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Two Weeks After The Concussion Incident…

The wine had been flowing freely all evening. Pillows and blankets were scattered over my living room floor and I was surrounded by giggling girls. My girls, they really were the best friends a girl could ask for. It had been three weeks since we'd been able to have a girls' night. I'd told Eddie that as much as I like him, we really did need to hang out with other people too. I'd lost myself in a relationship once and I didn't want to do it again. It had taken a long time to begin finding myself.

"So… you're telling us… that even after giving Eddie a concussion and damaging his family jewels… he still walks around without padding and…. A cup… when he's with you?" Rose, my dear friend- and bitch- couldn't stop laughing long enough to complete her thought.

"Yes, Rose, that's what I'm telling you."

"So, Belly-Bella-Bellsy-Baby, have you rode his pony yet?"

"Oh my God, Alice, first of all, do you have to use every name you have ever created for me in the same thought? And secondly… rode his pony?" I couldn't help the laugh that escaped me, "Did we revert to junior high when we had an inability to say sex? And to answer you, no we haven't. And not for lack of trying."

"Oooh, so you have tried to sex him up?" Angela giggled.

"But of course! He is so sexy, why wouldn't I?"

"I don't know, Bella, it's not like you've attempted to get laid since Sam until recently," Rose pointed out as she took a big swallow of wine from her glass.

"So, just because I don't spread my legs freely, means I don't want to have sex? Goodness. I guess I'll have to avoid answering all phone calls, the door, and just keep our dates to private places so that we can 'make love,'" I couldn't keep the mocking tone from my voice any more than I could keep from making air quotes when I said 'make love,' "all the time. Goodness knows Eddie apparently needs to Swiffer out the cobwebs from my kookah."

The girls all busted out laughing and I couldn't help but laugh, too. I really was pathetic. BOB was getting way more use these days than ever before. I'd changed the batteries in him twice since Eddie's cock-blocking brother interrupted our almost-sex after I gave him a concussion.

A deep sigh uttered from the depths of my being. "Ladies, I do not know if I am ever going to have sex with my fuck-hawt boyfriend. That night- when I gave him a concussion- his brother called. And, we were getting pretty hot and heavy. That morning, I made him breakfast and had to run to work. Of course, he had to work and left before I got home.

"Our next date, we went Christmas shopping together- don't read more into it than is there," I couldn't help but warn them. Alice's face had glazed over into her wedding-planning-face and we weren't anywhere close to that yet. "We both needed to pick up a few gifts and with the sales… it was a great opportunity. After all, Christmas is only a few weeks away. Well, anyhow, we get done shopping and he dropped me off here. We're making out and clothes are almost all gone. We were so unfortunately interrupted by my brother. Jake said he hadn't talked to me in a couple of weeks and wanted to make sure that I was okay and apologized for interrupting. But he didn't exactly leave, and I couldn't exactly tell him to go away either. We're both so busy lately, we hardly ever see each other. Then-"

"Wait a minute. You mean tell us that the second time you guys almost did it your brother came over to visit?" Alice laughingly asked.

"Good Lord Bella. Your luck really sucks. I think we may have to come up with a new plan for Operation-Get-Bella-Laid. Damn. I've never heard of such bad luck."

"That's not even the half of it Rose."

"So you mean there's more?"

"Yeah Ang, there really is… We go out about three times a week. That's only two times that you guys have heard of. There are three more…"

"Three more?!" They exclaimed in unison.

"Yes. Three more. It's not pretty ladies. In fact, it only gets worse."

"Worse than your brother interrupting you?" Alice queried.

"Yes, worse than that."

"Is that even possible?" Angela asked, swiping her hair from her face.

