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The first thing she was warmth and then confusion. Didn't she die? And what a way to go! Trying to take the whole of humanity to her death. But she didn't even know if she had succeeded! What a pain...

Her thoughts were stopped when suddenly something wet tightened around her and started to push her forward, head first.

What happened during that moment, was that suddenly had a strong urge to breath and finding that there were no air.

So she was understandingly panicking, that she when she could breath, she was far more busy taking large breaths, filled with wonderful, delicious air, and closing her eyes, to cut of the bright, bright light, that she didn't even notice her surroundings.

Well, until someone picked her up proclaimed, "It's a girl!"


Her eyes popped open, only to close them again due to the bright, bright light. When she opened them again, she took it more slowly, letting her eyes adjust to the bright, bright light.

Not that it helped in any way. Everything was basically a big blob of interacting and moving colors. But thankfully she could still hear and feel stuff.

Someone was rubbing a piece of cloth all over her body and she involuntary let out a small whine in protest. They mercifully stopped quick enough and then wrapped her in soft cloth, probably a blanket and then handed her to someone else, who held her gently, as if they were afraid she would break or something.

It was around then logic decided to kick in, because something was very wrong. How were they able to hold her like this? One hand supporting her head and the other supporting the rest of her body. It was almost like they were a bunch of giants or she was a...

Following that process of thoughts, she started to listen in to what they were saying.

"-Name her?" she heard from somewhere to the left and she tried to turn towards it, but alas, the only movement she was able to do was some weak wiggling.

"Aaaww, look she already knows who her daddy is!" she heard the one holding her say.

Wait, what? Daddy?! What the hell was going on?! She died, didn't she?! So what was going on?! It was almost like she... No that was impossible. There is no way that she had been reborn, there is absolutly no way this was happening. This was just some fucked-up post-live dream.

Unknowning to her panic, the people near her - her parents? - started to discuss what they would name her.

"What about Helen?" one of them suggested.

"No, that's so ordinary," the other one said. "How about something after she looks?"

"Then what about... Gold?"

"Yes, that is perfect. It fits perfectly with her eyes."

She could feel the tears pricking her eyes as she realized that the impossiple had happened, she had been reborn!

If she had been reborn, then who else could have been reborn along with her? There were no way of knowing. So the only way she could voice her frustasion was to cry loudly. So she did exactly that.

When she would look back at moment, which wasn't that often, as the only time she remembered it was when she was sleeping, in a dream, she would feel a small amount embarrassment.

But no more about that, as someone - probably her mom, and wasn't that awkward?(1) - was yelling from downstairs that had to wake up or else.

Her only to that was to pull her blanket over head and turning around in bed.

"If you don't go up, I will give your waffles to the pidgeys outside the window!"

At that she rolled out of her bed with a loud thump. Nobody touched her waffles! Those pidgeys will learn, just like whats-her-face, oh right, Lyra did.

She got to her feets and then moved towards the door in the door in a speed that a snail laugh at with scorn. The waffles would soon be hers, she could already smell them, so she decided to to turn up the speed to something slightly faster than a snail.

Only to fall down the stairs that were outside her room and hit her head several times on the steps on the way down. But she could still smell the waffles so who cared about the pain.

She stood up and with the speed that a snail would be jealous of - that is to say, normal human walking speed - she headed toward the diningroom to eat her delicious waffles.

Sitting down on at a chair at the dining table, she stared at the empty spot at the table were her waffles supposed to be at.

She turned at the sound of humming and soft steps coming from the kitchen doorway.

She saw them. She saw her delicious waffles... in the hands of someone - unimportant right now - else.

How dare they keep her waffles away from her! They would pay!

She let out a small growl as her hand started to inch closer to the fork - the knife didn't look sharp enough - laid out on the table.

As her hand closed around the fork, the person holding her delicious waffles walked closer. She got ready to pounce, only for the person to... put down her waffles in front of her on the table.

Eyeing the person now identified as her mother, then turning to her waffles and stabbing two waffles drenched in syrup out of six.

Her mom(3), noticing her distraction, pulled out a comb out of one of her pants pocket and started to the pigdey nest her daughter called.

