8 Years Old

Logan Mitchell stood in the school's library, fascinated with the amount of books they had in stock. He was the new kid in school and hadn't made any friends. Their class was on a 'field trip' to the library. As he was looking at the books, Kendall Knight, Carlos Garcia, and James Diamond snuck up behind him and yanked his pants down exposing his Superman underwear. Logan turned red and started crying while the three boys, and the entire class started laughing. A little 8 year old girl with light brown braids down to her elbows stomped over. "You tink that's funny?!" The boys looked at her and continued laughing. She stepped forward to Kendall and kicked him in the shin. Kendall howled jumping up and down holding on to his leg while the girl walked over to Logan. "It's okay, they won't bother you again. Let's be friends!"

"Okay….thanks. I'm Logan."


"MIA BENNET!" The teacher yelled at the student. "WELL THEY STARTED IT MISS!"

Ten Years Old

Mia was sneaking out of her front door, hoping the guys weren't there. She was wearing tights, and a leotard, and feeling incredibly embarrassed. As soon as she closed the door and ran to jump into her dad's minivan, four boys blocked her path. They took one look at her and broke down into hysterical laughter.

"MIA'S DOING BALLET!?"Carlos gasped.


"Shut up! It's not ballet and my dad's making me do it!"

"So what is it then if it isn't ballet, huh?!" Kendall questioned crossing his arms over his chest. She pouted, throwing the braid off of her right shoulder.


"WHAT IS THAT!?" Logan shouted.

"MIA'S A DANCER MIA'S A DANCER!" They all ran around in a circle shouting it, making her feel even more embarrassed. Quickly Mia got angry, she walked over and kicked Kendall in the shin.


"That's what you get for being mean!" She stalked off into the car. "I'LL BE A FAMOUS DANCER YOU'LL SEE!"

"Yeah and we'll be N'Sync! Bye Bye Bye!" Kendall waved.

13 Years Old

"MIA!" Four boys were standing below her bedroom window all in hockey gear. She chuckled and swung her legs out the window before climbing down. Kendall reached up and held her waist as she jumped, allowing her to hit the ground softer. When she turned around all four boys gasped and stepped back in shock. "hey guys! I'm guessing you all made the team? Congratulations that's wonderful!"

"Oh my god…" Carlos mumbled, his jaw was open wide. All four boys were staring at her the same way, their eyes fixated on one thing. Incredibly confused she looked over herself trying to see if there was a stain or a rip in her clothes. Finally she found what they were staring at, she gasped and covered her chest with her arms ."OH MY GOD YOU GUYS!"

"MIA GOT BOOBS!" James shouted pointing at them. Mia turned dark red.

"You didn't have those two days ago!" Carlos exclaimed throwing his hockey stick down.

"They just appeared out of nowhere!" Logan added.

"Oh, no comment Kendall?" Mia glared at Kendall who was quiet. He cleared his throat.

"No umm we are just surprised." His voice was much deeper and it was cracking as he spoke. Her eyes widened with delight." HA KENDALL HIT PUBERTY TOO!"



"Guys, are we going get to boobs too?" Carlos turned to his friends incredibly alarmed.

"No Los, that's only for girls." Logan patted his back, and Carlos nodded and sighed in relief. "Thank god, I don't know what I would do with myself if I suddenly had boobs. What would my mom say?!"

15 Years Old

The four young men had just won their first hockey competition of the year. They skated off the ice quickly, ignoring the cheers of parents and fellow students watching them. Quickly they kicked off their skates in the locker room and threw their sticks down.

"Guys we don't have time we only have fifteen minutes!" Logan announced, checking his watch.

"Alright screw getting changed let's go then!" Kendall shouted. Four boys, all wearing their hockey uniforms with the exception of sneakers quickly darted out of the rink and began running frantically Logan's mom's car. They all jumped in, lying on their stomachs as they shouted for his mom to 'punch it!' and head for the dance studio. They wanted to make it to Mia's show she had been working on for months. A hip-hop/pop/r&b show. As she continued to dance she continued to expand her horizons of dancing.

Mia bit her lip peeking behind the curtain. The four seats reserved next to her dad were all empty. She knew it was a slim chance that they would make it to see her performance. They did have a very important hockey game. Even though they promised her they would make it and be able to see her dance, she knew deep down that they wouldn't make it. She turned around and checked the mirror studying her outfit. Spandex black shorts, neon green shoes, layering white and black tanks with a green vest, and a sideways black baseball cap, one long braid hanging through.

"Alright guys, positions now!" Her teacher instructed. Frowning, she made her way to the front and stood with her back turned to the crowd. When the curtains parted and the music began the formation turned around in one quick jump, and lifted her heads. Her smile couldn't have been any bigger, right in the front she saw the four boys sitting there in their uniforms, Kendall holding a flower and giving a thumbs up.

