By- An Unknown Foreign Beauty

Chapter 1- Abducted

They carried her for the last two hours with her arms bound in a painful position behind her back, her feet bare, and the giant twins guarding her like two large statues. Her long sunny hair cascading from her head cocooned her in a messy circle while her wide green eyes were training the identical guards- one with an eye patch and another one with a scar on his face. A drop of sweat rolled down in a thin line along her rounded face, as they continued carrying her under the hot morning sun.

"She was an easy catch, Marcus!" Eye patch said to his twin "So bad for a princess." Marcus, the scar-face nodded; she wondered if he was mute. They dumped her on the grass and she settled on the ground in a heap. Two of them pulled her up, her feet were still a bit wobbly from the blow on her head, and she was too tired to offer any resistance as they shoved her inside the tent.

'Wait there girl!" Eye patch shoved her so hard that she stumbled forward, "Until Rider meets you."

Her eyes widened. Rider! The infamous Flynn Rider- the legendary swashbuckling rogue, not so bad with the ladies either….And now she was going to be his hunt.

She never imagined this to happen, even a few hours earlier while she was dancing with her possible fiancé, Prince Edward of Cocaneupia.

It was a grand ball; the castle of Corona was decorated elegantly with thousands of purple flowers and the emblems of the tiny golden sun- the glories of Corona.

"It will be alright." Queen Anne whispered to her daughter. She felt a gentle pressure on her wrist. Her eyes meet the princess standing beside her. With her long golden hair bound in a shiny plait, the golden embroideries in the front of her elegant purple ball gown twinkling in the flickering candle light; she was an absolute beauty. But still, her large emerald eyes were veiled with some unspoken emotions. 'Should I do this mother?" the princess whispered, not willing to look into the queen's eyes. The queen gently cupped her chin, so that her daughter was looking at her. Her warm eyes gazed into the sad identical green orbs of her daughter.

"You know your duty, darling. The future of this kingdom is lying on your shoulders."

"But mother…." Rapunzel whispered, "But they were not our enemy always. Even you and father vowed…." Before she could finish, the queen's hands flew to her mouth, and pressed her index finger on her daughter's lips, cutting her off in the mid-sentence. "Hush, flower. You shouldn't talk about them."

"But mother, he was…."

"Stop. Don't say his name again…"

The princess fell silent as the queen led her to the ballroom where the king waited for them. "Welcome dear." As they reached at the end of the stairs her father King Rupert slipped his arm around her shoulder and said, "I'm so proud of you, daughter."

"It's my duty, father." Rapunzel tried to smile, but it was so false that it pained her lips.

"I know, you can save us.' The king gazed into her eyes lovingly, and pressed a kiss upon her forehead "I know you will."

Rapunzel tried to breathe. Why did it seem so hard? It was her duty. A princess must do her duties. Right?

"May I have this dance?" the blonde princess was startled by a thick male voice from behind. Her head shot up, and then her eyes found a young man in a shining dark outfit standing behind them. He was handsome with neatly combed dark hair plastered over his head and his crown was twinkling in the faint candle light; but his dark eyes were so cold and cruel that made her sick in the stomach. "Um…." She was almost at the loss of words. Her stomach churned badly; suddenly the corset became so tight that she could hardly breathe.

"You…" she paused. The young man was still staring straight into her eyes, waiting for her response.

"Darling" In the right time her father's voice interrupted the tension. "Meet Prince Edward from Cocaneupia!"

"No!"Her brain screamed, but the princess bowed respectfully to the prince. "Nice to meet you, Prince…'
"Edward!" The prince took her hand, and placed a gentle kiss on the back of her hand.

"Shall we dance?"

Rapunzel glanced over her shoulder; her eyes met her mother for a second.
"Should I do this?" Instead she got an affirmative look from her while a hundred pairs of eyes of the guests were watching her too, waiting eagerly for her next action. If she refused, the treaty would become invalid. If the treaty became invalid then her kingdom would lose a powerful alley. That meant defeat in the war- the war continued for the last three decades with the neighboring kingdom Naldora.

Naldora- the enemy kingdom. She knew that since she began to understand the world. Everyone from that kingdom was bad; they wanted to take her kingdom away…Sometimes she wondered if they were really human.

Yes, they were. She learned the truth one day, the day she met him.

