An Unknown Foreign Beauty

Chapter 2- Smolder and Spank

"Devil!" She squirmed. "Monster!" She swung again, but this time her arms were caught in a painful vice like grip and tied behind her back.

"What do you want?"

"I thought you were calmer, Blondie." In the answer only an enthusiastic smile laced Flynn's lips as he motioned his men to free the captive. The princess was again dropped to the ground, and landed in a heap over the muddy carpet.

"Free her." He ordered, and the ropes around her hands jerked loose.

Flynn walked near his captive, and then he stopped abruptly as she pulled herself in a proud erect posture to be face to face with her captor. Her face was carefully expressionless, but Flynn was amazed to see veiled challenge in the green eyes staring defiantly into his. Of course- no trace of tears anymore. Her golden hair was trailing behind her like a giant snake, even the freckles over her button nose were blazing with pride. Flynn wasn't new with women- rich or poor, swooning over him wherever he went but this girl was completely different. None of them challenged him like her before. Certainly he met women fairer, more seductive than her but she was somehow different. Even with the sweat rolling down along the side of her face or the jade green glare; she was an absolute temptation.

"Flynn Rider!" the cold words coming from the angel before him, jerked him back to the reality. "What do you actually want?"

He was accustomed with the seductive whispers of his name, but not with the cold angry yelling, especially from a woman."Are you the legendary princess of Corona, the girl with magic hair?" He asked suddenly as if he was puzzled.

She remained silent.

"Is it true?" Flynn locked his eyes into hers. She shivered.

The princess, who was far more afraid than she showed, suddenly doubted that those eyes pierced her soul. That look was too much for her to bear. Though he only looked into her eyes but somehow she felt his gaze piercing her skin, muscles and even bones. Even with the elaborate ball gown, she felt naked. She glanced over her shoulder where the twin guards stood, gave her a sardonic smile when their eyes met. Suddenly she became sure even if she didn't answer but they had already planned what to do with her. "Yes!" she lifted her chin, staring back into Rider's eyes, returning his penetrating gaze. "Then what? Use it? Sell it? You can't." her voice was confident. Blood rushed to her face, shading her pale skin into soft crimson; even her lips twitched with the rising anger. "Before you can do that, I'll kill myself."

In the answer she heard an enthusiastic chuckle from her captor. Flynn took another step closer so that she could see the strands of his brown goatee, the shades of gold lining his amazing brown eyes. His cheeks rounded up in a smile. Suddenly she realized that there was a radiating innocence in his smile. Even the years of rouge life couldn't steal that away from him.

Her breath caught at her throat, it was too hard to breathe. Wasn't there enough air in this tent? Her head was dizzy. "Possibly from the blow." She reminded herself. Through all the dizziness she tried to keep her glare straight to her captor.

"Your hair! What on earth I'd do with your hair?" his face lightened up with a genuine smile. "I think there are better things than your magic hair."

The words hit her like a whip. She was absolutely proud with her seventy feet long healing hair, and afraid. But this man just wanted nothing. How could it be possible?

"Then what do you want?"

This time Flynn raised an eyebrow; his smile froze in the middle. His brown eyes again locked into hers in a penetrating, shivering gaze. He took another step closer, and now she could even feel his warm minty breath brushing her skin again. Looking into his eyes she suddenly realized that this man wanted something more than her magic hair or her and it wasn't so simple. A shiver ran through her spine, she felt an irresistible urge to flee from here. But her feet rooted her to the ground.

"I want you to answer some questions. How many men-at-arms your father keeps at Corona castle?" his words came in a steady whisper.

Gazing into his eyes she knew he wasn't joking. He wanted her to answer his question. From all the stories she heard about Rider and his bravery, she imagined him as a free man, admired his adventures secretly like all the other women. But she never dreamt him to work as a spy for their enemy kingdom. Answering his questions meant sabotaging her own father, leading her army to the verge of defeat, letting the enemy kingdom to take over the land, sending her family to the execution. Her eyes were shut tightly with the fear of the possible outcome. "Don't do that." Her brain screamed. She would better die than betraying her family, her people.

"Never betray your own family. Don't surrender without a fight. Die like a princess…." She chanted as she watched her interrogator waiting."I don't know." at last she replied flatly, and then she spoiled her bravado by taking another curious step backwards.

"Does your council just planned to make an alley with Cocaneupia?"

"I don't know."

"You are trying my patience, Blondie." He warned with an ominous silky voice, taking a step closer, and now his mouth was dangerously close to her. His eyes were burning with intensity; she was smelling danger. She glanced over her shoulder, where the twin guards stood like two large boulders at the entrance; there was no way to escape. But she couldn't give up without a try.

She took another step backwards, ready to take the flight. Then a pair of strong arms caught her at her waist, jerked her up, holding her close. She felt Flynn's minty breath brushing her cheek; unknowingly her heart leapt up to her throat while his warmth was ravishing her body. She tilted her head, meeting the brown eyes of her captor. Then another arm encircled her, pulling her closer, holding her only an inch away from his face. He cupped her chin, tilted her head so that she could see his perfect nose still red from the blow and the gorgeous brown eyes lined with a neat row of brown eyelashes. Her breath caught inside her chest, she could hardly breathe.

"I don't want to do this. But you leave me no choice, Blondie." The softness of his lips was tickling her ears.

"Here comes the smolder."

His arms pulled her closer, his body pressed against hers; unwillingly she tilted her face to meet Flynn's. Her eyes almost popped up from her sockets when she noticed him puckering his lips, with a puppy look in his half closed eyes. A giggle rumbled in her stomach when she met the infamous Rider's smolder.

'Now tell me, how many men-at-arms your father keeps?" Flynn whispered, holding her at his arms length, with no doubt about the effect of the smolder.

But it was a mistake.

Her bare feet struck catching Flynn's groin that nearly doubled him over. "I'll never tell anything to a stupid little smoldering spy like you."

"You little …." He thundered, at surprise, at pain, almost dropping her on the ground. His twin partners grasped her again, jerking her away from her victim.

Flynn's grip tightened around the sword at the belt buckle while he was pulling himself up from the ground. Anger flushed in his brown eyes; for a moment Rapunzel had a glimpse of the reckless rouge behind the sweet behaved interrogator.

An awkward silence fell across the tent.

"Be still!" Eye patch whispered. Pulse racing, Rapunzel watched him moving near her. She closed her eyes, waiting for the blow that would surely kill her. She had done enough for the humiliation of the legendary rouge. Although he treated her with much respect, she knew he was at the end of his patience.

But no! The blow never came. Instead she heard him saying "Alright, princess, you win."

Her eyes opened to the familiar sentence, only to find him smiling, amused with her actions. For a moment she realized how incredibly handsome her captor was- dressed in a green vest, a muddy cotton shirt and a tight brown pants, he was like someone sculpted out of the stone. Even his every move, every gesture was too graceful, that almost made her dizzy inside. And his words, seemed so familiar, like a distant memory from a long forgotten past.

"Accompany her to her tent." Just in time Flynn spoke to his partners "Sooner or later I can get out my answers from you."

As they led her out of the tent, she glanced over her shoulder and their eyes met for a second.

"You broke my smolder, Blondie." She heard him saying from behind.

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