AN:This my frist story guys so go easy on me

Friday 7:45 am

Nadia alarm clock went off at 7:45am and she gives a frustrated noise and smack at it and it stop. Nadia was going back to sleep until her dad shout out for her "Nadia Grell you need up and get ready for school we don't want you and Bryan to be late again."

"Fuck off Dad and let me sleep" swear Nadia as she pull a pillow to her head and try to get back to sleep. She then heard foot step and heard a slam and someone sitting beside her bed and she smell someone smoking and the person said "Come sis let not do this today and get dad piss off at you again"

"I hardly think so Bryan and you know me I hate fucking school" said Nadia as got up from the bed and turn to see the person who is her older brother Bryan Grell.

Bryan is wearing a dark red shirt and dark blue jacket with dark green jean with white and blue shoes.

Bryan laughs and said "Your right I do know you."

Then he took out his box cigarettes hand one to Nadia and take it and light it up and began to take it.

"Still we don't want to give us another break time detention for being late again" said Bryan getting up and he walk out of her room.

Nadia sign and get up gets dress for school. She wore dark green tank top with black jacket and she also wore dark blue jeans with black shoes.

She went down the stair and saw her brother and dad having their breakfast and Bryan is having toast and her dad is drinking coffee with the newspaper in his hand.

She walk over to the table and grab one of her brother toast and went out the door not before hearing brother saying "Fuck you Nadia stop stealing my breakfast"

She smiles at though the look on her brother for stealing his breakfast again.

Nadia grab her skateboard and begin to ride to her school. Her school is just 10 minute trip.


Friday 8:10 am

Nadia is at the front door of Star High School 10 minute later and she stops and put away her skateboard in her bag.

She just as done that she head a shout saying "Yo Nadia what up?"

Nadia turn around to see her best friend Kira Carson and reply back "During fine Kira how you during?"

Kira is wearing red shirt and dark green jacket and wearing a dark blue skit

"Great Nadia hi where Bryan at" ask Kira looking for her brother.

Nadia laugh and pat behind her back. She knew about Kira crush on Bryan and she always makes fun of Kira for it. But beside that they both great friends and they both always get in trouble together since they were kids and they hang out most of the time.

"He not here yet he had to go and make more toast cause I stole his" said Nadia laugh at the last part.

Kira cross her arm and say "tough guy better make it or he gets us in trouble again."

"Let get inside and you can talk about how great my brother is" joke Nadia.

Kira playful smack her arm and say "Fuck you Nadia" and both girl walk inside the school.


Friday 8:25 am

Nadia and Kira walk up to their lockers and Bryan came said "You what up sis and sweet thing"

Nadia notice blush Kira had on her face well Bryan called her that and Nadia just roll her eyes and said "We are fine Bryan and how was breakfast"

"Screw you sis and hi let have another smoke before class start" said Bryan taking out his box of cigarettes handle one to Kira and Nadia

They went outside to take they smoke. Nadia is just about to smoke when heard a shout "Hi you three stop right there"

They all turn around to see man wearing a brown jacket and light blue jeans he is carrying a case and had glass on. He is about in his early 20th and he had orange hair and had blue eye.

He walk to them and said "Your three are not allow to smoke before school and it is bad for your health."

"Fuck you Mr Dickhead and how are you to tell us what to do" swear Nadia laugh not taking him as a threat

"You young lady watch how you use your language and anywhere I am Mr Grey the new teacher at this school" said Mr Grey and to Nadia surprise took her cigarette from her and rest of them form there hand and throw to the ground and stomp on it.

"Why would I give a damn dickhead about you being a teacher" said Nadia as begins to walk away and to her surprise again Mr Grey walks in front of her.

"I tell you why young lady I am a teacher at this school and as all other teacher and you show wash that bad month of yours and show some respect at this school" said Mr Grey giving her hard look and walks away.

Nadia was shock for few minute but she came back from daydreaming and walk on to class in a very mood.

Kira and Bryan turn to eachother said same thing "Holy shit