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King of the Ocean, Queen of the Sky


How could it come to this? It had started like any other day for the Straw Hat pirates, them just adventuring, when suddenly they found themselves surrounded by a massive fleet of fifty Marine Battleships led by the Marine Fleet Admiral himself: Sakazuki.


Zoro stepped forward before Luffy could reply. As first-mate of the Straw Hat Pirates he called out "THIS IS OUT ANSWER!" slashing his sword slicing the battleships next to Sakazuki clean in half. At this movement Akainu ordered all ships to fire at the Sunny.

"Then I will not ask again. FIRE ALL THE GUNS!" He roared as a storm of cannon balls flew at the pirates.

"Stay back guys I got this." Luffy said taking in a very deep breath. "GOMU GOMU NO FUSSEN!" he cried as he inflated himself to a massive size. Catching all the cannon balls and launching them all back where they came from severely damaging the Marine Fleet.

"MARINES STAY BACK I WILL HANDLE THEM ALL MY SELF!" he ordered Launching himself toward the Thousand Sunny at rocket speeds.

"Shit incoming!" Usopp cried. But before anyone could react Sakazuki got him with a magma fist in the chest.

"USOPP!" the crew screamed

"One down eight to go." was all Akainu said as he turned to the stunned crew.

"Damn You!" Sanji and Brook said launching themselves at him. Sakazuki merely moved out of the way of Brook causing him to fall into the ocean and drown while he let Sanji's leg pass into his body completely reducing it to ash.

"BROOK! SANJI!" Chopper cried as he put a rumble ball in his mouth transforming into Monster point.

"It appears you aren't just their pet, but that does not matter to me. INUGAMI GURREN!" Launching a wave of magma in the shape of a dogs head it bit chopper's head killing him instantly. Next to die were Robin and Sanji, Robin found Akainu's fist through the stomach while Sanji, who was unable to fight with one leg was bathed in magma.

"FRANKY GET LUFFY AND NAMI OUT OF HERE! I'LL HOLD HIM OFF!" Zoro ordered as he engaged the fleet admiral.

"You have some skill Pirate Hunter Zoro. But that will not save you." He said as he melted Shuusui and Sandai Kitetsu. "Any last words Pirate Hunter?" Sakazuki said igniting his right hand.

"Yeah I got a few. LUFFY WILL BECOME THE KING WITH OR WITHOUT US! ITTORYU IAI: SHI SHISHI SONSON!" Zoro yelled as they clashed only to be met with a magma fist to the chest, and so ended the first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates.

"Now where did the last three go?" he said as he stood over the corpses of the fallen Straw Hats.

Below deck Franky was literally dragging Luffy and Nami to his workshop. Luffy had tears free falling down his face. Two years of training. Two years of separation. Two FREAKING years and he was still unable to protect everyone.

"Franky stop we have to fight! We can't just leave Zoro to die!" Nami yelled with tears falling down her face.

"Luffy, Nami, I'm sorry but there was nothing we can do against him. Our only hope is that my newest invention works." Franky said as they reached his latest invention, a time machine. "We don't have much time so…" but he was cut off by a deep familiar voice.

"Did you honestly think that you could get away from me?" Akainu said with his entire body covered in magma.

'How did he find us so quickly?' Franky thought. Looking up he noticed that Akainu had melted a path strait down to where they were.

"DAMN IT! LUFFY! NAMI! GET IN THE MACHINE NOW!" he roared pushing them into the time machine and initiating the countdown.

"I will ask you once. Get out of the way."


"Very well. MEIGO!" Akainu shouted as he incinerated Franky's head

"FRANKY!" both Nami and Luffy screamed

"You two are next." He said as he approached the final two Straw Hats, only for Luffy to step out and stand befor him

"Like hell we are next! GEAR SECOND: HARDEN!" Luffy cried as he stood between Akainu and Nami. Thowing his steaming arm back as it turned black he glared at the Fleet Admiral. "I won't let you Touch Her!" he growled in a very beast like tone "GOMU GOMU NO" He roared as his arm ignited in a torrent of red flames. "RED HAWK!" Luffy Roared as his blow struck Akainu in the chest causing a massive explosion to erupt from the Marine's back throwing him into the far room.

"Luffy! Get In the count down is almost At Zero!" Nami screamed at her Rubber Captain

"Right!" Luffy said as he reentered the time machine. Just in time to as Akainu returned to the room now with a decent burn mark on his chest.

