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Kurt woke up with a splitting headache. He groaned and sat up in bed, trying to recall where he had been the previous night…Oh yeah! Kurt smiled at the memory. He had been at his friend Ashley Fink's party. He didn't drink, but the loud music and flashing lights gave him a migraine. His dad had not wanted him to go since it was a school night but he begged until his father gave in.

Kurt looked over at his clock: 6:15 am. Finn knocked his knuckles once against his open door and muttered a "g'mrning" and walked downstairs to breakfast. Kurt climbed out of bed and started his skin care regimen before descending the stairs to the kitchen.

Burt greeted him with a one armed hug and a kiss on the top of his head. Kurt smiled and grabbed a piece of toast out of the toaster.

"How was the party last night?" Burt asked as he put another slice of toast into the toaster.

"It was fun. Ke$ha showed up. It was pretty amazing." Kurt said, biting into his dry toast and chugging a tall glass of milk.

"I still don't think it's fair that Kurt gets to go out all night and party with rock stars and I get in trouble when I stay out too late with Rachel!" Finn huffed as he blobbed jelly onto his toast before taking a huge bite.

"Finn, Kurt has showed us he is responsible by never drinking or doing drugs and always coming home before 2 am." Burt smiled and held up the breathalyzer test that he makes Kurt breathe into after every celebrity party.

Kurt laughed and finished his piece of toast. "I'm going to go get ready for school."

Up in his room, Kurt was alone to look through his camera at all the pictures of him and his friends the night before. Ashley was one of his only true friends in his Hollywood life that was at the party. There were pictures of him dancing with other celebrities but the only ones worth looking at were of him and Ashley. He looked beyond happy and anyone could tell in those pictures that they were the ones he was having the most fun in.

He went through all the pictures of the party and then kept going. The next picture was of a fun day he had hanging out with Rachel, Blaine, and Mercedes. They were all laughing and running around the beach, splashing in the waves and building sand castles like they were five. There was one picture in particular that Kurt loved. It was of him and Blaine holding hands in the water because they were afraid that they were going to fall over. They were smiling at each other and the way the sun was hitting them, it looked like a picture of a romantic couple.

Boy, Kurt wished it was. He was Blaine's best friend and wanted to be more (both boys did but neither had told the other yet…) but Kurt was afraid of getting too close to Blaine. The only people that knew Kurt's secret were His dad, Carole, and Finn…and Ashley. Besides that, no one knew of his secret identity…and he wanted to keep it that way.

Kurt arrived at school and instantly looked for Blaine. He wanted so badly to tell Blaine all about the party he went to last night. But Kurt knew that if he did, things would change forever.

"Hey Kurt!" Blaine said, snapping Kurt out of his thoughts.

"Hey! How are you?" Kurt asked, pulling his best friend into a hug.

Blaine smiled into Kurt's shoulder and sighed, wanting their hugs to last forever. Blaine pulled back. "Not much. Uneventful night. You?"

"Same." Kurt said quickly. "Really boring." You know, if by boring you mean having a crazy fun party with my best Hollywood friend Ashley and freaking out when Ke$ha came to the party….

Blaine smiled warmly at him. "Ready for first hour? I actually remembered to read the chapter this week." Blaine linked arms with Kurt and playfully nudged him with his shoulder.

Shoot! The reading assignment! He was out so late he was too tired to read it when he got home.

"I forgot." Kurt shrugged. "I'll just have to ask Ms. Berns for an extension again."

Blaine stared at Kurt knowing something was off. He didn't want to pry, but he didn't like seeing his best friend hurt.

"Are you okay? You seem sad…" Blaine treaded carefully on the subject.

"Yeah I'm fine." Kurt replied. Except that I'm feeling really guilty for lying to you…

They walked into class and sat down in their usual seats in the back of the classroom.

"So, are we still on for tonight?" Blaine asked, smiling over at Kurt and nudging him with his elbow.

"Huh?" Kurt said confused.

"The movies?" Blaine frowned. "We made plans to go see that new scary movie with the house…?"

Kurt looked up at Blaine and his eyes got wide. "Blaine I am so sorry! I totally forgot! I can't go tonight!"

"Why not?" Because I am a famous pop singer and actor and I have an interview on Conan and then a meeting to become a possible new series regular on some drama show…

"I just can't. My dad needs me tonight." Kurt shrugged, hoping that Blaine would just let it go.

Luckily, he did. "Okay, how about tomorrow night?"

Kurt mentally checked his schedule. He was doing a little cover show in a small coffee house for a small group of his fans at 9:30…

"As long as it ends before 9:00." Kurt said, looking up to see that Blaine was looking at him, confused. "New curfew." Kurt lied.

Blaine nodded and faced the front of the class as the teacher began going over the chapter that everyone was supposed to have read for today.

Blaine was used to Kurt cancelling on him but he still didn't like when it happened or when he became forgetful. Blaine wanted to show Kurt that he trusted him, as his best friend, so he never asked why Kurt was cancelling and he never called him out when Blaine knew he was lying. He just dealt with it, because if Blaine ever wanted to be more than friends with Kurt, he was going to have to make sure that Kurt knew he could trust him enough to one day hopefully tell him the truth.

