Crash Course:
Chapter 1

(Disclaimer: This fanfic is based on the characters of Fifty Shades of Grey, only my original ideas belong to me.)

Ever since I was little, reading was my favorite thing to do. While other children my age were out in the park, on the monkey bars or swinging around the jungle gym, I was on the bench lost in a good book. It didn't take me long to realize what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. While my friends claimed they wanted to be a princess or a cheerleader, I knew that I wanted to read books for a living.

"Miss Steele, you need to take this class in order to graduate."

I'm staring at my college advisor, Lorraine Adams. She's a dark-skinned woman with a buzz cut hairstyle. Her facial features are soft, she has small eyes with dark brown lashes. Long feathery earrings hang down the sides of her head and her lips are painted with a burgundy lipstick. I've known her since day one of registration in WSU almost four years ago. She took an interest in me for some reason, and over the years I have grown to like her.

"Mrs. Adams, why do I need to pay for this business class when it doesn't even relate to my major?"

"I understand your concern Ana, but the literature department has made it a requirement for graduation. This course is necessary for all Literature majors, especially if you plan to work for any kind of company in the future. It's just Business 101, which will basically just cover the introductory aspects. Ana, I have watched you grow over these past few years, transitioning yourself from a teenage girl to a very smart and independent woman. Don't let a little business class bring you down. I know it's not what you expected for your senior year of college, but it's important."

I groan, "Do I really need this to graduate?"

She closes her eyes patiently and nods, "Yes. And along with this course, you will be taking a Literature Editing class which will be beneficial for you since you want to work in publishing. Being an editor for a company is hard work, you'll be reading four to five manuscripts a day. The class will show you an overview of what you can expect in a publishing company. My job here is to push you in the right direction so that you will have a career once you graduate from WSU. All of this will help you in the future- trust me."

Sighing, I nod. I had trusted her all these years, I couldn't let her down now.

"Since you're only taking two classes this semester, you have plenty of room for electives. You'll need at least one more class to fulfill your credit requirement. Are there any that you're interested in?"

I rack my brain, I haven't really taken any elective courses since I started school. I suppose I could take journalism, and spend an extra hour with Kate everyday. Or I could take photography to be with Jose. But I hate journalism (mainly because I suck at interviewing people and gathering information) and I'm a lousy photographer (apparently clicking a button doesn't make you a professional). Plus, I already see enough of Kate and Jose after school and on the weekends. If anything I need a break away from them. I always put other people ahead of myself and never really give in to what I want.

I smile and nod, "You know, I'd love to take that cooking class you were telling me about the other day." I picture myself in chef attire, with the large white hat, whisking away in a metal bowl.

Lorraine nods in agreement, "You'll love it. Professor Gail Jones teaches the class and from what I heard, she's an amazing teacher. Soon you'll be making crème brulee like a chef."

"Can you believe this is the last semester before we graduate?" Kate is smiling, her rosy skin looks radiant against her green cashmere sweater. Her curvy figure is pinned down in a pair of sexy blue jeans, topped of with a pair of suede boots. Her wavy strawberry blonde hair is loose and wild around her. My best friend and roommate Kate Kavanaugh is not only the most beautiful girl in the entire school, she also has the best fashion sense. She can make a pair of thirty dollar jeans look like a million bucks.

I, on the other hand can make a pair of million dollar jeans look like thirty bucks.

Not that I could afford a pair of million dollar jeans, or a pair for thirty bucks either. I'm dressed in a pair of soft black leggings, a long button down shirt in a greyish color and a pair of boots similar to Kate's. My straight, boring brown hair goes down to the middle of my back. My pale skin makes me look like a ghost next to Kate and my icy blue eyes are lifeless.

"Ana? Kate?" We hear a voice behind us and both turn around in our seats, "You guys are taking this class too?"

It's Jose, our good friend that we've known for the past three years. He's a grade below us, so we've never had a class with him before. His dark hair is spiked up and his naturally tan skin is unusual for this time of the year. He smiles broadly before taking a seat beside me, showing all of his white teeth. The lecture hall is starting to fill in, and I presume that class is about to start.

"Yeah, we need it to graduate," Kate explains.

"Cool, I've always wanted to take a class with you guys. This semester should be interesting. A whole four months with you guys, doing the same homework and studying from the same textbooks."

