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II-Return to the true beginning

Ignitus lead the small group to a door with dim lights on it he turned to them

"Cynder's soldiers must have knocked the other two statues out of place….Heathens."

"What other statues?" Spyro asked,

"On the other side of this door there are two statues just like these find them and put them back when all four statues are aligned the door opens." The bigger Dragon explained,

"Yeah I was never good at Geography what do you want us to do?" Sparx asked,

"It's not Geography it's fixing a door and he just said!" Solria snapped at him.

"Ignitus is there another way in?" Koryu asked,

"There's a small cave that animals use to access the tunnels find it and use it." Ignitus replied,

"Okay you three do that and I'll wait right here." Sparx replied,

"Okay Sparx you can stay out here but just remember there were some Frog weeds out there and I heard they get really hungry when spooked." Koryu replied as Solria and Spyro broke down some hard vines blocking the cave.

"Umm yeah on second thought I'd better go and make sure you guys don't mess up." He replied following them in.

After chasing away a couple of small Ape grunts who were inside they using the highest cliff they glided towards a path Sparx saw something having gone ahead,

"Well look at this." He stated in amusement,

"It looks, like the hole leads into the other room." Koryu stated,

"Yeah I can see the statues inside." Spyro added,

"Hey when in doubt break it right, go nuts!" Sparx stated unaware of what would immediately happen next,

"Woohoo someone wants me to break something!" Solria shouted rushing out and doing a perfect horn dive on the vines breaking them,

"I didn't mean that literally." Sparx muttered in shock. Spyro and Sparx looked at Koryu who shook his head.

"Don't ask." They floated down to join the young Dragoness as she had just killed off a giant mushroom spider with her fire breath,

"Somehow I don't think we can blame the apes for the statues being moved!" she stated clawing at another as Spyro helped with his own Fire Breath.

As Koryu rammed into one killing it after biting its leg leaving a major injury and trying to limp away into fire from Solria and Spyro, eventually the bugs were cleared out as the three Dragons replaced the two statues.

Ignitus entered as they watched the doors open,

"Any trouble?" he asked,

"Just a little insect trouble nothing we couldn't handle." Spyro replied,

"Little insects, my tail section." Sparx muttered with Koryu nodding in agreement he was beginning to wonder why he couldn't breathe fire like Spyro and Solria It would've made fighting much easier.

They kept going until reaching another door, with Ignitus going right up to it.

"The past is prelude tomorrow a dim promise, allow us entrance do not reject us."

"Are you making that up?" Sparx asked,

"No it's clearly a pass code but the door's not responding." Koryu pointed out,

"Yes it should open for us, but there is a disturbance it's just as I feared they've desecrated the interior as well, guess we'll have to open the doors the old fashioned way make your way through the connecting tunnels and restore every statue you three can find."

"Yeah let's not and say we did why don't you do it?" Sparx asked,

"You want my help? Very well, hop up." Ignitus told them standing against a cliff that led to a tunnel.

"Alright the old guys coming to life." Sparx stated as one by one the climbed into the tunnel.

"Careful young Dragons Cynder's forces will surely be on their way." Ignitus warned.

"Oh goody." Sparx stated sarcastically.

They went down the tunnel it wasn't long before Sparx showed them a large rainbow colored crystal in the ground.

The three Dragons smashed it into bits.

"Hey what was that about?" Sparx asked,

"I don't know." Spyro replied.

"It just felt like we had to hit it." Solria stated,

"And when we did the power of a thousand hot suns poured through us." Koryu finished as the other two nodded.

"Riiiiggghhht you three need to sleep after this I won't bug you guys cause you all need like ten to twelve hours." Sparx replied.

"Forget we said anything let's go." Spyro replied as they soon found a bunch of Apes guarding one of the statues.

They all rushed at the Dragons only for them to split up causing a pile up which Koryu sent flying with a charge Spyro and Solria caught them airborne with a combined fire breath then combined melee attacks from the three finished the job the three had rushed out into the forest never to be seen again.

Solria restored the statue as they continued down another path they eventually found the last statue and just as they were about to restore that one more Mushroom Spiders appeared.

"Not again." Solria muttered as they roasted two of them with fire Koryu striking one with a horn dive and finishing it off by smashing it.

With them out of the way the statue was restored and the three walked down the path till they came to a strange door that Spyro breathed on with his fire breath and with a swing the door spun around they were back where they came from.

"That's quite an entrance you three, there might be hope for us yet." Ignitus replied as they continued on.

