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Gold unsteadily got to her feets, swaying slightly as she tried to not look down over the side of the platform she was standing on. And, obviously the first thing she did was to look down over the side of the platform.

She could feel her legs starting to shake as the room seemed to start to spin when she looked down on the floor beneath the platform. Wonder what would happen if she jumped the platform? Wait, she already knew what would happen if she jumped. She would either break some bones or die, depending on she landed on the floor and it would just be embarrassing to die again as a ten year old brat.

Gold blinked when Thanatos floated in front of her face, blocking the sight of the floor and making Gold move away from her. "Hi, Thanatos!" Gold gave her a big smile, slightly relieved over not having to look down on the floor anymore.

"Is there any reason you are floating in front of my face?" she asked Thanatos, as she felt Hermes land on her shoulder.

"The other humans where starting to stare,"Thanatos told her as she floated away from Gold's face. "And I wish that you would hurry up."

"Alright, alright," Gold laughed as she looked over the path she would have to take to get to the Leader of the Gym. The path way was shaped as a 'S' and at each end of it there was trainer standing there.

There was also a shortcut made out of glass tiles that were encircling the 'S', but there was no way that she was taking that way. She would properly slip on the glass tiles, fall down to the floor and die or something.

"Hey, Thanatos," Gold started, as she approached the beginning of the path way. "What can you do? In a fight a mean, I mean."

Thanatos and Alexander followed her. "At the moment I can only put enemies to sleep, lick them, drain their will to fight and stop them from escaping the battle," Thanatos answered to Gold's question.

"Well, that is awesome," Gold said, while making sure so that she would not fall off the path way she was walking on.

"Halt, trainer!" Gold heard someone say. She stopped and looked in the direction from where she had heard the voice come from. She saw that was it the closest one of the trainers she had spotted earlier.

"Before you have the right to challenge Gym Leader Falkner, you have to get past the trainers in this gym," the trainer declared.

Whatever reaction he was hoping to get from Gold, the one he got was not the one wanted.

"What do you mean I have get past you?" Gold asked angrily. "I have already beaten that test in Sprout Tower and now I have to defeat even more trainers? Arrgh!"

"I only said you have to get past the trainers in the Gym, not beat them," the trainer answered.

"Well, getting past you guys by taking that shortcut is no choice for me," Gold said. "I'm terrified of heights."

¨"Well, that is to bad for you," the trainer said and pulled out a pokeball. "I am trainer Abe and I challenge you pokemon battle."

He let out a Spearow from the pokeball he was holding and flew around for a moment before landing.

The trainer waited, looking expectant at Gold. Gold simply stared back at him. After a moment of nothing happening he let out a small cough in a attempt to make her hurry didn't move, merely continued to stare at him.

"Err, would you hurry up?" he asked her nervously, as her eyes started to cross.

She blinked and the trainer congratulated himself for snapping her out of whatever funk she had been stuck in.

"What, you say something?" Gold asked and then saw the Spearow sitting in front of the other trainer. "Oh right, the pokemon battle!"

She turned towards Thanatos and waved her to come closer. Thanatos did so and Gold spoke to her quickly. "You are up first," Gold said quietly, so that the other trainer wouldn't be able to overhear.

"Why so?" Thanatos questioned, at which Gold gave her a annoyed look.

"So that you can put that overgrown feather duster to sleep," Gold answered annoyed. "Anything else you would like to know?"

Instead of giving her a answer, Thanatos merely gave her a slighly amused look and floated over to the Spearow and... stared at it. The Spearow stared back in confusion.

Then the Spearow's eyelids started to drop in sleepiness and after a while the Spearow was soundly asleep. Thanatos floated away, a satisfied look on her face.

"Nice job, Thanatos," Gold congratulated her. "Now switch out with Alexander."

Thanatos gave what passed as a nod for her and floated back behind Gold, while Alexander scuttled past Gold and stopped a short distance away from the Spearow.

"Alexander, do me a favor and," here Gold stopped for dramatic effect and let her smile grow, sending a chill down the other trainer's spine. "Light that Spearow on fire."

Alexander breathed a stream of fire at the Spearow and let it awaken to the feeling of burning pain. The Spearow let out a screech and took in took to the air in panic.

It flew around wildy, before knocking itself unconscious by flying into a wall. It was recalled to its pokeball, before it could hit the floor under the path way. The trainer of it sighed and put away the pokeball he was holding.

