9:16 PM

Gently, Aomine tucked a tuft of Kagami's hair behind his ear which deemed as useless as it slid out from there. He let out a barely audio 'hmph' before placing his hand lazily on the red head's cheek. With the bedroom lights off and their bodies parallel to each other, they stared awkwardly as the silence dawned in. Aomine smiled every time Kagami would alter his sight at him or at his chest, knowing full well that his significant other can't really hold a stare-down without feeling some sort of embarrassment. Kagami wanted to say something but he wasn't sure of what time would be the best. Although in actuality, anyone could see that anytime would be suitable since the two of them weren't doing anything other than lying on their sides whilst gazing in however way they were. Internally sighing, the red head counted down from three before parting his lips to speak.

"Why aren't you doing anything?" He asked, sinking the side of his head deeper into the pillow.
"Did you want me to do something?" Aomine replied, causing Kagami to ever regret speaking.
"No… It's just… Are we just going to lie here all night?" Kagami lazily flopped an arm over Aomine's body, edging his body closer to the blue head.
"You sound like you're expecting some action tonight." The younger one chuckled, running his tongue along his top set of teeth.
"Tch..! No." Kagami retorted, moving back. Sighing, he threw his portion of the shard blanket off him, "Whatever, I'm gonna eat."

He slid out of bed in his sweatpants and singlet whilst scratching the back of his head. Kagami did expect Aomine to do something to him, in which he'd fully resist to show his unwillingness to the blue head's advances, but soon give in and enjoy the extreme intimacy. He had always done that, and Aomine knew what Kagami had thought out but tonight, he decided to let Kagami decide. With a little push, of course and with that thought in mind, Aomine sat up, yanking Kagami's arm towards him causing the older one to land on top of him. Their noses barely touched as Kagami's crimson orbs widened in shock. Aomine's gaze locked deeply onto the red head's eyes but in a way where the said male couldn't read what Aomine was thinking.

"What are you doing..?" Kagami lightly asked, wanting to tear his eyes away from Aomine's gaze but was unable to.
"You wanted me to stop you, right? You want to do something, don't you Taiga?" the darker-skinned male stated, combing his fingers through the front of Kagami's hair; leaving his hand atop his head.
"No. Stop assuming that all I want is you." Kagami closed his eyes as if to prevent Aomine from reading his thoughts.
"I'll stop assuming when you stop lying to me." The blue head sighed, kissing the older one's forehead, "So tell me. What do you want?"

Kagami groaned in annoyance. He knew now that he couldn't escape and as much as he didn't want to admit it, Aomine was stronger than him. He always was and will always be and running away (literally) will not do him any good. Swallowing, he decided to be honest and with a large sigh, Kagami parted his lips to speak after an unbearable long minute of sheer silence.

"Huh? Speak up; can't hear you."

Kagami really didn't want to clarify his words as the thought of just repeating something just as embarrassing as that would possibly be the end of him. But Aomine looked at the red head, patiently waiting for Kagami to echo his words once more. The red head retreated, rolling his eyes.
"I want to… to kiss you, you bastard." The older one muttered, averting his eyes to the side.
"Is that all?" Aomine asked in an annoying tone. Kagami nodded, dismissing that tone, "Then these lips are all yours."

The red head hesitated as he still felt he needed a little push into the direction to take the initiative, but the thought of not being able to dominate sparked sudden rage in him as his inner animal instinct emerged. No longer than a second had passed before Kagami pressed his lips against his husband's, locking them like puzzle pieces fitting together before withdrawing and dipping back in. The kisses were short but full of warmth as every time Kagami parted away, Aomine felt little pieces of his soul escaping into the red head's system. The younger one internally laughed at how childish Kagami's kisses were but still found them to be cute.

After advancing back down for the umpteenth time, Kagami lingered a bit longer with his lips massaging itself against Aomine's. Finally, the dark skinned male thought as he felt Kagami's tongue run against the crack that parted his mouth and eventually dipping inside. Kagami was very… amateurish when it came to deep routed kisses as Aomine was the one to generally take the lead but the effort was enough to get Aomine fired up.

The red head soon parted as he felt a wave or embarrassment rush through his system. They had been kissing for quite some time but within that session, Kagami felt limited response from Aomine which gave him the impression that he just absolutely sucks. With that though in mind, the red head heaved himself quickly off Aomine's chest and hid underneath the blanket; his back turned towards the dark-skinned male with his hands covering his face. Aomine cocked his head in confusion and propped his upper body up with his elbow digging into the pillows.

