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chapter 7

The team listened closely as Nick began to explain his plan to them...

"No" spat Adam interrupting him before he even had a chance to start "your clinical lead, a boss, in other words some prat that sits counting paper clips all day, you have no idea how to deal with a serious situation like this" he continued folding his arms and giving Nick a challenging stare.

"Ok Doctor Trueman, the floor is yours" answered Nick with sarcasm stepping back and throwing his arms in front of him, he wasn't in the mood for jokes anymore.
Adam shot him a condescending look before speaking "right guys, we need to stay calm and collected here, work as a team, there's a bull in that field just beyond the car park" he said pointing "now I'll pop over, get its attention and lure it back here"
"You make it sound like a fag and booze run to Calais" interrupted Nick shaking his head.

Adam didn't bite he just innocently smiled before ripping Big Macs shirt off his back "eh, eh what's going on here" he yelled placing his arms round himself shivering.
"Red" said Adam "this shirt is red, when a bull sees red they attack" he informed proudly "I'll lure it here you lot move out the way and we will gain access to Nicks precious ED"

Nick scowled angrily as Adam wandered off in search of the bull.
"I don't know why I employ that man" scowled Nick with his arms folded.

The team waited not sure what to expect when Adam came rushing towards them "Never fear Adam is here" he called racing towards them and throwing the red top in front of the blocked ED entrance.
"Where is it?" Asked Nick scanning the car park.
"It was following me!" Answered Adam kneeling down searching for breath.
"Shit there it is!" Screamed Jeff as the team dived out the way of the blocked doorway.

CRASH, BANG - withing seconds the doorway was cleared, bricks and dust flew everywhere making them all cough and splutter.
"Adam, that wasn't one of your best ideas" groaned Nick slowly standing up, he'd hit his head upon trying to avoid being horned to death by the raging bull.

"Right guys now let's get in there and get everyone out" he cried as the team barged past him.
"Least we are in now" said Adam moaning in pain holding his chest.
The two of them followed the rest of the team, within seconds something made them stop.
"Which way did they go?" Questioned Adam looking round confused "we were only a few steps behind them"

Nick shook his head and looked round "I .. I don't know"

"Help, help!" Came a voice from afar.
Adam and Nick rushed round lifting bricks and smashing down doors trying to find the source of the lone voice.

"HELP ME!" Came the voice louder this time, they were getting close.
Nick and Adams eyes were drawn to a hand flapping about in the air, a pile of rubble surrounding it.
"Over there" cried Nick as he rushed over and began digging.
"Nick, Nick" cried Zoe as her head surfaced.
The two of them embraced each other.
"Please excuse me while I throw up" spat Adam.
"Fucking shut it Trueman" snapped Nick squaring up to him.
"Alright" spat Adam backing away.

Nick turned back to Zoe, taking one look at her, he felt like he was looking into her eyes for the very first time, he felt so close to her, fear pumped through his veins "Zoe I.." He stuttered before bursting into tears, all the love he once felt for this woman came flooding back in this instant. He suddenly had an overwhelming feeling, he knew he could have lost her if himself and Adam hadn't turned up when they did.
She stroked his cheek wiping a tear away "Nick, I was so afraid" she confessed.

The two of them sat frozen in this moment, staring into each others eyes, they were silently sharing this special moment.
Nick helped Zoe to her feet as the soothing voice of Phil Collin's filled the atmosphere.

They danced to a song of heartbreak, hope, all the while wondering if somehow, somewhere, there was someone, one special person searching just for them.

Looking into each others eyes they wondered if what they had could ever be revived.
Nick smiled at her tilting his head to one side and moving closer to kiss her...
"Depressing song this" interrupted Adam innocently "remind me never to invade Big Macs office again"

"Adam!" shouted Zoe frustrated "Adam we were just ahhhh!"
Nick could do nothing but pull a face as she walked off shooting Adam a dirty look on her way.

"Was it something I said" questioned Adam confused.
Nick said nothing the look on his beet root face said it all.

"Come on let's move on" suggested Adam brushing some rubble out of his hair.
"Adam! Me and Zoe were about to.. To oh you know!" Whispered Nick giving him a nudge.
"Yes Nick so I could see, I'm happy for you, for once you have a woman that's not imaginary, inflatable or on an hourly rate" Adam knew his comment was far from the truth, nor was it very adult of him but he was feeling left out, his love life was in the gutter again, he didn't want to stand and watch his boss get fresh with Zoe in front of him.
He just unknowingly admitted to himself he'd always had a bit of a soft spot for Zoe.

The three of them ventured further into the shattered building which was once a very well run ED.
Coming into the main reception area they gasped in horror.
"Look at the state of this place" sobbed Zoe.
Nick placed a comforting arm around her shoulder.
"Do you think everyone was some how rescued?" Questioned Adam inquisitively "or eaten?"
This made an already emotional Zoe burst into floods of tears.

"Doctor Trueman please! Ladies present" muttered Nick taking Zoe to a quiet corner to try and calm her down.
"Ooh that's it just leave me here! Can't you two stop petting each other!" Snapped Adam watching them walk off.
He went over to the vending machine and gave it a sharp kick making a drink and some chocolate fall out "least we won't grow hungry" he muttered tucking into the chocolate bar.

"Hiss... Hiss... Sss...Ssss"
Adam spun round.
"Guys whatever your doing stop it yeah!" Said Adam cautiously looking round... "Ah fuck!" He soon screamed dropping his chocolate and backing away from the sight before him.
"Nick! Zoe! HELP! Its a... Ahhhhh!"

As his colleagues rushed over they saw why Adam was screaming like a girl, cornering him was a huge boa con stricter.
"Adam stay calm boa's don't bite they just squeeze you to death"
"Oh fucking great!" Screeched Adam sweat pouring off him, fear was paralysing his body.
"Crickey he's a big boy" said Zoe with a creepy smile spread across her face.

"Zoe this is no time for Steve Irwin impressions" snapped Nick spinning round just in time to an approaching predator "oh shit" he mumbled as he felt his legs turn to jelly.
"Nick what's wrong" yelled Adam staying as still as he could.

Nick didn't answer he just watched in horror as this large creature crawled behind what was once the reception desk...

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