I do not Soul Eater or their characters,it is just a simple FanFiction that i made about KidXMaka!


Maka:"You are leaving for two years?"

Kid:"Yes,it is part of my mission and Liz and Patty are coming also as they are my weapons."

Soul:"That ain`t so cool, you really have to leave for so long?"

Kid:"Yes,father said that shouldn`t talk about it so much.I promise that I will come back here alive and well with Liz and Patty."

BlackStar:"A god like me could probaly do that mission in ten minutes!"

Maka:"MAKA...CHOP!"(chops BlackStar on the head with a book).

Patty:"AHAHAHA! He`s bleading!"

Liz:"Will he be alright?"

Soul:"Yeah,he will be up and around in twenty minutes."


Twenty minutes later,everyone goes outside into the basketball court.

Soul:"Hey,do you wanna play basketball before you guys leave"

Liz:"Fine with me"

Patty:"Let`s do it!"

Kid:"I guess i`ll join in too"

BlackStar:"I will pick the teams since I`m so great at it!"

Maka,BlackStar and Liz are on one team,while Tsubaki is watching and the rest is in the other team.

Tsubaki:"Ready? Go!"

BlackStar passes the ball to Maka(big mistake)and she starts to panic.

Maka:"Who do I pass it to?!"

Kid comes up behind her and gives her a fright which causes her to drop the ball.

Kid:Kid sniggers"Whoops,I didn`t know you were there Maka!"

Maka:Maka slightly blushes"Kid! Isn`t there a rule on that?"

Soul:Soul shoots the ball in the basket and says"Not in my rule books!"and hi fives Kid.

Maka pouts and continues to play the score was 5-5 and Maka decided to play a little trick on Kid for payback.

Patty:"Now Kid!" She passes the ball to Kid,he goes to shoot when Maka yells.

Maka:"Kid! That guy over there doesn`t know the word symmetry!"

Kid:"What?!"He drops the ball.

Maka:"Made ya look!" She sticks out her tongue and passes the ball to Liz.

Kid:"You tricked me!"

Liz shoots and makes a win to the game.

Liz:"Nice one Maka!"


BlackStar:"6-5 to us!"

Soul:"Alright what`s the penalty?"

BlackStar sniggers"We give Kid new clothes and put it in his wardrobe and bin the other ones for him to come back to!"


Soul:"Great idea"

Tsubaki:"Don`t you think that is a little harsh?"

Soul,BlackStar,Patty and Liz says at the same time "No!"

Liz:"I have been dying to do this for ages"

Patty:"Plus,the clothes we give him will be symmetrical,promise!"

Kid:"Well I guess it is not that bad"

Maka:"Well I am not interested,see ya"

Maka leaves,leaving everyone with puzzled looks on their faces.

BlackStar:"What`s with her?"

Soul:"She has been like that ever since she found out that Kid and the others were leaving so uncool"

Kid:"Maybe i`ll go talk to her,see you guys later"


Kid leaves to find Maka at the library.


Kid:"It`s ok,is there something bothering you"

Maka pauses then nods.

Kid:"Would you like to tell me what it is?"

Maka:"I`m gonna miss you"she blurts out.

Kid blushes and says "I`m gonna miss you too"

He hugs Maka and Maka hugs starts to cry.

Maka:"What if you don`t come back"

Kid lets go of her and looks at her with his golden eyes with a serious look on his face.

Kid:"I promise that I will come back alive and when I do I will look for you"

Maka:"Then I will wait for you"she sniffed.

She hugs him tightly and wipes her eyes.

The next day,everyone is at the front of Death City to say goodbye to Kid and the sisters.

BlackStar:"I am sure you`ll miss a big star like me around,good luck!"He fist pumps Kid.

Soul:"Stay cool guys,I am expecting a sovenior!"He grins at them.

Tsabaki:"Stay save you guys,good luck on your journey"She bows.

Maka:"Goodbye,come back in one piece"

Liz:"We sure will,thanks"

Patty:"See ya in two years! Hehehe!"

Kid:"Well I think it is time for us to leave,goodbye!"He hugs everyone(group hug!) and bows.

Maka starts to tear up but resists to cry.

"Goodbye" She thought.

A little short but ok.