"Unfortunately, for me it is. So, Jake stayed and hung out for a while, then the next time was Saturday. I went to pick him up from work so we could go bowling- yes, bowling- and Garrett, his other bartender, tells me that Eddie's in the back and I can go on through to his office. I get back there and he just looks so hot. He's changing his shirt and he has tattoos guys. Lickable tattoos. I seriously have an issue with wanting to lick this man, but that's a story for another time. Anyhow, he's changing his shirt and he has this multi-colored dragon that wraps up his left side and around his shoulder blade… So anyhow, he turns around, pulling his shirt on. I couldn't help myself. I attacked him. Clothes were flying and we're all getting hot and heavy again when there is a knock on the office door. Garrett is banging on it telling us to get dressed. Eddie tells him to fuck off and stop cock-blocking- of course he wasn't completely serious. Garrett yells back that his brother and sister-in-law have demanded to visit with Eddie. We're both shocked because they actually showed up. Eddie said they are close, but mainly because they check up on each other with phone calls. And Carlisle always tries to keep Esme out of night clubs and bars.

"We go out to the bar where they are waiting and spend all night talking and entertaining them. I really had the wrong impression of Esme. I can see why Carlisle doesn't want her to go to bars. Girl is nuts! She had one, one, sex on the beach cocktail, and was flirting with Garrett. Not just flirting, but propositioning the poor man. In front of her husband. She asks me to dance, so, in an effort to be more confident, I do. She starts grinding against me to Simon and Garfunkel, girls. I kid you not! It was almost horrifying. Eddie and Carlisle are laughing thinking it's all in good fun, I go along with it and laugh a little too, until she thinks it's okay to grab my boob. And it wasn't like a little caress- she was seriously copping a feel. I manage to remove her hand only for her to lean over and ask me to lick her. I won't tell you where. I took her back to her husband and told him to take her home and satisfy her needs… I was not going to."

I took a moment to look around at the faces surrounding me and they were all as dumbstruck as was in that instance. "Yeah, it was just like that, and seriously that bad."

"Oh wow. I don't even- I can't- I have no words," Alice finally mumbled.

"I do!" Rose yelled. "Bella, you must have been looking super fine that night girl if even the ladies were digging you!"

I giggled, "Nice, Rose. Thanks. I'm glad I'm hot enough that the ladies want me, too. Even though it's obvious I'm with the hottest man ever."

"So then what happened, Bella-baby?" Angela slurred.

"Oh god, Ang. No more liquor for you, ok?"

"But Rose… I like the wine!"

"It's obvious that you do, but you really aren't going to be able to go home like that," Rose told her as she disentangled Angela's fingers from the stem of the glass.

"Fine," the Asian beauty pouted. "Now, go –hiccup- on, Bella. I wanna know what happensh nexsht."

"Alright, Ms. Slurs-a-lot," I laughed. "So, anyhow, after the wannabe lesbian and her husband left, I thought, yay, we can go to my place and finally have sex! But no… Eddie's friend Al comes in. Eddie tells me he really has to talk to Al because he punched him in the face a few weeks ago defending my honor and as a bartender, he should have handled that better. Understanding the need for friends, I kissed him good night and went home."

"Awww, our Bella-Belly-Baby is such a shweetheart!"

"Seriously, Ang, give me the bottle of wine. You are cut off. No more for you. You are going to be so sick in the morning," Rose said as she pried the bottle out of Angela's hands.

"Ang? Are you okay? You are acting really strange. Is everything okay with you and Ben?"

"Yeah," she waved her hands in front of her face as her eyes filled with tears.

"It obviously isn't, sweetie. You can tell us what's going on," I rubbed soothing circles in between her shoulders while she fought her tears.

"It's Benny's mom. She hates me. She told me my dress made me look like a fat hippo and then ashked if I was preggers. That was the only way her Benny would marry such a pathetic girl," she cried.

"Oh honey. You give me your phone right now. I'm going to give her a piece of mind. No one talks to my friends that way. That's just wrong," Rose was fuming. She was really scary when she was mad. Her face turned red and she got all blotchy. Her expression said she was going to kill.

"You can't call her, Rosie-Posie-Pie. It will make it worse. She said she was going to wear black at the wedding," Angela sobbed.

"Then I'll tell Ben. Did you tell him?"


"Well what did he say?" Rose was bound and determined to handle this situation and Alice and I surely looked like spectators at a tennis match. Back and forth our eyes flew between the two.

"He said it probably wasn't that bad."