They soon saw more of those crystals, prompting the young dragons to stop.

"Ignitus what are these things?" Spyro asked,

"They're spirit gems a gift from the ancestors?"

"What kind of gift?" Koryu asked,

"A gift that speaks across generations, empowering you with the wisdom of the past strengthening you with the wisdom of the ages." Ignitus explained.

"Wow I feel more powerful already." Spyro stated it looked like things were going well, however more screeching was heard,

"Do you hear that?" Ignitus asked,

"What?" Solria asked,

"It's just as I feared look, perhaps its best if we turned back." Ignitus replied,

"What, after coming this far?" Spyro stated in slight disappointment.

"If this door is closed it means there are intruders behind it's one of the ways the temple defends itself." Ignitus explained.

"By trapping them inside makes more sense if they sealed shut before the intruders got in." Koryu mused,

"Yeah so it doesn't work to well does it?" Sparx added.

"So what you're saying Ignitus is that the only way the doors will open-" Spyro started.

"Don't say it!" Sparx warned,

"Is if the intruders." Koryu started,

"Are kicked out of there." Solria finished.

"Didn't I just say don't say it?" Sparx asked,

"The wall is weak but you'll have to find a way to break it down." Ignitus told them Spyro noticed one of the pillars was almost smashed clean through thanks to the light from Sparx.

"Sparx move." He told him the Dragonfly moved and watched as Spyro charged into pillar causing it to fall into the others causing a domino reaction that smashed open the tunnel.

"In there!" Solria stated as a small ape ran off.

"After him!" she stated with the boys trying to catch up she soon needed help as she was surrounded by Apes Koryu sending one flying with a charge.

"This is why you think!" he snapped as she toasted one.

Spyro had charged into several sending them into the cave where they hit their heads hard he then fried them with his own fire breath they ran away jumping up the cliff and out of the temple.

"Well that's that isn't it." Sparx replied,

"Not yet we've still got more tunnel."

"How nice." Sparx muttered not wanting to continue.

Soon they got to a cliff where a bunch of them were sleeping by dynamite.

"Are you sure they're not just stupid Koryu, it looks that way to me." Solria remarked as the other two noticed the scene.

"They make it too easy to seem that way." The white dragon muttered sweat dropping.

Gliding down carefully they lit the fuse blowing the apes screaming into the sky disappearing like stars into the sky blinking out.

They followed the tunnel back out to where Ignitus was waiting however they soon saw many apes including one holding a staff with crystal on it the three were terrified this one was bigger than the ones they had previously faced however Ignitus got in front of them.

"Well Ignitus we managed to nab your guardian buddies but you managed to escape our clutches…" the big one stated, "Until now." He deviously added.

"Stand back young dragons and let me show you what a Dragon trained in the ancient ways can do!" he stated,

The monkeys charged only to be hit with a stream of powerful flames he then head butted several away and sent flying the one with the staff into the wall with a punch.

"Wow the old guys got some moves!" Sparx stated as they a watched however the apes soon surrounded Ignitus beating on him however in a roar he a massive ring of fire was absorbed then realized causing a massive whirlpool of fire and rock that exploded on contact with them killing them all.

The old dragon then fell panting.

"Are you alright Ignitus?" Solria asked,

"Yes as I get older it takes longer to recover." He replied as if it were nothing.

"You were incredible Ignitus can you show us how to do that?" Spyro asked.

"Patience young Dragon soon you two will learn all I have to teach."

"Two?" Koryu asked,

"Each of the Guardian's is a master of an element I as you may have surmised am master of Fire I cannot teach you how to use your element, Koyru that is a job for the Ice Guardian as you are an Ice Dragon." Ignitus explained.

"Ahh that explains why I can't breathe Fire but why haven't I learned to breath Ice yet? Solria and Spyro picked it up in a fight." Koryu asked,

"Learning to breathe a breath on your own is uncommon however though rare it's not unheard of for the other twin to learn it on their own if as a result of the other being able to do so, but don't worry young Dragon either way, you will learn in time." Ignitus replied.

Koryu nodded, in his head he blamed it on the fact that with twins one just learned or did things faster than the other he and his sister were no different.

"If Cynder's forces were here there will certainly be more in the temple."

"Oh Goodie." Sparx stated sarcastically.

"They won't be there for long." Spyro stated,

"Yeah, let's go fry their buts!" Solria stated ready for a fight,

"Wonderful now they're getting cocky." Sparx muttered,

"Yeah, no kidding." Koryu added.