Rapunzel was only four when King Arnon of Naldora and his family paid a visit to sign a peace treaty between two kingdoms. Two families vowed to unite their children in the marriage. Rapunzel could distantly remember her old fiancé- a brown eyed boy with unruly hair, playing hide and seek in the royal courtyard. The night was warm when he found her hiding behind the royal fountain. She was angry with her sudden defeat and she was crying. The brown eyed boy smiled. "Alright princess, you win." He wiped away her angry tears, placing a kiss on her cheek.

"Don't kiss me." She was so angry that she wiped away the wet smacking kiss from her cheek and pushed him away. "You are…"

The boy raised his one eyebrow, not embarrassed with her sudden attack; he jerked her in a tight embrace. 'Let me go." He caught her wrist in his tight grasp as she kept struggling. "May be you don't like my kiss, but I'd like to have a kiss from you." He grinned. Rapunzel tilted her head to meet the older boy's face. A giggle rumbled in her stomach when she found a silly puppy look in his half closed eyes. "I'll never ever kiss you." She pushed him away and ran.

A year later the king of Naldora was murdered, his queen became sick, and his brother became the new king. He turned down the friendly terms and suddenly two families stopped visiting each other. Even the toddler princess realized that her friend stopped visiting her suddenly.

At first she missed him, and then she cried for him. Her mother Queen Anne tried to console the little girl. As the time passed, Rapunzel grew up in a beautiful young woman and the memory of her long lost fiancée began fading and now after the long fourteen years, she could hardly remember his face. As the war continued, their army continued getting weaker. At last the council decided to agree with the marriage proposal from Prince Edward of Cocaneupia.

''I thought you're a graceful dancer.'' Rapunzel's thoughts were broken by a cold chilling voice. She startled and turned her eyes to find her companion's annoyed face. The shoe was an ill fit and her feet were aching so badly that she continued stepping on Edward's toes. 'The shoe is…' she was about to blame the shoes ,then with another beat of music Edward twirled her and Rapunzel's eyes began watering as her feet ached badly than before.

"Are you crying, princess?" Edward's arms found her waist again and Rapunzel smelt the alcohol in his breath."No!" She replied. She was feeling like that she was going to throw up anytime. As Edward pulled her close, his foul breath began brushing her cheeks again. "Don't worry. I've agreed to marry you; even your father offered only fifty thousands gold for the dowry." He grinned revealing his yellow teeth "I could get more if I married the princess of Fulviana. But seeing your father's condition…."

So this was whom she was going to marry- a price tag, a not-so-hygienic prince!

'You are so kind hearted…" She plastered a false smile on her lips, trying to keep a safe distance from the unhygienic prince. Oh, how much she wanted to throw up right now. He smelt like that he never had a bath in his life. Even Pascal, her pet chameleon curled up in a small ball, turned in a miserable shade of blue.

"But Prince Edward, it's getting late." She smiled sweetly as the prince pulled her close with the music and started dancing again. Their bodies were swinging back and forth. As much as Rapunzel wanted to run away from here, the prince fastened his arms around her in his powerful embrace and…

"May be we can dance later…." Rapunzel grinned, not wanting to disgrace her guest in front the public. He was the key to the victory, according to her father's opinion; she couldn't lose it for her personal problem."Why so hurry, princess?" his dark eyes were intense, locked deep inside her green orbs. "May be later we can…" Rapunzel placed her one hand over his chest, wished to get rid of him… His face was only an inch from hers when he dipped her low; his intense gaze pierced her soul. Her stomach churned badly. His filthy breath was suffocating her. "Run!" her brain yelled as she met his intense glare; his lips were hardly a few inches away. "I'm donating five thousands gold for your army!" He lowered his face, bringing his lips another inch closer….

"What a miserable man!" a strange feeling of nausea gripped her. And in the right time the foods in her stomach found their way through her mouth like a fountain over her companion. "Princess, what you…" The firm grip around her arms suddenly was jerked loose as the prince found himself in the poodle of the undigested foods.

"Sorry!" Rapunzel collapsed in the ground in a heap, holding her stomach, still aching badly. 'My suit!" The prince clasped his hands over his mouth; he didn't even bother to help the sick girl on the floor. "It cost me ten hundred gold. And how can you ruin this?" he thundered.

