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Pairing: Kagome/ Honey

Rating: k+/ T

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha and Ouran High School Host Club. They belong to their rightful owners.

Things to Know: Kagome stumbles into the Host Club by accident trying to find Umehito Nekozawa, wanting to return his Belzeneef puppet that he mistakenly dropped. Honey, being the one to recover the fastest from the new comer, offers to show her- starting a new romance along the way.

One Shot-Multi chapter story.

Vanilla and Carmel Kago-Chan!

Chapter 1:

The Host Club was as busy as ever that day- like every day. There was a good amount of the female populace of the high school section of the Ouran Academy crammed into the abandoned 3rd music room on the third story of the massive academy.

There was a decent buzz in the room, the amount of chatter containing an almost constant drone that wasn't so over powering on the ear drums. Six of the seven hosts were busy entertaining their guests.

Kyoya was giving his guest false smiles and fakes laughs, lowered eye lids and eyes filled with fake passion- on the inside he was calculating how much more Haruhi owed to the Host Club and how long it would take her to either reach that or her 1,000 guest quota.

Hikaru and Kaoru where doing their "twincest" act that had the girls swooning.

Tamaki was being his regular flamboyant self, the ever charmer he was.

Haruhi was having pleasant conversations with five of her guests, smiling and nodding along, putting in a comment here and there.

Mori was handling his and Honey's guests by himself- so eight women to himself? Great. They were mostly conversing with themselves, although the two that sat on either side of him stayed quiet.

Where was Honey?

Well…. It was nap time for him, but he wasn't really sleeping. His eyes were half lidded, staring out at the buzzing room- there was something drumming on the edge of his senses that told him to stay alert, so he stayed awake.

His ears heard it first, the tiny creak the main door had when being opened slowly.

He sat up slowly, milk chocolate brown eyes studied the door as it opened slowly, and in peaked a raven head with bangs that were uneven and swept across her forehead. Bright blue eyes glanced around nervously, her perfectly manicured nails gripped the door lightly as white teeth scrapped against light pink bottom lips.

Honey instantly knew who it was, and she looked lost. The girl turned to leave in a swirl of buttercup yellow, but the call of the King made her stop and slowly turn around, fear etched into her eyes.

"Welcome, dear Princess! What brings a new guest such as yourself to our lovely Host Club?" Tamaki asked, leaning his face closer to the girls own. Her eyes widened as a blush stained her cheeks, she took a step back, waving her hands lightly in front of her form, gesturing quickly as her mouth was firmly shut.

"Tamaki." Honey said calmly, strolling up to the confused king and the still wildly gesturing girl. Both had his attention now and Honey folded his arms behind his back, his usual flower's that surrounded his person were gone as he spoke in all seriousness, his usual bubbly smile was replaced by a small smirk.

"This is Kagome Higurashi, she transferred here last week, she's very shy so she doesn't talk- instead using Japanese sign language." Honey said, nodding in Kagome's direction as he shooed the king away. He smiled up at the girl, his usual flower's floating around his head as the smile returned.

"Hello, Kago-chan! Why are you here? Did you get lost again?" He asked cutely, seeing the blush and nod, he smiled brighter, reaching for her hand. "Who or what are you looking for? I might be able to help you find it!" He cheered, he saw her smile sweetly and bring out the Belzeneef puppet.

Honey stared at the thing for a second, watching as Kagome's small and delicate hands ran across the stitching. He could faintly hear Tamaki scream in the back ground, but he didn't pay him any mind.

"You're looking for Nekozawa-kun?" Honey asked, seeing the girl nod, he tightened his hold on her hand and moved to the door, walking down the hall with the taller female in tow. "I'll help you find him!" Honey promised.

He heard Kagome faintly hum her appreciation and smiled when he felt the grip on his hand tighten slightly.

"Kago-chan, you're very pretty." Honey said absently, feeling the weight he was pulling along stop suddenly, he turned a confused look in her direction. Her eyes were wide and she was blushing brightly. "Well it's true, it's also interesting that you transferred into Takashi and my class- Sesshoumaru Tashio had a ward? Interesting, it's also interesting-his name. "Killing Perfection"? it's strange, but somehow sums him up completely." Honey was talking for the two of them as they walked along the winding halls.

Occasionally he could feel the grip on his hand tighten or slacken, but with the little snort of amusement she gave at the last statement, he smiled some more.

Suddenly they came to stop by the dark cloaked being they were looking for; he was walking in circles outside of the Dark Magic Club's classroom, mumbling curses as he talked aloud to himself. Honey cleared his throat loudly, catching the male's attention.

Nekozawa looked up, his eyes widened slightly at seeing the small senior, but his interest was piqued when he saw the girl that was holding Honey's hand tightly, she was blushing an ever lovely shade of scarlet.

"Kagome-chan believes she has something of yours." Honey said calmly, letting go of the girl's hand. She slowly walked towards the slightly hunched form of the other male. She bowed deeply, holding out Belzeneef to him.

"S-So s-s-sorry Umehito Nekozawa-k-kun…" Kagome struggled with the worlds, blushing brighter as tears sprang to the corner of her eyes. Nekozawa stared at the girl in amazement, taking the puppet offered and slowly sliding him back on his hand comfortably.

He moved Belzeneef's slightly stubby arms, turning him so Belzeneef could give Kagome's cheek a hug. She blushed brighter and laughed lightly, bringing one of her manicured nails to lightly scratch the puppet's cheek.

"I must thank you for your kindness, Miko." Nekozawa said slowly. Kagome stopped laughing and stared into his eyes in amazement, her own filled with curiosity. He smiled and offered her a black dice with silver paint.

"It might not be much, but a little birdie told me that you enjoyed games, dice can be used in many games… Mostly the game of chance, which I had also heard from the same birdie that you are very lucky." There was a double meaning to his words, and Kagome knew what they were, but took the offered dice graciously and smiled brightly at him, hugging him tightly.

Nekozawa hugged her back and let her go. Kagome waved as she took Honey's hand again, she smiled at Nekozawa before walking back to the Host Club with a spring in her step. Honey shook his head slightly.

"Kago-chan~" He whined, he got her attention on the stairs; he bounded up a few more so he was taller than her and leaned over her, causing her to grip the banister so she wouldn't fall. She looked at him curiously. "Where's my hug, Kago-chan~?" He pouted. Kagome smiled, opening her arms and scooping him up, he laughed and nuzzled her neck, inhaling her vanilla scented skin and Carmel scented hair.

In the Host Club:

"What! Engaged?! Kagome-sempai and Honey-sempai?!" Tamaki asked in despair, gripping some of his hair, Kyoya and Mori nodded, both shared similar looks of boredom.

"Correct." Mori offered, Tamaki gave him a pleading look, he only shrugged and left to sit back with some of his customers.

Kyoya sighed and fixed his glasses, showing Tamaki the screen on his computer.

"Of course, you idiot. Sesshoumaru Tashio is one of the most powerful men in the world, she was supposed to be my fiancé, but we didn't get along at the time we met and it caused more problems than good. Then when she met Honey…" Kyoya trailed off, leaving Tamaki to think of how it happened on his own- he couldn't.

"B-But! Then why doesn't she talk to anyone!" Tamaki wailed, Kyoya sighed, fighting the urge to fix his glasses to keep his fingers busy so he didn't strangle the idiot.

"She does talk, you baka. She doesn't like too, but she does. She learned sign language for her little brother, he's deaf." Kyoya sighed again, walking away from the Host King, who was in a state of shock.