger to his lip. "You never told me what you are. Is there any way to hint? Perhaps..." he held up his pointer finger. "A riddle?"

Jigsaw put her hands on her hips, smiling from ear to ear rather maliciously. "Riddle me this. What is the most powerful, unstoppable force on this planet?"

Riddler stared at her eyes, feeling somewhat vulnerable now to this so called 'unstoppable' killing machine. That's what she implied isn't it?

"Your not human." he said assuredly.

"I thought that was assumed when I could take a bullet to the spine."