Friday 4:10 pm

Everybody is in the waiting room to hear how Nadia is doing.

Bryan called his dad an hour ago and he arrived 20 minute later with a worried look on his face.

Kira decides to break the silence and said "I really hope she is okay I don't want to lose my best friend"

"The doctors say that she may make it so don't worry about Kira" said Quinn trying to comfort her while he sat down in the waiting room chair with Sarah on his knee.

Bryan and Nadia's Father spoke "Why doesn't she stop doing this to herself and how long has she been doing this behind our backs."

"Well sir people who are on drugs don't give up from them easily and they would need support from family or friends if you want to stop this" said Peter from the other side of the room.

"Bigger question is what caused her to take those in the first place?" asked Vette.

Nobody in room knew that answer.


Friday 5:00 pm

Finally the door opened and Nadia's doctor came out and walk to the group were.

The Doctor had black hair and black eyes he is in his middle thirties and he is wearing his doctor's coat

Bryan recognized him and walk over to him and said "Doc it is good to see you again"

Doc smiled and shakes Bryan's hand and said "Great to see you too Bryan and old Doc here got some good news"

Everybody in room got up from there seats and pray that Nadia is okay

"Nadia is asleep for the moment and she will be alright and she lucky for the 2nd time now Bryan I told her not to go on diamorphine but no she goes and ignores Doc orders and look what happens" said Doc stressed that Nadia almost got herself killed.

Everybody in the room was relieved to hear that she will be okay but Vette ask "Doc will she just keep taking them will she?"

Doc answers "I suggest she go to a therapist and someone to watch over her at all times."

Then someone said "I used to be a therapist before I became a teacher and I would like to help her."

Doc turns around to see Peter and smirked and said "Well isn't my good old friend Peter how are you doing last I heard you wanted to be a teacher."

"Well I'm a new teacher at High Star and Doc I would like to help Miss Grell out if you don't mind sir" said Peter turning to .

"As long as she will be okay then I'm grateful for you to help her" said

"What would you suggest ?" asked Bryan not looking forward to the answer.

"I would suggest she move in to my place for a few weeks and then I can watch and help her at the same time" said Peter and then he cross his arm waiting for an answer.

is in deep thought and they all waited for him to answer.

Finally said "Aright It is a done deal I just want my daughter to get well when she moves in?

"As soon she gets out of the hospital and as soon as she packs her things" answers Peter and shakes 's hand.

"Can we see her now Doc" said Kira looking over to the door to where her best friend is at.

"Two People at a time as she is asleep so be quiet alright" answers Doc as he walks out of the room.

"I and Bryan will go first and Kira and Vette go 2nd and Sarah, Quinn will go 3rd and will go last" said .

Nobody argued and with that and Bryan went in first.


Friday 5:20 pm Peter's Pov

When and Bryan came out they looked sad I can hardly blame them.

I mean Nadia has been taking drugs behind there back and I it almost cost her life.

Miss Willsaam walks up to me and said "Mr. Grey can really help Nadia?"

"I willing to try Miss Willsaam and I won't give up on her" I said to her trying to calm her down.

She only nodded and walked back to her boyfriend Quinn.

As she walks away I began to think a few things.

First why did Nadia take drugs in the first place and why a cute thing like her would do it.

Wait did I just say she is cute and her chest is very sexy and her face is just so beautiful.

Ok Peter get a grip of yourself and stay focused.

I hope she wakes up soon so I can help her.


Friday 6:00 pm Peter's Pov

When I saw Sarah and Quinn come out of Nadia's room.

"Guess I'm next wish me luck" I said to them as I enter Nadia's room.

What I saw is horrible.

She is wearing a Patient night gown and she is hooked up to a life support.

Poor girl did nothing to deserve this. When I sat down on the chair and said "Well Miss Grell I hope you are okay please you're going to have to pull through this."

Nadia lay fast asleep and I sigh and continue "You're got good friends and family are out there who are worried for you and I look I know you don't hear this from me but you need help and I really can help you get through your pain."

I sat there looking at her and I got up from the seat.

Just when I was about to leave the room I heard someone say " do you really think you can help me?"

I turn around shocked to see Nadia awake.