"Robin calling Raven. Robin calling Beast Boy." The teen wonder snarled into his communicator. "Answer, dammit!"

"Yo Rob, you've been at it for three hours, they aren't gonna answer, they ditched us."

Robin angrily snapped his communicator shut. "When I find them …"

"Give it up, gel hair. Did you really expect them to wait here for Starfire to finish playing Disney Princess dress up?"

An impatient moan escaped Robin's lips, while his posture betrayed the overwhelming impatience he was feeling. Starfire continued to hold court in the Princess Fantasy Faire, oblivious to he and Cyborg, and neither she nor the crowds, which actually seem bigger than before, showed any signs of relenting.

"You know Rob; we don't need to stay here either." Cyborg remarked with a hint of impatience in his voice. "When she's done playing Ariel she can call us on our communicators."

A vein began to throb on Robin's forehead. "Why is she doing this?"

Cyborg shrugged. "It is a union gig. I wonder what the pay scale is." He snickered.

"Very funny, Cyborg, now you're competing with Beast Boy in the bad joke department." Robin seethed as he paced angrily. "That does it! This has gone too far!"

The Teen Wonder jumped onto a railing and fired his grappling gun. The hook shot out and soared towards the skeletal metal structure that supported the giant canvas roof that covered the amphitheatre. It wrapped itself around one of the metal trusses making a loud clank once it was secure. He shot into the air and began to swing over the huge crowd, which had turned its attention towards him when they heard the grappling gun fire. Some of the kids waved at him.

"Look, it's Prince Eric!" A little girl shouted. "He's come for Ariel!"

"I'm not Prince Eric! I'm Robin!" He shouted at the crowd as he swung over it. "And she's not Ariel, she's Starfire!"

The crowd either couldn't hear him or chose to ignore him, and they started cheering as he swung overhead. With great aplomb he landed next to his sweetheart. She stood up and wrapped her arms around him. The crowd roared its approval.

"Star, it's time to go."

"But Robin, there are many little girls waiting to meet Ariel, just look at the line!"

"I don't care." He snapped back at her. "You aren't Ariel."

"Oh, but I am. Look at all the girls waiting to meet me!"

Robin heaved a huge moan.

"Star, remember last Christmas? When Cyborg dressed up as Santa Claus, for the orphanage kids? He knew when to quit, and so should you."

The princess gave him a killer glare he had not seen since the time when he denied she was his girlfriend aboard the space station.

"This. Is. Different." She snarled at him.

"No it's not!" He replied. "Do you know that Raven and Beast Boy got tired of waiting for you and they ditched us?"

At first the princess looked hurt upon hearing the news. Then, she smiled.

"That is glorious! They need to spend the girlfriend and boyfriend time together. It is, as Cyborg would say, 'about time'!"

"And what about our time?"

She smirked at him. "You have me every day, but this is the only time I will be able to be Ariel for these girls. You must be the patient, boyfriend Robin."

One of Robin's eyebrows began to twitch violently, which Starfire didn't notice as she was once again focusing her attention on yet another girl, flawlessly playing the role of the Little Mermaid. Cyborg nervously watched the scene unfold from a safe distance.

"Don't do it, man, don't do it." The tin man whispered, hoping that somehow Robin would receive the message. He didn't.

Now both of Robin's eye brows were twitching and two veins throbbed on his forehead.

"Starfire …"

"Not now, my beloved, I am busy."

Robin pounced on the alien, picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder. Starfire protested loudly, but didn't fight back. Instead she gently pounded his back while carefully kicking her legs, taking care to not hit him with what could have been lethal kicks.

Robin produced his grappling gun and fired it a second time. With the princess still slung over his shoulder he swung away, towards the entrance of the castle, copying what Beast Boy had done earlier with Raven. By this time, Cyborg had pushed his way to the front of the line and had a front row view of Robin's abducting of his girlfriend. As the boy wonder swung away with Starfire still slung over his shoulder, she made eye contact with Cyborg and gave him a thumbs up sign. The tin man grinned as they disappeared into the façade on the stage.

"What a sneaky, manipulative thing to do, she has Rob wrapped around her little orange pinkie … way to go girl." He grinned.

Knowing that he was now on his own for the rest of the day, the tin man turned and left the Princess Fantasy faire.

"I wonder what Raven and the Grass Stain are up to?" He mumbled to himself.

-( scene break )-

The ubiquitous omnimover car, a Disney invention, made its way past the final scene in the Haunted Mansion, the one where riders are warned to not pickup ghostly hitchhikers, and arrived at the disembarking area. The two riders in one of the egg shaped cars were oblivious to their surroundings as they were engaged in a full blown, French kissing, heavy groping, make out session. Needless to say, they didn't get up to leave their car, which continued to move.

"Excuse me!" A voice called out. They ignored it.

"I'm sorry but you need to disembark now."

Raven stopped kissing her boyfriend and gave the costumed cast member, who was dressed in a Victorian era maid costume, one of her better four eyed glares before resuming her amorous session with Beast Boy. The young woman flinched upon seeing the demonic sight.

"OK, you can ride it again … but this is the last time … you'll have to get back into line next time." She stammered.

They continued to ignore her as the omnimover car continued to roll.

"And just so you know … there are cameras everywhere … we can see what you're doing all the time."

"Then don't look." Beast Boy replied between kisses just before the omnimover car re-entered the attraction.

The young woman was joined by another cast member, this time a young man dressed as a Victorian butler.

