Forced Love Ch. 1

Minato Sahashi stood before a great wall of numbers. No names, just numbers. Apparently Tokyo University doesn't believe in confidentiality. But at least they're just numbers and not names so it's at least somewhat private.

Minato stood there for many minutes, the first few of which were spent rechecking to make sure he wasn't mistaken and the rest he spent standing in utter shock. When he was finally able to speak again, he could utter only three words. "I failed…again."

After leaving the wall, he called his understandably beyond disappointed mother. After getting an earful and having his allowance cut in half, he was now wandering the city aimlessly, defeat apparent on his face.

Suddenly a large object crashed to the ground several feet in front of him, creating a large crater several feet in diameter. When the dust cleared Minato got a better look at the object. It appeared to be a hammer of absolutely cartoonish size.

Managing to calm himself from his from his shock at almost being crushed had he walked a few feet more, Minato began to wonder where this great hammer of mythical size came from.

"What is this, a movie prop?" Minato asked out loud to no one in particular.

"Look out below!" Minato heard someone scream. Turning around, he frantically scanned the area with his eyes, trying to find the source of the panicked voice. Finally, his eyes fell upon a figure in the air above him. It was falling at an angle, directly towards him. Minato was too stunned to move and as the object drew nearer, he realized it was no object. It was a girl.

"Move! Get out of the way!" she cried. But it was too late. The girl collided with Minato and in doing so their lips pressed together. The two fell to the ground, their lips still locked. Minato through his pain blurred vision looked at the girl on top of him. She had light brown hair and grey eyes which were now half lidded. He saw her eyes widen with shock and fear and she quickly pulled away from their accidental kiss.

"Oh no." the girl uttered, fear evident in her voice.

The next thing that happened shocked Minato beyond belief. From where he lay, he watched as wings of light colored various shades of blue burst from the girl's back.

The mysterious, otherworldly girl was now visibly distraught with a pained look in on her face and tears welling in her eyes. She looked down at Minato on the ground. "Sekirei number 84, Yashima, is yours now and forever." she strained out, her voice quaking and tears streaming freely down her face.

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