"What's the matter? Why'd you stop? Oi, don't hide your face, Taiga." Aomine spoke in a deep and calm voice, sliding the blanket off of Kagami.
"I'm done. I'm gonna sleep!" Kagami turned briefly to grab the blanket to cover himself once more. With that short time, Aomine could see that the red head's cheeks and ears were the same colour as his hair. Aomine could only hmph as he lied back down, facing Kagami's back. He placed an arm over the older one's waist, pulling himself close enough to the point where his chest met Kagami's back. Kagami could feel the hot breath of Aomine brushing against his neck which made him shudder.

"I love you." Aomine suddenly said, kissing the nape of Kagami's neck. It gave Kagami a tingling sensation through his body.
"I… I love you too, babe." Kagami murmured, placing his hand atop Aomine's; curling his fingers in between his husbands' one.
"Heh, you called me babe…" Aomine chuckled, turning his hand to properly hold Kagami's.
"Whatever, I'm sleeping now. " The older one announced in a dismissing tone. Aomine sighed.
"At least face me…"
"Ugh, fine…"

They returned into the position that they first started in— bodies parallel to each other but this time there wasn't as so much as an awkward stare. They gazed into each other's eyes as Aomine's lips curled into a slight smile. Tsking, Kagami leaned forward, kissing those lips as if to capture that smile.
"Who would've known that after all this time, you'd still be happy with just lovey-dovey crap." Aomine lowly spoke, shaking his head a bit.
"Shut up, it isn't crap." Kagami defended, pouting unknowingly. Aomine placed his palm against the red head's cheek.
"Back in the days, we used to do it almost every day." The younger one reminded, receiving a pinch to the skin, "Ow..!"
"Yeah well, back in the days we were known as Bakagami and Ahomine." Kagami reminisced.

"I guess we were just idiots in love." Aomine concluded, pressing his lips against the red head's forehead.
"… And what about now?" Kagami placed his head in the space between Aomine's chin and chest.
"We're still in love. Just not idiots anymore." The dark-skinned wrapped his arms around Kagami's skull, hugging him.

The red head laughed, "No, you're still and idiot." Kagami pulled away to look at Aomine as the said male looked offended.
"Hey, I'm not that dumb. My intelligence has improved. See? I use a big boy's word." The younger one spat out, trying to hold back a chuckle.
"Oh wow, step back! Big word used all up in here." Kagami mocked, "But most of your intelligence is down there."
"Oh wanna go?!" Aomine threatened, sitting upright abruptly.
"Bring it! I'll freaking drop you anytime." Kagami retorted, sitting upright as well.

The two of them provoked each other with subtle actions before Aomine broke into a slight fit of laughter at how immature they both were. Kagami, on the other hand, was still in character as he looked like a hooligan ready for a fight. Shaking his head, the younger one decided to play along. He kicked off the blanket to the end of the bed before straddling the red head and pushing him back down onto the bed; the palms of his hands planted against either shoulders.

"Drop me?" Aomine started, "I'd like to see you try!"
"Ha! And try I will." Kagami replied, shooting his hands around the darker-skinned males' neck, intimidating the other.
"Pssh, you're so..! Damn… weak…" Aomine's voice drifted off as his hands found themselves caressing Kagami's bare shoulders before his fingertips danced around Kagami's chest. That tingling sensation returned to the red head's body as his hands travelled from around Aomine's neck to the said male's cheeks. As if on cue, Aomine moved his head down just as Kagami pulled his face towards his before their lips met and engaged into a battle for… not dominance? But lust. It was the type of kiss that they shared when one of them wanted something and the other was willing to help. Their tongues pushed against each other as their saliva mixed alongside their moans. With Leo temporarily out of the house, the thought of just going with the flow seemed more comfortable with them now.

"Hey…" Kagami soon interrupted after a long moment of sheer pashing, "Let's do it." He suggested. Aomine looked at him in confusion.
"Are you serious?" The younger one asked, trying hard not to sound excited. Kagami nodded, biting his bottom lip in embarrassment. Aomine smirked, "How much?" he then asked, causing Kagami to glance to the side and grit his teeth.
"As… much as I you want." Kagami quickly corrected, knowing full well that if Aomine took control, he'd give himself a reason to complain in the morning to come. Aomine knew this but decided to take the red head up on his offer.

Looks like another repeat of Friday, the younger one thought as he slid his hands slowly down Kagami's sides before slipping off those annoying sweatpants off him.

黒子のバスケ © 藤巻 忠俊
Kuroko No Basuke

Wow, I finished a multi-chapter fic.