"They're actually creepier than the ride." He remarked. "You do know that they aren't allowed to stay on if there is a line, you should have told them to get off and get in line. This is their fourth time in a row."

"What do you think I did? Next time you tell them to get off." She snapped at him. "My shift just ended … good luck."

The young man gulped.

-( scene break )-

Cyborg grinned as he danced with four pretty teenage girls in the Tomorrowland Terrace, where he had spent the last 3 hours dancing and eating countless hamburgers. Finally the song ended and the band announced they would be back in one hour. The four girls said goodbye, after giving the tin man their phone numbers, which brought the grand total collected to 17.

"Call me!" One of the girls shouted as she and her friends ran off.

"Oh, you bet I will." He whispered to himself as he headed off to order some more hamburgers. Before he got to the ordering window, his built in communicator chirped. He tapped on a button and a holographic image his four teammates appeared.

"We found Raven and Beast Boy. We're on Main St. Wanna come join us and watch the fireworks?" Robin asked.

"I'm on my way, gel hair." He replied.

-( scene break )-

Cyborg arrived, with just minutes to spare before the fireworks were scheduled to begin, carrying a bag that had to contain a combination of at least 20 hot dogs and hamburgers.

"So Cyborg, are you sure you got enough to eat?" Raven asked in her signature, dry as burnt toast monotone.

"Probably not, but there is a hot dog cart over there, so I'm good. You guys hungry? I can share some with you."

Only Starfire accepted his offer and after drenching her hot dog in a deluge of mustard she quickly devoured it.

"I love the earthly food! May I have another?" She asked gleefully. Cyborg snickered as he handed her another hot dog.

Raven leaned towards the boy wonder. "Didn't you feed your girlfriend?"

"We just had dinner!" Robin replied in an exasperated voice. "She has eight stomachs, you know."

"Dude, she eats like a pig, how does she stay so thin?"

"I think she metabolizes everything into starbolts." Raven replied.

Before the changeling could reply the PA system on Main St came to life.

"Ladies and gentleman, our fireworks show, Fantasy in the Sky, will begin shortly. We do regret to announce that Tinkerbelle won't be making her usual appearance tonight." The announcer referred to the female acrobat, dressed as the infamous pixie, would "fly" above the castle, dangling from cables.

"WHAT!?" Starfire shrieked. She saw a crowd control cast member waving people down the sidewalk. With her second hotdog, oozing mustard, still in her left hand, using her right hand she grabbed the poor guy by his shirt and lifting him off the ground she pulled him towards her until they were face to face. Her eyes glowed a menacing green.

"What is the meaning of this deception? The program schedule sheet says that Tinkerbelle is to appear!"

The young lad, who was probably a college student, gulped as he recognized the mighty Titan from Jump City.

"I'm sorry, Miss Starfire, but the lady who plays Tinkerbelle, she called in sick, and there is no one to take her place. She's a trained acrobat." He stammered.

The princess released him and he scurried away before she had a chance to change her mind.

"It's OK, Star. These things happen." Beast Boy consoled her with a friendly hand on her shoulder.

The princess consumed her hot dog in a single gulp, followed by a loud burp.

"That was classy. I wonder if Ariel can eat a whole hot dog in a single mouthful." Raven muttered to herself.

Starfire ignored her snide remark. "It is unacceptable; all of the children will be disappointed. I am disappointed." She moped.

The fireworks show began and as Starfire watched a grin appeared on her face and she snapped her fingers.

"Of course! The solution is simple!"

Without saying another word she took off flying towards the castle, which was lit up by various floodlights of different colors. The crowd saw her and began to cheer.

"Starfire! What are you doing!?" Robin shrieked while his three teammates laughed.

The princess was in her element. Her entire body began to glow with her green energy and she began to flit around, doing a credible imitation of Peter Pan's pixie. Robin continued to look mortified.

"Relax Robin, it can't get any worse than this." Raven consoled him.

Robin seemed to heed the sorceress' words as he did appear to relax. That is until Starfire began to shoot starbolts into the sky, which exploded like fireworks. The crowd cheered its approval.

"Or maybe it can." Raven remarked dryly.

"Don't worry guys, I'm recording this." Cyborg chortled while Robin face palmed.

Raven approached her beau and pecked him on the cheek.

"Thanks for tricking me into coming, I had a great time."

"So did I." Beast Boy replied. "I just hope we don't get banned from Disneyland for life!"


For those of you who are Starfire fans, especially of the animated series Starfire, I have some advice:

Don't read the new "Red Hood and the Outlaws" comic books.

The series is about Jason Todd (the second Robin, Dick's successor and now the Red Hood), Roy Harper (Speedy, now Arsenal) and Starfire forming a new team of anti-heroes known as the Outlaws.

As to why you shouldn't read it, let's just say that Starfire has changed. As into a bimbo slut. She sleeps with both Roy and Jason (not at the same time though):

25 dot media dot tumblr dot com/tumblr_m8o6em5wwK1qd8bpfo4_1280 dot png

She also appears to have forgotten about her time with the Titans:

batman-comics dot com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/red-hood-3 dot jpg

She can remember Dick, and that she slept with him too, but can't remember his name.

Apparently she now finds humans boring and obnoxious. And she dresses skankier than ever. I think she's also more powerful. When Jason presses a gun barrel to her, it melts. She describes herself as a "walking reactor"

So, you have been warned!

As for what is coming next as far as my fanfics, I don't know. I don't have anything in the pipeline at this time. I think that if anything is to follow, it will be more short stories and one shots.

Thanks for reading!