"That's it. Come on, Ang. I'm taking you to Ben's and I am going to give him a piece of my mind." Angela started to say no, so Rose picked her up over her shoulder and carried her to the door. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Put your shoes on and walk or I'm carrying you. You have to tell him how you feel about this. Then we can come back here. Bella won't care if we all sleep over here, will you Bella?" With the pointed look she was giving me there was no way I would oppose her on that, so I nodded. "See, we'll come back and rejoin the party," Rose continued as she wrapped Angela in her coat and they swept out the door.

Alice and I looked at each other, wide-eyed and amazed. "She just can't stand to see any of us upset. You know she broke Sam's nose after he hurt you, right?"

"Yeah. She told me. She really wants a baby to mother, and until she has one, I think we're it. They've been trying, you know? A lot."

"Yeah, I know," Alice said. "Jazz and I want to wait a little longer. I feel so bad for Ang. Ben needs to be set straight. What a momma's boy. He has to cut those apron strings now."

"I think he's going to figure that out. You know how Rose is," I said, swirling the wine in my glass. "I think I'm done drinking for the night."

"Oh, Bella! You have to tell me about the other time you didn't get laid! I need to know!" Alice gripped my hand that wasn't holding the glass and shook it with her emphatic plea.

"Alright, you don't have to beg," I teased. "So the next time, we're watching a movie. He picked it. Supposed to have been scary, but it was actually pretty funny and old. Anyhow, I was totally pretending to be horrified so I could hide in his shoulder- you know the routine."

"Of course, how do you think I lost my virginity?"

I couldn't help but laugh at that; loud chuckles wracked my body. Alice just giggled in return. When I finally regained myself, I finished my tale. "Anyhow, he tilts my face up and kisses me breathless. His hands are exploring, clothes are again disappearing. He's just about to go for the win with his fingers when a knock sounds loud on the front door. I don't answer,; I want them to go away. Then, Charlie starts yelling that he can see my car and the TV light, so he's giving me two minutes to open the door or he's coming in. He has big news to tell me. So of course we start scrambling for clothes. I get mine on and go to open the door when I see myself in the mirror in the entryway. There is no way Charlie isn't going to know what we were almost but not doing. I run my fingers through my hair in an attempt to straighten it. But Eddie's… well, there's no cure for his all-the-time sex hair. And I love it anyway. So, I open the door, and to make matters worse, Charlie is still in uniform, with his gun belt still attached to his hip."

"Oh my God, no way! Your dad?"

"Yeah," I sighed. "You can imagine how well that went over. He asked Eddie what his intentions toward me are. No joke. Then asked if we were being… safe…"

Alice fell off the couch she was laughing so hard at my sad dilemma.

"So, Eddie, bless his heart, says that his intentions are honorable. He really cares for me. Charlie makes this strangled noise in his throat and asks if Eddie will leave us to talk about some things. Eddie kisses me chastely and leaves. I wanted to slap Charlie. He goes off on this tangent about making sure I'm taking precautions to avoid any surprises. Then he tells me that's the reason Rachel and Paul got married. She's pregnant. And he doesn't want her. He was only flirting with me to try to get her to divorce him. Apparently Charlie still believes in shot gun weddings," I was actually incredulous over how all of that went over. I couldn't even believe it.

Alice looked surprised too. "Damn, Bella, you are just full of bombshells tonight. I never would have guessed… Charlie… wow…"

We sat there silently, pondering the revelations of the past few hours. Not just my lack of sex life, but Paul and Rachel, Rose and Emmett, and Angela and Ben.

"I really hope they work it out," Alice murmured, thinking the same lines as I was.

I moved to sit beside her and leaned my head on hers, "Me too, shorty, me too."

The door creaked open and Rose came in, arms around a sobbing Angela. "What happened?"

Rose just shook her head. We settled Angela on the couch and covered her up. When she calmed enough to fall into a restless sleep, Rose asked for ice for hand. It was already purple and swelling quickly.

"What did you break?" Alice asked.

"You mean besides my hand? Ben's jaw. He can't talk to her like that and get away with it. Alice, you should stay with her. Just hug her on the couch if you need to. You are a crazy driver, and I need Bella to take me to the ER. I need a cast."


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