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Pairing: Kagome/ Honey

Rating: k+/ T

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha and Ouran High School Host Club. They belong to their rightful owners.

Things to Know: (The first multi-chaptered story in this series of one-shots mixed with many chaptered stories! It'll only be about 3 maybe 4 chapters long.) Haruhi and the Host Club just got back from their trip to America! (see manga), though they've only been back for about three weeks, Tamaki thinks it's time for a Host Club vacation!

And who does Honey decide to bring along? Nekozawa-kun, of course! Though poor Nekozawa can't be anywhere without his precious cousin Kagome!

Kagome: 20

Honey/ Mori/ Nekozawa: 19

Tamaki/ Kyoya: 18

Hikaru/ Kaoru/ Haruhi: 17/ 18

One Shot-Multi chapter story.

Ouran Vacation!

Prt 2

Chapter 2:

Uhmehito Nekozawa stared in wonder at his cousin, who was on one of the cliffs on the estate that dropped down into the ocean below. Of course, he was underneath a black umbrella with black sunglasses on his overly sensitive eyes, but other than that, he could see his cousin perfectly.

It easy to spot her white bathing suit glowing against the blue sky, her wild raven hair floating behind her as she stood at the edge of the cliff, looking over the edge in wonder.

How far down was it to the water? Till she touched the sand underneath that?

People forget that a cliff is not that tall, an added five, six feet because of your eyes are further up your body, not on the bottom of your feet.

Nekozawa didn't bother to shush the squawking Host Club, eyes wide with fear as a few of their member's arms waved wildly, begging the girl to not jump.

He vaguely remembered this was the very same cliff Haruhi fell off of when the Host Club visited the estate for the first time.

Maybe that was why they were running around like chickens with their heads cut off?

He would never know, nor would he ever understand the strange beings that had become his friends (even Tamaki after getting through his thick skull that he wasn't cursed that one day for stepping on the Belzeneef puppet.)

Nekozawa sighed, shifting his glasses slightly as he pulled the hood up of his sleeveless sweatshirt, his hands folding in the front connected pocket.

He stood up from the wondrous shade and walked over to the panicking group (minus Haruhi, Kyoya. Mori was watching with fear, but he wasn't acting like an idiot while doing it.)

The bottom of his baggy black jeans with a golden chain wrapped around his hips acted as a belt dragged in the sand, his bare feet making contact with the tiny rocks. Once he reached the calmer two of the seven group, he casted them a glance, before looking up at the cliff where his cousin was stretching out her back.

"Does she do this often?" Haruhi asked, her eyes wide as she nibbled on her lips nervously. Umehito chuckled deeply, raising a blonde eyebrow at the girl in question.

"What does she do exactly? Jump off high places? Put her life in danger? Or dive off of cliffs?"

Haruhi glanced at him before looking back up at the older girl- ahem, woman.

"All of the above?"

The blonde chuckled again, a bit more darkly then the last time. Kyoya even gave his senior a questioning glance before studying the girl on the cliff with a curious glint in his eyes.

"More times then she would like to admit, I'm afraid." He spoke, a light brushing of salt scented wind coming from the ocean.

"GET READY!" Kagome yelled loudly from above them, her hands cupping around her mouth as she waved at them excitedly.

"NO! KAGOME, DON'T DO IT! YOU'LL HURT YOURSELF!" Kaoru and Tamaki yelled hysterically, Hikaru was trying to calm down a panicking Honey, who had tears in his eyes as he watched the girl take a few giant steps away from the edge, then start running towards it.

"KAGOME!" Honey yelled in fright. His grip on Hikaru's hand tightening so much that Hikaru cried out in pain, jerking his hand away from Honey- with failure.

The girl had perfect form, surprisingly enough with how many stories Umehito had told them about her being the klutz of the entire family, both Higurashi and Nekozawa.

Her body piked, her legs out in a vertical position in front of her. She twisted her body around to do two flips in the air, before straightening out so her hands were pointed towards the water.

She went into the water with a small splash, her laughter echoing around the air.

Everyone held their breath, except for Nekozawa, who was chuckling to himself as he walked back to his shady paradise.

Even Kyoya was put on edge, he admits it was very graceful for a woman of such rumor, but people have died from doing this- professionals even. Hell, even Haruhi was knocked unconscious when she hit the water all those years ago.

Honey let go of Hikaru's hand, bolting towards the water. No one tried to stop him as he jumped right in, diving down.

All was silent for a few more moments, Nekozawa even removed his sunglasses, squinting against the brightness of the sun on the sand and reflecting off the waves.

Kagome and Honey finally resurfaced, Kagome laughing joyously as she held a whimpering Honey to her chest, her bangs stuck to her forehead. Honey's hair was in his eyes, his bottom lip trembling as his cheek was pressed to the top of Kagome's chest, her heart beating wildly in her chest soothed him slightly.

"Mitsukuni" Kagome cooed in his ear, their legs moving in time so they treaded water, keeping them afloat. "I'm fine, Mitsukuni, please don't worry." Kagome said, her arm wrapped around his waist, keeping him to her as the other came up to smooth his bangs out of his eyes.

He let something akin to a whimper leave his throat as he looked up at her with giant chocolate brown eyes, his bottom lip continued to tremble as his cheeks were stained with red.

"I was so scared, Kagome!" Honey admitted, his jaw clenched to keep himself from hugging her tighter. He was a Haninozuka god dammit! He should be able to control his emotions better than this.

"H-Haru-chan fell from the same cliff, she was knocked unconscious…" He whimpered, pulling out his "cute" look. Big, tearful eyes, flushed cheeks, and a trembling bottom lip. He silently hoped that even though his bangs weren't in his eyes this time that the look would still work.

Kagome's heart melted at the sight, her joy slowly falling to start feeling guilty. She hugged him tighter to her chest, her cheek resting against the top of his wet head.

Honey blushed more out of embarrassment this time, his arms tightened around her waist as his ear was pressed against the top of her chest again, her heart beat was calming down. It was then that he realized that his "cute act" wasn't an act, he was genuinely terrified for Kagome's safety.

"I'm sorry to have scared you, Honey." Kagome whispered in his ear. Honey didn't say anything, only nuzzled her neck, his nose resting against the crook of it.

He would prove to her he wasn't like the other guys that asked her out. She was pretty, yes, gorgeous even, but something drew him to her, something about her called out to him.

The little siren, she was.

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