After school, Kurt drove as quickly home as he could. His father was waiting for him with his wig and glasses and make up (which was for the interview on Conan later that day because stage lights washed him out). But first, the meeting. Kurt threw on the black wig and put on his black framed "nerd" glasses. Burt, already in his mustache and hat, started the car, and they drove to the meeting.

"Ugh." Kurt groaned and fell back into the seat.

"What's up, kid?" Burt asked, coming to a stop at a red light.

"I forgot I made plans to see a movie with Blaine tonight and then I had to cancel because of Conan and then we made plans for tomorrow night but since I have that concert thing tomorrow night at 9:30 I said the movie had to be over before then because of a new curfew you gave me and-" Kurt broke down.

"Kurt…" Burt said slowly trying to calm Kurt down. "You know why we came up with this secret. It was so you could still have this normal life and your normal school friends. Blaine understands, I'm sure of it."

Burt patted Kurt on his leg as the light turned green and Burt turned left.

"I know but that makes it even harder to lie to him. He just accepts it, like it's just another typical day, Kurt cancelling and changing the plans." Kurt wiped at his teary face. "I just wish he would get in my face and force me to tell him why I cancelled. But he doesn't, dad! He just goes along with it and I hate that I do that to him!"

Burt sighed. He knew how tough it was for Kurt. Especially when he was so in love with the boy. Kurt had never told him, but he knew…father's intuition. He tried to help Kurt by making the schedule easy and clear so he never had to cancel, but Kurt forgot a lot of the time.

Burt "Mike" pulled into the parking lot of the company building. Kurt "Chris Colfer" Hummel climbed out of the car and walked with his dad through the big double doors.

"Hello, Chris!" His manager said, gripping his shoulder and steering him into a room with a long table and ten people sitting on each side.

Kurt sat down at the end of the table next to his father and Jim, his manager.

"So, let's begin." Jim stated. "This here is casting director, Cassidy Higgins. She has seen your tape and would like to talk to you about your audition."

Cassidy stood."The audition tape you sent in was very impressive." Kurt smiled.

"We would like to cast you in the role of Jacob Reed. He is the best friend of the main character in the show. This would cause you to have less screen time so less school missed." Kurt nodded. He definitely still wanted to go to school or at least as much of it as he could. That was the whole point. His management team knew he went to school but they thought he went as Chris. No one in his professional team knew of his secret and how important school and his school friends were to him.

"We would like you to read with a few potential David's, the main character, and a few Rebecca's, the other best friend, as well."

"Okay." Kurt nodded. "When will that be?"

"Tomorrow. 6:15." Cassidy said, sitting down and going through paperwork.

Kurt gulped. 6:15. Great. He was going to have to cancel on Blaine again. He almost burst into tears but held it in for the good of his rep.

"Alright, thank you Cassidy." Jim said. "Now…the legal stuff."

Two more hours of talking about legal rights and signing papers and talking scheduling and school, Kurt finally left, feeling more exhausted than ever.

"Congrats, bud!" Burt said, pulling Kurt into a tight hug. "You got the part!"

Kurt smiled. "Thanks, dad!"

"Let's get ice cream to celebrate before heading over to Conan!" Burt climbed into the car, excitedly. Kurt laughed and got into the passenger seat. Even though he was going to have to cancel on Blaine (again), he was glad that his dad was so happy for him. He was happy, too, but he just hoped that landing a part as a series regular didn't mean regularly cancelling on Blaine.

"Please welcome…Chris Colfer!" Conan said as Kurt walked out onto the stage. He shook Conan's hand and sat down on the couch, automatically grabbing his mug of water and taking a sip.

"So, Chris, how have you been?"

"Good! Great!" Kurt replied.

"How's school? I heard you go to a regular school?"

"Yeah I do. It is good. I love all my classes."

Conan nodded. "So, have anyone special at school?"

Kurt smiled. "Not yet."

"Hmmm." Conan said. "Does that mean that there is someone you like but that they don't know it?"

Kurt laughed. "Maybe."

"What a lucky guy." Conan said, grabbing a card off his table.

"Says here you are rumored to be in a new drama series this spring!" Conan said.

"Yes. I can confirm that I am. I am very excited." Kurt said as Conan pressed for more details on the storyline or title, none of which Kurt could give.

After a few more questions about his singing career and playing a clip of him singing live at his last "cover night", the lights in the audience came on and they went to commercial.

"Thanks again for coming, Chris." Conan said, shaking his hand again.

Kurt got up and walked backstage, gathering his things for the night. Burt, full in mustache and hat, came back into his dressing room to help him.

"Great job tonight, son." Burt said, clamping a hand down onto his shoulder.

"Thanks. But I'm beat and ready to go home." Kurt replied, saying goodbye to Betty White who was the next guest on the show as she made her way to the side of the stage.

Kurt stepped out, posed for the paparazzi, and then climbed into his car, ready for a long nights sleep.

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