I felt something brush past my arm. I look aside quickly, nothing was there. "Use our energy to make a noise!" I say standing silent in the room with Zak. "Are you scared of us?" Zak says loudly. I feel my body become heavier and heavier, making it harder to stay awake. I look towards Zak's LCD screen. "I feel tired..." I say and slide myself to the ground. He walks to me and slides down next to me. Keeping in mind that we both can't see two inches in front of our faces. He puts his arm around me. Footsteps come up the stars towards us. "Bro! Did you hear that?" Aaron yells coming into the room. Nick is behind him filming. "What?" I say panicky. "Something came up behind me and Nick and started growling!" Aaron pants. "I thought we are dealing with something demonic." Zak whispers. He starts to get up and stands in the middle of the room. "Alright you demonic piece of shit, if you can prove that you are here, come and growl at me like you did to him!" Zak points to Aaron. "And if there are any other lost spirits, I am not talking to you, I wanna talk to the growling bastard!" He faces Nick and Aaron. "Hey Aaron, can you get me an digital recorder, please?" Aaron fishes around in his equipment jacket and hands it to Zak. "Come and growl into this red light!" He demands. "Zak..." I say weakly. "I think I saw something pass your right shoulder..." He turns that way. "Guys, I'm getting the chills... Somethings here with us." I feel scared. "Alright Aaron, go down to the place where you heard the growl first and run an EVP session." Aaron nods hesitantly and walks back down the stairs. "Lisa, do you want to try talking to it?" Zak says. I feel my heart race. This is it. If you open yourself up, your fucked Lisa. I walk up and feel Zak's hand extend for mine. He takes it and holds me next to him

"How did you die?" I ask solemnly. I feel chills go up my left arm and down my back. I squeeze Zak's hand. "It's here..." I whisper fearfully. "Act strong, don't let it in..." Zak says in the silence. "Were you a patient here?" We were at a old psychiatric hospital for the mentally ill and unstable. I look around to try and see something, even though it was hopeless. I feel a sudden surge of anger pass over me. "What the fuck?" I say stepping back. Zak's grip didn't let go though. "What's wrong?" He says with concern. The feeling of rage didn't stop. I felt like I wanted to hit something. I let go of Zak's hand and clenched my fists. I mumbled, I had no idea what I was saying. I started to walk off. Down the hall, and the stairs. "Lisa!" Zak says running behind me. He turns on a flash light and points it towards me. I didn't even flinch when it hit my face. I felt my teeth grinding. I want to hit them so bad, my thoughts weren't my own. Feel myself be lowered to the ground on all fours. I crawled in ways that I never thought I could towards Zak and Nick. From the flashlight being swung around, Nicks face was in horror. Then, like that all the anger was lifted from me. My body fell completely to the ground. Nick and Zak crowded around me. "Oh my fucking God? What was that? Are you ok?" Zak says fast. All I could remember was his worried face, and then black.

I woke up in the back of the car. Zak holding me tight. "Oh, your awake! Thank God!" Zak says with relief. Aaron looks back from the passenger seat. "You ok?" I tried to speak but I was still to weak. "W-What happened?" Is all I could manage. "Something... got ahold of you." Zak says. "Was I possessed?" I ask frightfully. "If it hadn't gone as fast as it did, you would have had a full on possession." Zak claims.