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Beck POV

I walked into school with Jade by my side as usual. Today was a little different though, after school I was auditioning for a movie called Miss Fire for the part of waiter number 1. I was excited as most people would be but I tried not to think much of it since I would only have one line if I even got the part.

Jade on the other hand was ecstatic, which would surprise most people. She stayed at the RV with me last night and helped me memorize the line all night.

Anyway, we were on our way to the Grub Truck when Jade looked at me and said "Go get me a coffee."

I rolled my eyes playfully and said "what's the magic word?" like I always do.

"Please" she said in the sugar sweet voice she always uses when we have this conversation.

"Good girl." I teased as I started to walk away.

"I'll go get us a table." I heard her say. I just nodded in response.

As I was standing in line for her coffee I heard a scream that I would recognize anywhere.

"JADE!" I yelled jumping up and racing to her.

"What happened?" I asked frantically.

"I-I got s-s-stung by a bee" she stammered.

"Is that it?" I asked. Is she really that freaked out by a bee?

"Beck, I'm allergic to bees." she stated.

At that I froze. It was my turn to scream that time. I took out my pear-phone and dialed 911.

I hung up and tried to get Jade to lie down and relax, but I was freaking out. She couldn't stop shaking and her breaths were getting shorter and shakier.

The ambulance arrived seconds after she passed out, by then I was in tears. The paramedics put her in the ambulance as I raced to get in with her. When we got to the hospital they rushed Jade into the ER, while I was led to the waiting room.

I kept praying that she would be ok and that's when I realized how much I relied on her. If she

died, who would I see when I woke up in the morning? Who would I cuddle with under the stars on summer nights? Who would I hug and whisper loving nonsense to? No one could replace Jade; she was one of a kind.

To most, she seemed rude, but I saw that as honesty and admired her for it. Even though her possessiveness could get annoying at times, it was always reassuring. When she was possessive or jealous, I knew she cared about me. What most people didn't know was that Jade was very playful and she liked to tease people. I could always tell if it's teasing or mocking through her eyes. Her gorgeous blue eyes would shimmer and almost resemble a star and that's how I knew she was truly happy. If she was mad, they would be cold and almost empty. I had always hated that look; it just looked like nothing was there. Although as much as I hated when she was mad, I hated nothing more than when she was sad or hurt.

My thoughts were interrupted by my phone. I checked who it was and saw it was the guys from the movie. I pressed the decline call button without a second thought, the most important thing right now was Jade. I reached up to my face and realized tears were streaming down my face so I quickly whipped them off as if nothing had happened, but I would never forget this day no matter how hard I tried.

Millions of thoughts kept swirling through my mind. About 99% of them were things I could've done to prevent this from happening. I mean seriously, I was her boyfriend! Shouldn't I have known she was allergic to bees? I should've called an ambulance faster, she wouldn't have passed out if they got to Hollywood Arts faster! She would be talking to me right this second. I would be hugging her, telling her how much I love her and how I will always be there for her.

The other 1% of my thoughts were wondering if she would be ok. I tried to block those thoughts away because they were mostly picturing me at a funeral with dozens of people sobbing. With my beautiful Jade in a casket. Those thoughts were unbearable. They would simply never happen for two reasons. First of all Jade wouldn't die today. She couldn't, that would be too much. I would have to endure the moment when the doctors told me it was my fault that she died all because I didn't know she was allergic to bees! Second of all, if Jade ever died I would be right behind her. Following my snow pale angel to heaven.

A tall female nurse came into the room interuppting my thoughts by saying "Jadelyn West?"

I leaped up and anxiously said "I'm here for Jade."

She looked confused before asking "Where are her parents?"

"They didn't come." I answered, practically growling. My fists clenched at the thought of them.

She sighed before saying "Well Mr..."

"Oliver, Beck Oliver." I stated quickly starting to get impatient.

She nodded and said "Jade will be fine."

I released the breath I didn't even realize I had been holding.

"She might still be sleeping, but you can come visit her if you'd like."

I nodded indicating I wanted to see her, I was still in shock that Jade had almost died, I felt almost robotic doing these things as if it wasn't real. She led me to a room explaining to me that Jade needed to rest for a while and shouldn't go to school for a week. I nodded knowing that wouldn't go well with Jade, but I would worry about it later. I entered the room to see my girl, lying asleep in a bed. I sat down in a seat next to her and gently kissed her attempting not to wake her, but failing.

"Beck?" she asked in a raspy voice. My only response was a kiss on the lips. She smiled faintly before saying "Wait, Beck, what time is it?"

"Two twenty-three," I answered without missing a beat. I stared at the clock the entire time in the waiting room counting each second she had been unconscious.

"Beck, you missed the audition! For the movie!" she looked like she was about to have a panic attack as she started rambling on about the movie.

I started rubbing her back like I always do to calm her down while saying "Jade. Jade stop. Jade! JADE!" I finally snapped!

She stopped talking and looked at me.

"I don't care about some movie, you are my world Jade and I love you," I said as calmly as possible.

"Beck it was only a bee, go call the director for the movie and get another audition!" she yelled.

"Just a bee? This wasn't just a bee; you almost died Jade! Don't you see how important you are to me?" I yelled, I was on the verge of tears and she knew it.

"Beck, I'm sorry ok, it's just I feel horrible that you missed this huge opportunity because of me," she mumbled the last part looking down. I tilted her head up so she was forced to look directly into my eyes, "Jade, I love you. You are the most important thing in my life. I don't care that I missed the audition. There will always be more movies but there is only one you." I stated very clearly.

"I love you too," she whispered and we kissed, tears flowing freely down her face.

We separated to catch our breath while she whipped her eyes. Suddenly she started laughing. She saw my confused look and pointed to the window. I looked out and see the gang. Cat was bouncing excitedly, Tori was smiling and waving, Robbie was holding a guitar pointing to it (we could only assume he was going to sing some weird song about bees), and Andre was wolf whistling. We waved to them telling them to come in.

They quickly shuffled in and right away Andre started talking "Ok maybe I'm lucky I haven't been stung by a bee."

We all laughed.

"Robbie has a song for you Jadey!" Cat cheered.

Jade groaned but surprised everyone by saying "What's it called?"

"Only a Bee."

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