Did everyone else love the Avengers as much as I did? I really hope so! Anyway, this is my second Fanfic, and I want to start with a small paragraph. If you like, please review, and if not, constructive criticism is welcome.

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I fumbled with the map in my hands, turning it to one angle or another as I made my way down the unfamiliar streets of New York. I felt like an idiot, realising I should have paid more attention in school to what my Geography teacher was lecturing about. I had no idea it would have been important, I had mainly focused on the business side of topics, and so tourism was my favourite subject, with map skills propelled to the bottom of the list. As I took a right at the end of one road, weaving through all the busy city folk who all seemed to have some clue where they were headed, I noticed what had to be the largest building I'd ever seen, minus the Empire State of course. It seemed like such a grand building, not posh, rather quirky and unique, and so I couldn't resist going inside to see if the interior designs matched the exterior. Locating my new apartment would have to wait until later.

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