As if on cue what remained of the forces appeared but the three fought them off they ran out of the temple.

They entered the temple, Spyro and the others gazed in awe as they looked around Sparx was dipping himself into the small pool Ignitus passing by swatted him out with his tail as he passed.

Ignitus smiled at the dojo.

"Ahh home, sweet home." The three Dragons followed him out to a balcony where they saw the swamp that surrounded the temple then black scars among the outer forests smoke and what looked like fortresses as far as the eye can see.

"Spyro we're not in Kanas anymore." Sparx stated as the twins nodded in agreement Spyro and them were shocked to see the place in its current state.

"What happened here?" Spyro asked,

"This is what Cynder has done placed the islands under her iron rule."

"We wanted to see where we came from but none of us knew it was going to be like this." Solria stated.

"Yeah, no offense but this place is kind of a dump." Sparx pointed out.

"Spyro this was once our home, together we can make it our home again! Reclaim what is rightfully ours." Ignitus stated,

"What do you mean?" Spyro asked their conversation catching the attention of the twins who were looking out at the horizon with Sparx.

"I mean my time for heroics has passed but with your help we might just be able to defeat Cynder and her forces." Ignitus replied,

"I can't Ignitus I just learned what I am." Spyro replied,

"You can Spyro, you can you are a purple dragon a very special creature!" Ignitus told him.

"You and your friends have given me hope again now it's time to give hope to all of them!" Ignitus stated.

"I'm not sure what help I'll be Ignitus but I'll try." Spyro replied then becoming more determined.

"I'll try." The twins nodded at each other,

"So will we." Solria stated Koryu nodding in agreement.

"That's all I can ask now come with me I have something for all of you." He replied as they went back in Koryu felt a rumbling under his feet as he saw the giant dragon statue go down.

"The style you all used is crude, archaic and obvious but you three got the job done, not bad considering none of you have been taught what it means to be a Dragon." Ignitus told them.

"Thanks….I think." Spyro replied the twins looked at each other.

"If any of you are going to have a chance against Cynder, her General or their forces you're going to have to learn a lot more." He told them.

"Oh boy, school." Sparx replied,

"Unlike any school you've ever been to young friend!" he stated a little annoyed with the Dragon fly.

"Let's begin." Ignitus stated as the statue sunk into the ground as the floor replaced itself.

"Now it's time to unleash the true Dragons within you." Ignitus stated.

Ignitus had started with melee attacks they learned how to horn dive and techniques for striking foes when vulnerable by striking them into the air then air meleeing them.

Once that was done Koryu, had moved off to the side to watch the remainder of the training with Sparx as Ignitus proceeded to teach Spyro and Solria more about their fire element.

First they learned how to harness and manipulate their fire to preform Fire bombs and an attack called Comet dash then a fire wall where their fire breath created a shield that blocked the training dummies.

After which was an attack called Flame Wing where Spyro and Solria had their wings covered in fire and flapped fire balls onto the dummies which would be useful for group fights where they'd be surrounded.

Finally came what the two were waiting for learning how to do a fire fury they built up enough Fury energy to make one and used it on the larger dummies Koryu noticed that their Fire Fury was different from Ignitus's theirs was a wall of fire that went outward and resulted in several explosions all around them.

"Hey Ignitus why was their fire fury different from yours?"

"They've learned all the abilities that have come with the element of Fire but have yet to master it the fury gains strength and changes as they continue to train and gain skill with it."

Soon the group had gathered around the small pool Sparx had tried to swim in earlier,

"So, what's with the pool Ignitus?" Solria asked.

"Certain Dragons have the ability to see visions, the thoughts, dreams and memories of others and to what's happening far, far away I am one such Dragon and in this pool the visions come forth."

"Is that so okay what am I thinking now?" Sparx asked,

"How about now?" Ignitus rolled his eyes,

"Now, now, now, now, now, now, how 'bout now? Now what about now, maybe now?" Sparx pestered.

"I'm afraid it's not that simple Sparx, it takes time and reflection and most importantly patience." Ignitus stated finally to make Sparx stop.

Solria nodded; in understanding she got a little more info thanks to Sparx although if she was one such Dragon she'd doubt she'd ever be able to polish this ability patience was not her strong point.

Koryu on the other hand he'd probably master it quickly.

"What I do see in the pool of Visions is that Volteer one of the Guardians is being held on Dante's freezer." Ignitus added,

"Spyro, Solria, Koryu while I look for details on the others I want you three to venture there and find out what you can, remember just look around if you see Cynder or Storm clouds with thunder and lightning run! You're not ready to face her or her general yet."

