New fanfic people! Hope you like it!

The ED had been thrown into chaos all day patients from the hospitals surrounding area had been rushed into the ED, there were even patients from up on Keller and Darwin ward being rushed down for emergency treatment.

Nick and the team had been treating people all day mostly for minor injuries, the strange thing was every single patient claimed they had been attack by a huge animal which was roaming the ED.

Of course the staff believed them to all have taken drugs.
"Another here Mr Jordan" informed Lenny rushing in with a young girl in his arms.
Placing her gently down onto the bed Mr Jordan began to examine her.

"I'm Mr Jordan I'm a consultant here, can you tell me your name" he asked I'm his usual calming voice.
"Katie" stuttered the young girl holding her right arm tightly.
"Can you tell me what happened Katie?" Asked Adam putting on some plastic gloves.
"A monster a big monster" stammered the girl clearly in pain.

Nick and Adam exchanged glances "iv had enough of this" whispered Nick "has everyone gone mad!"

Suddenly Dylan burst in holding a bucket with a cloth over the top "Mr Jordan I think iv found the root of the problem"
Nick looked up "don't tell me the whole hospital has been drugged"
Dylan didn't look amused "no" he answered "but iv been examining this sample" he continued removing the cloth from the bucket and putting his hand in "this poo has come from a Rhino"

Nick and Adam both stared at him and started coughing.
"I know my animals" said Dylan swilling his hand around in the bucket.

"Are you seriously telling me we have a Rhino running round this place?" Snapped Nick "don't be so ridiculous!"
"Mr Jordan there is Rhino shit and piss all over this hospital, its un hygienic" protested Dylan angrily.

"Adam can you take this man and his bucket out of here" yelled Nick
"I'm not going near him" snapped Adam "you employ him you do it"
Nick looked up and narrowed his eyes "just do it!"

Adam gave him a look and removed his gloves and escorted Dylan out into the reception area "you must listen to me" snapped Dylan "you might think these people are mad and any other day I would agree but..."
"Shut it, just shut" spat Adam as another patient got wheeled into the ED this time to resus, Adam promptly rushed off to assist.

"Dylan!" Bellowed Mr Jordan storming towards him vains popping out of his forehead "get that bucket of what ever it is out of my ED"
"Its Rhino poo" insisted Dyan pulling a face.
"OUT!" Yelled Mr Jordan giving him a sharp push…