Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the creators, actors, or anyone involved with the making of this wonderful SyFy show, Warehouse 13. I am not using this literary work for monetary gain. I am only borrowing these characters and previously created plots to have a basis for my imagination. In other words, I love this show. I never want it to end.

A/N: This came to me last night, and it keeps nagging at me. It is just a fluffy story, since I thought that the fandom could use a little happiness after all that has gone down in the new season. I know I should probably finish up my other story, but I hit a writer's block along the way for that one, but the next chapter should be up by tomorrow.

"Pete, no!" Myka shrieked, as her little ferret fell three feet to the ground. She was cleaning his cage, and had made Pete a makeshift enclosure to hang out in. When she wasn't looking, the sneaky ferret decided that he wanted to explore.

"Get back here." She commanded as the ferret scurried out of her reach, and darted straight to the room's open door. Suddenly, she heard loud and pounding footsteps. The women had assumed that they belonged to a certain Pete Lattimer. As he approached her room, he poked his head to the room. The man had an annoyed look about him.

"Geeze Myks, what is all the commotion? And just why do you request my presence? I am flattered, though, I never thought that you, Myka Ophelia Bering, the bookworm, would request myself, the humorous, cookie loving, and apparently childish-"

"Pete? I didn't call you." She interrupted.

"Uh, yeah you did Myks." He retorted, and then proceeded to do his girlish voice impression. "Pete, no! Get back here Pete!" he said. He put on his poker face and deep, booming man voice. "What is that, huh? A summons, for I am here."

"Pete, you are such a child. Could you help me? My ferret decided that escaping my watch was a good idea. He went that way." She pointed towards the open door.

"What is his name?" Pete asked, completely unaware.

Myka froze. She only told Artie, Leena, and Claudia his name. She didn't want Pete to know that she named the ferret after him, because that would lead to teasing and mockery and sheer embarrassment.

"Myka, why do you look like that?" Pete questioned.

"Look like what?"

"Like your deepest darkest secret is on the verge of being discovered."

"Huh? What? No. Nope. Look, can you just go find the ferret?" Myka responded, a little to quickly.

"Aha so you DO have a secret. Please, do tell."

"Nope, not happening."

"Myka, you're a terrible liar. Want me to go get Steve? He could put my suspicions to rest."

"No cookies for you Lattimer."

"Fine. How dare you threaten me with my cookies. Now, lets go find us a ferret."