"So when people try to kill me I run, got it." Sparx replied.

"But Ignitus, how do we get there?" Spyro asked,

"Yeah last I check there weren't any frozen wastelands in walking distance of the place." Solria added.

"I'm glad you asked Spyro." Ignitus replied smiling.

"Why are you smiling I don't like it!" Sparx stated as the explanation,

"So let me get this straight you're saying we can fly?" Spyro asked, Ignitus merely winked.

"Maybe you've spent a little too long in those caves old man Spyro can't fly we all know that." Sparx replied,

"I'm pretty sure we weren't meant to fly either." Koryu replied,

"Yeah the fresh air will do you some good I've never flown in my life." Spyro added,

"Me neither." Solria added.

"It's you who will be getting fresh air young Dragons, now concentrate close your eyes, empty your minds feel the power of the Ancestors coursing through you all in times of crisis they will come to you and aid you unlocking powers you never knew you had!"

"Uh huh a bunch of really old dead guys are gonna get Spyro and friends to fly this I gotta see." Sparx muttered.

"Just forget everything you thought you knew, forget yourselves only by forgetting will you all remember what your ancient blood already and has always known."

To Sparx's awe and shock Spyro, then Koryu and finally Solria wings flapping were levitating.

"You can fly!" he stated the three looked around in shock, happiness and surprise Solria and Koryu even flew around the balcony a couple of times.

"That felt good!" Solria stated grinning.

"Yeah it did!" Koryu stated.

Soon the three soared into the air headed south feeling the wings whip through their wings like no tomorrow.

"Are you kidding they're flying welcome to the club you guys!" Sparx called,

"Would that be the annoying pest club?" Spyro asked,

"No smart aleck the flying club." Sparx deadpanned,

"Yeah I could get used to this!" Spyro stated as Solria wohooing did a couple of loop-de-loops.

"BEST THING EVER!" She stated.

Koryu had dove down and let his wing it the water he did a barrel roll back up doing a trail of water with him.

They gazed in awe at the sight of a strange green creature it looked like a large turtle but it had legs all around its body.

"Oh look at that a weird turtle thing." Sparx muttered unimpressed.

"It's called a Leviathan." Koryu stated,

"Yeah I remember dad telling us about those!" Solria added,

"What are they?" Spyro asked.

"It's said that they know how to go everywhere in the world even places no ship can get to they're also said to help lost sea travelers reach their destinations." Koryu explained.

They followed it for a while and soon Solria realized that they were now over one of the land marks to Dante's Freezer.

"Guys this is the right path!" she stated.

"Great right on track icy waste land here we come!" Koryu stated,

"Oh goody." Sparx stated sarcastically for the umpteenth time.

They followed the trail of islands however soon after they had to dodge to their surprise a flaming ape that had launched themselves at the three Dragons.

"Okay Solria you're right the apes are stupid." Koryu stated once believing that no living creature would have enough stupidity to sleep near dynamite and use themselves as ammo one or the other maybe but not both!

"What do we do?" Solira asked,

"Just keep dodging them I guess we need to get to Dante's Freezer." Spyro replied as they continued to do so there were even boats that that had the ape cannons.

"Okay I don't know whether to laugh, shake my head or feel sorry for them." Spyro admitted as Solria barrel rolled out of the way of two more soon they saw glaciers towering over the sea passing them and weaving in and out as they cracked and fell due to the damage from the Dark armies.

"Looks like we're almost there," Solria noted.

"WAAAAAAHHH!" From seemingly out of nowhere came a particularly large ape that was coming right at them screaming like a girl.

"AHHHH!" everyone screamed and spastically darted in different directions the ape went splat on an ice burg that they were near the three young Dragons looked down as he merely fell off the side and hit the bottom.

"I'm okay!" the ape called suddenly they yelped dodging several more hitting the exact same place, falling on top of him.

"Less okay."

They were followed by snow that hit the ground on top of all of them.

"Not okay!" the first Ape called everyone just stared,

"Koryu you should've said Solria was right a long time ago." Sparx stated as Koryu slowly out of shock nodded his head in agreement Spyro turned and saw a large metal wall.

"Guys were here!" he stated. And with that they flew towards the icy fortress.

That last part with the giant ape came out of nowhere I kind of recently questioned why they'd use themselves as Ammo I was looking forward to writing their thoughts and this popped into my head begging to be written and I cracked up writing about it okay next part is Dante's Freezer!