"Gold, honey?" she said.

Gold might have said something that could have been a respond, but with her mouth stuffed with waffles, it was impossible to say.

"Professor Elm asked if you could run an errand for him today and I said it was okay," her mother continued. "So when you are done, you should hurry over to him."

And there she went again, making decisions without tellin her. But whatever, it wasn't like she had anything planned today anyway.

Done with breakfeast, she stood up from, making her mother stop combing her black shoulder length hair,which was now relatively tamed and made her way upstair to her room.

She needed to change clothes. There were no way she no way she was going to Elm in her pyjamas.

When she came down again, she was dressed in a dark yellow t-shirt, a pair of dark green shorts, black socks and holding a black and yellow cap in her hand.

And you couldn't help but to notice the smile consisting of teeths sharp and pointy to put a shark to shame on her face.

She stopped in front of front the frontdoor her put on her cap and shoes and opening the door and calling out; "Bye Mom(4), see you soon-ish!"

And with that she stepped out.

With great strength, threw she open the door to Professor Elm's lab, leaving small cracks were the door hit the wall only to rebound.

Gold walked in, easily stepping out of the doors rebound path. Without any apparent care over the damage she just caused, she walked deeper into the building.

"Gold, there you are, I thought I heard you."

Only to be stopped by Elms forever annoying voice. But, then again, she found everything about him annoying.

"Professor Elm!" Gold said in a cheery tone(5), her smile never leaving her face(6). "Mom said you wanted me to run an errand for you!"

"Yes, I got an call from Mr. Pokemon," Elm said, adjusting his glasses slightly. "He was ranting about an egg or something."

"Okay, got it, pick up egg." Gold said, her smile getting even wider, if that was possible. "But what do I get out of it?" she finished.

"Well, I will let you pick one of three pokemon I keep in my lab," Elm answered. "But I was going to let pick one anyway, as the road between here and Mr. Pokemon is filled with dangerous pokemon."

"Hurrah!" Gold cheered, not really caring about any kind of danger she might met. "So what kind of pokemon do I get to choose between?"

"Chicorita, totodile and a chindaquil," Elm answered tiredly, as he led Gold to the shelf where he kept the pokemon. Last time he ever pulled a all-nighter again(8).

"Which one is the one that can start a forest fi- I mean fire?" Gold asked gleefully.

"That would be the chindaquil," Elm answered. "The one to the left."

Gold held back the slightly insane laugh threatening to come out, as she picked up the pokball to the left of the shelf.

She pressed the button and the pokeball opened, releasing a small flash of white light and as soon it faded away, a chindaquil was sitting on the floor, looking around with curiosity.

Gold let out a small squee of delight and picking up the chindaquil, holding it close to her face.

She turned her face slightly, so that she could look at the professor, who was looking at them with badly hidden amusement.

"Can I name it? Can I?" Gold asked, as she started to bounce on the spot. "Can I? Can I? CanI? CanIcanIcan-"

"Yes, yes. You can name him," Elm answered, not a bit disturbed by her sudden onslaught of words(9). "Name him whatever you want."

"Sweet!" Gold cheered and turned her face so that she could look at the chindaquil, who was staring at her with curiosity and worry bordering on terror.

She supposed it was because of her shark-like smile, so she toned it down a bit and was rewarded with the sight of the chindaquil calming down.

"Alright," she started, with that ever present cheery tone. "I think I'm going to call you Alexander, after Alexander the Great. What do you think?"

Her answer was the chindaquil - now dubbed Alexander - blowing smoke in her face.

1. She doesn't have any memories of having a mother in her past life, only that asshole of a Master(2).

2. Who died when she was fourteen.

3. Who was very much used to her daughter bad temper at the mornings.

4. She would never get used to calling someone mom out loud.

5. She might not like him, but she knew how to pretend to.

6. But then again her smile never left her face in public(7).

7. One thing her Master was very good at teaching her, was that you should never let people see your true feelings.

8. But that was a lie, he was probably going to have to do it again in a week.

9. His son and one of his assistant could do much worse when they got excited.

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