6:45 AM

Kagami let out a short yawn, followed by a scratch on his head as he heard the television view the morning news. His figure looked tired as his motions to cook breakfast were slow but in actuality, he woke up by himself with no alarm clock or anything disturbing his sleep. One could say he had a refreshing night in bed, next to his husband, Aomine and his three year old son, Leo. Five to ten years ago, the red head would've laughed in disbelief that married life was for him, but things changed—especially for the better. He was really happy, no matter how many mishaps, arguments and accidents may have occurred.

No lights other than the kitchens' were turned on as Kagami poured a fair amount of oil in the heated saucepan. When he was satisfied crackling oil, he placed ten or so strips of bacon, with more to come seeing as he and Aomine were heavy eaters. He left that to cook as he then began cracking eggs and placing them into a bowl before whisking it to its yellow colour. After that, he shuffled over to the fridge and retrieved a carton of milk and a loaf of bread. Closing the fridge door with his hip, he returned back to the kitchen bench, placed the two items in an empty area before he took the tongs and flipped over the bacon.

"Mmm… Morning, Taiga."

A voice could be heard from behind the red head as strong, tanned arms wrapped themselves around his waist. It was Aomine; he pressed his bare chest against Kagami's back as his lips greeted the nape of the red head's neck, "Why you up so early?" He then asked, slightly swaying Kagami in his arms.
"Someone's gotta cook around here." Kagami sighed, extending an arm to grab a hold of a large plate. He then shuffled across the kitchen with Aomine still clinging onto his waist to retrieve paper towels. He then returned back to where he previously was before placing the paper towels on the plate. He then, using the tongs, clipped onto the bacon that sizzled in the heated saucepan and transferred them to the plate.

"Smells good already." Aomine complimented in a low, sleepy voice before letting out a slightly rude yawn.
"You hungry?" Kagami asked, placing more strips of bacon on the saucepan right after inserting two pieces of bread into the toaster.
"Mhm…" The younger one answered, following wherever Kagami moved.
"I'll make some coffee since this might take some time to get ready." The red head informed, heading over to the kettle which was near the instant coffee.
"No, I think what I want to eat is already ready." Aomine spoke in a suspicious tone, causing Kagami to turn his body around to face the other male.

Aomine slowly descended down the red head's body with his hands trailing every inch of his chest, stomach and hips. The dark-skinned male eventually reached his knees as Kagami let out a breathless sigh. Aomine lifted the hem of the red head's shirt just a bit before his lips attacked the skin underneath.
"Daiki… What do you think you're doing so early in the morning?" Kagami asked in a soft, not really bothering to stop him.
"I didn't get to touch you last night because of Leo." Aomine replied, dipping his tongue down the waistline of Kagami's sweat pants.
"You make it sound like he's being bad." The red head sighed, shaking his head. Sometimes he wonders if Aomine really wanted a kid with him.
"No. You're the bad one here— letting him sleep with us when you know I just can't hold back when it comes to you." Aomine blamed.

Kagami knocked the younger one's skull in annoyance, "You sound like an old perv, you damn sex god."
"How come that doesn't sound like a compliment?" Aomine asked, sliding his hands over his significant other's ass.
"Cuz it wasn't!" Kagami growled, "I thought after three years, you'd be able to calm your shit but you're the same as always."
"Would you still love me if I changed?" Aomine suddenly asked, rendering Kagami speechless, "Yeah. Exactly."
"Whatever." Kagami muttered, running his hands through his own hair in slight but unknown frustration.
"Anyways, itadakimasu."
"Wait, what!?"

Kagami watched as Aomine licked his lips before nipping at his crotch through the thin fabric of his sweat pants with his lips.
"Oi, Daiki! Are you kidding me? Leo will wake up any second now!" Kagami harshly said through his teeth as he was exceptionally sensitive in the morning.
"Mhm, that's cool." Aomine murmured, using his teeth to graze at the organ. Kagami let out a sharp gasp as his hands gripped Aomine's hair.
"No, it isn't. Stop messing around!" Kagami lightly said as that small stimulation got him worked up. Aomine glanced up without stopping his actions to see a flustered and furious Kagami. Aomine's lust suddenly doubled at that sight as an angry Kagami is a sexy Kagami.

"What's Papa doing to Mama?"

The dreaded question that belonged to an innocent voice spoke, causing the dark-skinned male to flinch back. The two adults then turned their heads mechanically to face their son. Leo was rubbing his eye with one hand as the other held a stuffed dog toy. Kagami froze as he heard the bacon sizzle and the television view scripted programs. Aomine knew that Kagami would freeze, so he was the first to act. He stood back up and then walked over to Leo, picking up the infant in one clean swoop.

"Hey, let's go watch some cartoons while Mama cooks us breakfast, okay?" Aomine suggested, receiving a big nod from Leo. The dark-skinned male then glanced at Kagami, signalling to carry on as if nothing happened. Kagami mouthed a fuck you, causing Aomine to chuckle. He carried Leo into the living room. He plopped himself and his son onto the couch as he reached for the remote and changed the channel to something more appealing for three year olds.
"I'm going to kill him. I really will this time." Kagami muttered under his breath as he carried on with his cooking.

黒子のバスケ © 藤巻 忠俊
Kuroko No Basuke

Because I loved the reviews on "Gravity" that I decided to write this little fic!