"You may pass," he said as he walked closer up to her and held out the prize money. Gold took the money and then continued making her way to the Gym Leader, with Alexander and Thanatos following and Hermes sitting on her shoulder.

She had almost reached the Gym Leader, when she was stopped by the second trainer in the Gym.

"I'm the trainer Rod and I challenge you!" he declared and held out a pokeball. Gold merely groaned and turned to Thanatos.

"Same thing as last time," Gold said to her. "But whatever pokemon he has to sleep and then switch out."

Thanatos nodded and floated forward as the opposing trainer let out a Pidgey. Thanatos floated in front of the Pidgey and stared and at it. Within a moment it was asleep.

"Now switch with Hermes," Gold said and Hermes took flight as Thanatos floated back behind Gold. "Hermes, use that attack were you flap your wings to create a powerful wind."

Hermes flapped his wings strongly, aiming at the other Pidgey. The other Pidgey was thrown back by the wind and landed harshly on the path way, but it continued to sleep.

Gold and the other trainer stared at each other, Gold waiting for him to do something and him knowing that he couldn't do anything with his pokemon sleeping. After a moment he sighed and said: "Pidgey, use Tackle." As expected the Pidgey did nothing and continued to sleep.

"Alright, Hermes tackle the Pidgey this time," Gold said and Hermes flew towards the other Pidgey, picking up speed as he neared. He tackled the other Pidgey and sent it skidding dangerously close to the edge of the path way.

This time the other Pidgey woke and got up on its clawed feet. It seemed to realize that was very close to the edge of the path way and made its way to the middle of the path way. There it stood on its slightly unsteady feets and waited for its trainer to tell it what to do.

Its trainer gave a small smile, despite having guessed that the Pidgey he had out now would lose consciousness after the next attack. But at least he would be able to tell his Pidgey to attack before it lost consciousness.

"Pidgey, use Tackle, " he said and watched when the Pidgey took flight. It flew unsteadily towards Hermes slowly picking up speed as it went. When it just got close enough to hit the other Pidgey, Hermes dodged to the side just as it was about to hit, making it miss.

"Alright, Hermes! Tackle it again!" Gold called and Hermes slammed into the Pidgey next, making it fall to the path way. It didn't get up after it had crashed on the path way.

Its trainer held out its pokeball and recalled it. He put away the pokeball before pulling out another one. He let out the pokemon in it, revealing another Pidgey when the bright light faded away.

"Another Pidgey? Really?" Gold asked in slight amusement, while Thanatos floated in front of her without bothering to wait for an order.

"Yes, another one," the other trainer said snidely. "Pidgey, get up in the air!"

The pidgey standing in front of him did as said and took flight, in a attempt to avoid Thanatos. Gold scowled and said: "Thanatos switch with Hermes and Hermes, you follow that Pidgey and try to tackle it to the floor."

Hermes merely let out a chirp and started to follow the other Pidgey. He hugher up then the other Pidgey and when he was slightly behind the other Pidgey, he dive-bombed it.

He tackled the other Pidgey and made it fall closer to the floor before it regained enough sense to start beating its wings again. But unfortunately, it got close to where Alexander sitting, so Alexander breathed fire at the Pidgey and it caught on fire and then it flew around in a panic, until it fainted and its trainer recalled it.

"Alright-y Alexander, way to go!" Gold said and turned her head to Hermes when he landed on her shoulder. "And you too, Hermes!"

Hermes sat straighter up and puffed out his feathers, which made him look like a big ball of fluff.

Gold turned towards the other trainer and held out her hand. Grumbling, he handed over the prize money.

"And now we are off to see the Demon Lord," Gold said and continued the last bit to Gym Leader.

"Welcome trainer, I have watched you as you made your way here," she heard someone say when she had made it to the end of the 'S'. At the end it there was a large field made of plank, being kept in the air by thick rope.

But of course, Gold didn't pay any attention to that, oh no, she focused on what has just had been said.

"So you are... a stalker?" she asked and looked around the field, trying to spot the one who had spoken before.

"What?!" Gold turned towards where she had heard the voice come from. "I'm not a stalker!"

Haha! Found the speaker! It was a teenager standing at the other side of the field.

"I'm Falkner, the Gym Leader of this Gym, not a stalk-," he said, only to rudely interrupted by Gold.

"Yes, yes, whatever you say, Mister Stalker," Gold said. "I got a question for you."

"Do people ever jump?"

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