"I'll Admit that you have impressed me by burning me son of Dragon. But your road end here."However before Akainu could reach them again the time machine roared to life "WHAT? NO!" he roared as the final two pirates disappeared before his very eyes.

Whiteness. Whiteness as far as the eye could see is what met the two pirates when they opened their eyes.

"Nami, please tell me that this isn't real." Luffy said with tears beginning to form in his eyes. But he was met with the crying figure of his orange haired navigator that told him that what had happened was truly real.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Luffy cried in agony over the loss of his entire crew. Slamming his head and fists against the ground he felt nothing but despair, suddenly he felt a familiar hand on his shoulder as he was pulled into a fierce hug by Nami.

She held him as if he would disappear if she let go. Unable to hold back the tears both unleashed a water fall of tears into each other's shoulders.

"Please Luffy, don't leave me." Nami kept mumbling into his shoulder over and over again. Moving his hands in circles on her back he said "don't worry I'm never going to leave you."

"Hey am I interrupting something you two lovebirds?" a new voice said. Immediately both Straw Hats broke apart at speeds that made Kizaru slow with blushes clearly visible on both of their faces as they turned toward the new voice. They were stunned to see none other than Portgaz D Ace.

"What's the matter you both look like you've seen a ghost?" he asked nonchalantly.

"A-Ace? Is it really you?" Luffy asked barley able to contain his happiness.

"Yep it's me little Bro." he said as he found himself tackled in a bear hug by Luffy

"I-I I've missed you so much Ace."

"Missed you too Luffy. Now let's get your girlfriend involved in this conversation because it is very important." At this statement Nami and Luffy went so red they could make tomatoes jealous of their color.

"SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" Luffy screamed so loud that if they were back in the real world the whole world would have heard him.

"I'm only kidding. Sheesh what does it take for a guy to mess with his little bro. honestly you poke him then he'll take a full swing at your head." Ace began saying as if he was addressing someone else that was present.

"Any who I'm here because the big guy up stair has decided that he will give you both another chance, just one though. I'm here to help you with this chance." He said waving his hands. Suddenly two pieces of fruit appeared in his hands one was a deep sea blue, stem sprouting out of the top while the other looked exactly the same except it was a sky blue, both of them had swirls that went in a curly pattern which was a dead ringer for what they were.

"Are those Devil Fruits?" Nami asked

"Yep and the big guy wants you to have them."

"Why, I already have the Gomu gomu no mi?" Luffy asked.

"Well for starters Luffy he added a massive power boost to the Gomu Gomu no mi; he made it a hybrid devil fruit. This bad boy has the powers of the Gomu Gomu no mi, the Mizu Mizu no mi and the Gura Gura no mi." Ace said while holding up the deep blue fruit. "Now for Nami she's going to get the Goro Goro no mi."

"Seriously why are you giving me something so powerful?" Nami asked "that thing has enough power to blow up an island."

"The reason you both will get these powers is because neither of you can take physical attributes with you. In other words you will not be as physically strong as you are now except for your knowledge and Haki ability you cannot take anything else." Nami understood this in other words she would be useless to Luffy until she gets her perfect climatact. "I will tell you guys that after about five years any marks on your body now will show up. In other words Luffy your chest scar will come back when you are twelve and Nami your tattoo will change to what you have now."

"So are you going to teach us how to use our new powers?" Nami asked

"Hell No! Where is the fun in that?" Ace replied with a pout

"Alright when do we go back?" Luffy asked clearly excited to go on a brand new adventure and the best part was that he would get to see all of his friends again.

"We are going to send both of you into the past. Luffy will be sent twelve years into the past and Nami ten years into the past."

"Why then?" Nami asked. she really didn't want to go back that far since that was the year Arlong had arrived and made her life Hell.

"Because that is when both of you declared your dreams. What better place for you to start your journey than at the beginning. Nami I know your life was hell from that point but this time you know that Luffy can help you end it and if anything you can end it sooner. besides you can go out to sea and find us and stay with us if you want." Ace said with a smile.

Just then a swirling blue portal opened up behind them. "Alright your ride is here. Jump right through." He said pushing the devil fruit into their hands "You'll find them soon after you arrive and when you do you had better eat them because you'll regain all of your memories from them. "Good luck you two. I'll see you soon!" Ace called out as he disappeared.

"Bye Ace! And thank you for your help!" Luffy and Nami called out as they turned toward the portal.

Taking each other's hands and looking at each other Luffy asked "Are you ready Nami?"

"After You Captain" she said in a playful manner as both of them took deep breaths they leaped into the unknown future fully aware that they would leave their marks in the history books again.


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