When the performance was over she jumped off of the stage and ran to Kendall hugging him. "YOU MADE IT! YOU GUYS REALLY MADE IT!"

"Of course we made it! I promised you we'd be here." Kendall gave her a big hug and the flower. She smiled and smelled the flower, clutching it tightly as she hugged the other three boys. "Did you guys win?"

"Um, duh of course we won!" James grinned.

"Aw congratulations that's so wonderful!"

"Thanks, you did a great job too Mia." Logan grinned, then stole her hat and put it on his own head. "Oh nasty this is sweaty." He took it off and tossed it back to her.

" Logie-Bear."

15 and a half years old

Logan's mom's van was parked in front of Mia's house, with the boys and Kendall's mom and sister piled inside to head to the airport. Kendall squeezed out of the van and quickly ran to the side of the house where her bedroom window was. The light was still on, so she had to have been there. He picked up a rock and chucked it at the window. Mia looked through the window, Kendall could see how sad she looked as he waved her to come down. He himself was sad they were saying goodbye to her. Well, they had already said their goodbyes earlier in the day, but Kendall had forgotten something. When she was close to the ground he held her waist as she jumped down. Mia turned and looked up at him.

"What are you doing here? You're going to be late…"

"I know… but I had to give you this." Kendall fished around in his pockets, pulling out buttons, nickels, a stray gummy bear, until he found a thin black rope. He pulled on the rope until something popped out of the pocket. He held it up to her.

"What's this?"

"A part of my hockey stick," Kendall undid the hook on the necklace and put it around her neck, "a piece broke off a while ago, so I smoothed the edges… and I might have written a K." he chuckled and stared down at Mia who looked like she wanted to cry.

"Kendall that's the sweetest thing! Thank you… I actually have something for you too." She sniffled and went unraveled the bracelet on her wrist, "I'm glad you came back actually, I had forgotten to give it to you and it was killing me." Once the bracelet was off her wrist she slid it onto his. Kendall turned it over to see what was hanging from it. "Oh wow…" He studied the picture, it was a small circular wooden frame, inside a picture of Mia and Kendall making a silly face at the camera the day of both of their competitions. The bracelet was a grey and green leather cord bracelet. "Mia this is beautiful thank you.."

"Well, something to remember me by." She sniffled, smiling and wiping her eyes. Kendall looked down at her and held her face, pulling her into a kiss. "This isn't goodbye you know, we'll see each other again."

"I hope you're telling the truth." Blushing, Mia pecked him softly on the lips before Kendall ran back to the van.

23 Years Old

Mia happily ran around her small studio apartment frantically looking for shoes to put on as she spoke to her dad on the phone. "Yes dad my manager said I got a role in the music video! No I don't know the song or the band but it's a start right?! Well he was telling me who it was but I was too busy screaming happily to answer." Mia laughed pulling on a pair of black flats. She glanced in the mirror, black leggings, and two tank tops layered together. She held a hand to her neck, feeling the hockey stick pendant on her chain before returning back to the phone. "Oh yeah I am excited, listen I have to go daddy I'm going to be late…yeah love you too!" She hung up the phone and grabbed a sweater before darting out the door.

No longer was she the girl that had one single long braid trailing down to her butt, rather it was now hanging just below her shoulders. Her hair naturally darkened over the years, from light brown to a dark, chocolate color, perfectly matching her eyes. Mia had moved out to California to go to a performing arts school for her dancing. While working at a diner as a waitress she went to school and worked outside of the diner trying to get gigs. After driving her car for twenty minutes and nearly running over several birds, she parked at the studio, gave her name and tried to calm down so she didn't seem like an excited freakazoid.

"Mia Bennett yeah? I'm Gustavo Rocque you're gonna meet my boys here I must warn you they're a little…..much."

"umm… what do we mean by that?" Mia questioned. They walked further in together until they were in the dressing room. "DOGS! This is Mia Bennett she'll be one of your partners today."

All four of the boys lifted their heads and their jaws dropped. Mia stepped in more so she could see them. When her eyes landed on Kendall she couldn't believe what she saw sitting in front of her. Her eyes lingered down to his wrist where the bracelet still rested, although it was fairly worn out.

"Mia!" Logan, Carlos, and James jumped up to hug her. Kendall and Mia stared at each other in shock before Mia's knees buckled and she fainted.

"It hasn't even been five minutes and you boys made her faint! UGH!" Gustavo stormed off while the boys just stared down at her.

"Well let's not leave her on the floor." Logan walked over and picked her up, placing her on their sofa. "Kendall? Want to help out?" Kendall shook out of his daze and nodded as he walked over and cleared the sofa for her.

"Well I bet this brings back nice memories huh?" James grinned and slapped Kendall on the back.

"Oh well maybe it was meant to be for us to all reunite! "Carlos grinned like a child, happy to see their old friend again.