Troubles Chapter 7:

Going Home

The next morning, Emiko got up early and went to check on Kisshu. He was also starting to wake up, so she asked, "Kisshu, how are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling a lot better," Kisshu said. "I think I should be able to teleport."

"Let's see," Emiko said, and put a hand on his chest. "Yep," she said. "You're all set. Should we go back soon?"

"Yeah," Kisshu said. "It's best to get back as soon as possible, since Pai and the others are waiting for us."

"We should thank everyone here and say goodbye first," Emiko said. "I'll go see if Ichigo's awake."

"Actually, I am," Ichigo said from the doorway. "Are we leaving today?"

"Yeah," Emiko said. "We have to say goodbye and thank you first, though."

"Okay," Ichigo said. "Let's go."

Emiko and Kisshu nodded, and the three of them went downstairs. Emiko knocked on the door of Professor Oak's study, and he said, "Come in!"

Emiko opened the door, and she, Ichigo and Kisshu went in. To their surprise, everyone was in the study already.

"You guys are leaving?" Ash asked.

"Yeah, we'd better get back," Emiko said. "Thank you all for all your help."

"You're welcome," Professor Oak said. "Thank you for saving the Pokemon."

Pikachu walked over to Emiko and said, "I'll miss you, Emiko."

"I'll miss you too, Pikachu," Emiko said. "Remember, though, if you're in trouble, call or think my name, and I'll be there as fast as I can." She picked up Pikachu and hugged it. Pikachu hugged back.

Finally they parted, and Emiko said, "We have to go. Thank you all for everything!"

"You're welcome, and thank you," Ash said.

Emiko, Kisshu and Ichigo waved, then Kisshu took Ichigo's hand, and he and Emiko teleported back to their dimension.

Surprisingly, they were met by the other Mews, Pai, and Taruto. Pai stepped forward as they landed, and said, "We're glad you're back. There's been another development. Someone leaked the information about the Mew Project to the authorities, and they almost caught the Mews. They managed to get Ryou and Keiichiro, but Taruto and I got the others out in time. Kisshu, we were wondering if the rest of us could live here, because Earth is no longer safe for any of us."

"What about our other dimension?" Kisshu asked.

"Ryou had a portal to that dimension, and the police nearly found us when we went there," Mint said. "But he didn't know about this dimension, so we should be safe here."

"We'll need to add more rooms on to the house, but I think it could work," Kisshu said. "Emiko, Ichigo, what about you?"

"Sure!" the girls said. "It's a great idea!"

"Then it's settled," Kisshu said. "We can all live here."

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