I roll my eyes, "It's not like you don't spend every second with us anyway."

Kate laughs and Jose smiles at me.

Soon, the entire room turns quiet as the professor walks to the center of the room. Sitting in the middle of the third row, I can see him clearly. My mouth drops open and my eyes remain on him, never blinking. He's young- really young, probably in his mid to late twenties. His hair is dark, smooth and pushed back creating an effortless look. He's wearing an expensive looking dark gray suit, with a white shirt and silver silk tie. I gulp as I study him from head to toe. His body is built, and I could make out the shape of his muscles underneath his suit jacket.

I glance around at Kate and the other girls around me- all of them seem to be just as affected by his presence. Then I look towards Jose, he has somewhat of an annoyed expression on his face. I turn my attention back to the front of the room to find a pair of gray eyes staring right at me.

"Good morning class, my name is Christian Grey. You may call me Professor Grey, and welcome to Business 101," and while his lips move, his eyes never leave mine. Seconds pass before his gray orbs leave my blue ones but it feels like hours, "Some of you may already know me, but for those of you who don't: I'm not here to play games, I'm here to do my job. I don't accept any late homework and I don't give out make up exams. There are about a hundred and fifty students in here, and I expect all of you to follow the rules and guidelines I have set for this class. Understood?"

Everyone nods in unison.

"Good. Now, I will be handing out the syllabus along with a short questionnaire that I would like for you all to fill out and give to me at the end of the class period." He hands a short stack of papers to the first person in every row, they then pass them down until everyone in the room has a syllabus and questionnaire. I eye the first paper, the beginning shows a list of rules for the class, then the expectations, then a course schedule of what we'll be learning for the next few months. The second paper has five questions and the directions say to answer each in a complete paragraph.

"Once you finish the questionnaire, you may hand it in and leave. That will be all for today."

The first four questions are basic business inquiries, like Have you ever considered opening your own business or company? And How much money do you think goes into making a successful business or company?I blanch at the questions, and glance at the side to Kate. She's scribbling furiously on her paper. I glance to the other side at Jose, he looks at me just as confused and lost.

I shrug my shoulders and begin. I know nothing about business, but somehow for the next half an hour I bullshit my way through the questionnaire. I doubt he's going to grade them, they're probably just to see what we already know. After I finish the first four questions, I look up and around the room. More than half of the students already left, and I haven't realized it until now. Who would give up the chance to leave class early on the first day? I'm pretty sure they all wrote half-assed responses as quickly as they could.

Kate and Jose are still sitting on either side of me. Kate looks like she's nearly finished and just skimming through her thoughtfully planned answers. Jose appears to still be on the second question. I roll my eyes playfully and smile to myself. Eventually I look up at the podium and once again I'm being hypnotized by a pair of gray eyes. I shudder and bite my lip, looking down at the last question.

How do you feel about solar powered products in today's society?

I smile and begin writing.

In my opinion, solar powered products should be used a lot more in today's society because of the many benefits it holds. For one, it does not need or use any source of electricity. It runs wholly on the usage of sunlight, which a renewable and unlimited resource. The usage of natural sunlight is the probably the best source of energy out there and it should definitely be used more by companies instead of relying on batteries, plugs and wires. Solar powered products can benefit a company by saving a lot of money without the use of powered light. Businesses can then focus that money somewhere else which can help the company succeed in a different direction.

I smooth my paper down and look up again. Kate's already gone and so is 90% of the class. I give Jose a half smile before standing up and looping my bag over my shoulder. I try my best not to trip and fall as I walk quickly down the lecture hall towards the front. The professor is standing behind the podium, but instead of staring at me like before, he's typing away at his laptop. Was he looking at me that whole time?

When I'm no more than four feet away from him, he stops typing and glances in my direction. As I get closer I notice the scent of his cologne. It's a heavenly smell that makes me weak in the knees."Thank you, Ms. Steele," he accepts my paper and acknowledges my name at the top. I watch his eyes skim down to the bottom of the paper as he reads my answer to the last question. A slight smile tugs at the corner of his tight lips, "I'm intrigued about your answer for number five. I have to say- I completely feel the same way."

I nod and smile, not really capable of doing anything else.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning," he then lowers his voice so that the remaining students can't hear him, "And stop biting your lip Ms. Steele, it's very distracting."