Tears welled up from her large eyes, whether from this humiliation or from her aching stomach- she wasn't sure. All she could stare dumbly at the price tag prince. The queen rushed near the fallen princess. "It's alright." Soon she found herself in her mother's gentle embrace. She hid her face in her shoulder. "It's is alright." Her mother whispered soothingly. Rapunzel closed her eyes; her aching body relaxed a little. But it didn't last too long. The next moment she jolted awake with a yelling from the disgraced guest, "Your majesty, what is the meaning of this kind of harassments?"

"Prince Edward!" Rapunzel heard her father's pleading voice "Please try to understand, she is not…."

The queen turned her concerned gaze to her daughter, who was still like a statue in her embrace, shocked. "It's alright darling!"She whispered.

"I've to admit, your daughter isn't a proper princess!" The prince continued yelling in the public.

Oh, my God! The queen gasped at the declaration and lowered her eyes to meet her daughter; she was trembling. "Darling, he didn't…." The queen's arms were ready to shelter the fallen princess, but she shoved away her arms and angry tears welled up from her large green eyes. "Mother, I've disgraced you…" Her whole body shivered as her tears spilled from her eyes. Her face was red with the humiliation and her feet were ready to take the flight. "I've disgraced you…" she pushed away her mother, covered her face with her hands and ran away from the ballroom.

'Darling!" The grieving mother called her from behind but she didn't care. What she had just done? As much as she disliked her suitor but she couldn't just let her parents to suffer from this. But could she marry that dumb prince either? It wasn't fair. She shook her head. She found her way behind the cascading fountain, her favorite hiding spot. Pascal climbed up on her shoulder, turning into a shed of blue again.

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel…" The queen also joined the searching bunch of the maids. She saw them wondering at a distance but she decided to remain deaf and dumb. The front of her lavender gown was still wet from her tears, and the anger was still coursing through her vein. As much as the council wanted but she could never ever marry that price tag.

She was a princess, that didn't mean she was something valuable thing to be traded. She was only a human.

As the night grew older, the searching bunch grew small. Even after the midnight the queen decided to retire. "Let her think." She heard her father saying to the queen. That meant she still had to marry that dumb prince.

At last the princess sank into the cold ground, hiding her face behind her hand. Warm tears found their way to the cold ground between her fingers, the golden hair laid beside her like a giant snake. But what could these tears do? There was no one to rescue her from this mess.

She closed her fingers around the golden pendant around her neck, took it off, pressed and it popped open. She gazed at the tiny painting inside- a boy with a mess of unruly hair, an intelligent smile and his brilliant brown eyes were looking at her.

"Remember me?" the boy prince said before leaving while Rapunzel was crying during the parting. He took a locket from his neck and wound around hers.

'Always!" the baby princess promised.

"I can't even remember his name!" she sighed at her chameleon companion. But the words became a scream that shifted by a man's hand that clapped over her mouth as he began dragging her backward towards the woods. "The princess of Corona!" in the moonlight she saw the eye patch with red hair "Now we got her." Rapunzel tried to kick him but soon his twin's strong arms gathered her and tossed her over his horse.


Rapunzel's head jerked with a heavy booted footstep entering into the tent. "Is she the princess?" A deep, gorgeous male voice spoke.

"Yes." She heard the eye patch saying. As the newcomer stepped forward; Rapunzel closed her eyes, unwilling to look at her kidnapper's face. She felt him moving closer, his keen eyes peering through her, his minty breath brushing her skin."Free her hand.' she heard him saying and the rope around her hand became loose.

"Hey, Blondie! Look at me."

Still unwilling, Rapunzel let her eyelids to be apart for a while only to find a hooded figure before her. Driven by the twin demons fear and furry Rapunzel stood up clumsily on her feet, her arms flailing at the cloak. She wouldn't surrender so easily.

"I'm Flynn Rider!" The man took another step closer; his breath brushed her cheek "Now tell me…." Rapunzel doubled her fist and swung with all her might at the dark, hooded figure.

"Ouch!" The hood fell revealing the face of Flynn Rider.

He was so young, hardly a few years older than her with gorgeous brown messy hair, a small brown goatee under his chin and his nose was red from her blow. "Hey!" Flynn rubbed his nose, still shocked from the attack "You're a dangerous girl, Blondie!"

"I'm not Blondie!" She shouted, "I'm Rapunzel, Princess of Corona."

"Alright, Rapunzel, Blondie! I hope you've not broken my nose." he raised his face and for the first time she could actually see his eyes- a pair of gorgeous brown eyes with the sheds of gold.

Like the eyes she had seen many years ago.


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