Jo Anne sighs before she begins packing her belongings in the cardboard box. She has spent so much time in this office, but the court case with Danny had really opened her eyes. She is not made to be a lawyer, and she knows that this will just be a dead end job for the rest of her life. Jo Anne may be positive, but she still wants to do something meaningful. Something that she can actually progress in, something she's actually good at.

To be honest, she doesn't have a lot of personal belongings to begin with in this office. She has a photograph of her and her father, a few notes on cases, and one hidden photo of Danny himself, stashed away in a drawer so that no one knows how smitten she has become with him. It's a photo that was taken when he wasn't paying attention, which is often. His button down dress shirt had the top three buttons unbuttoned, and he is leaning back in a chair with his eyes closed. Jo couldn't pass up the opportunity. He seemed so relaxed.

She shakes her head, knowing that she wants what she can't have. He never gives a second glance at her, except when he needs details on cases. He's everything she's not, and it fills her with painful longing. Not because she doesn't want Danny to be a great lawyer, but because she should be just as good. Also because she will never be with him because of that, at least in her mind.

She carefully closes and tapes down the box, and carries it to her car. She's not sure where she's going, or what she's going to be, but she knows that she must go. Both her career and her heart has borne too much because of staying where she did not belong.

Danny hits another softball out of the park, whistling as he watches it soar. Jack, who has pitched it to him, sighs and shakes his head.

"You're the one who's picking those up, Danny boy." Jack says, watching the ball fly out of sight.

"Hm, how about this? If I hit the next softball out of the park, you pick up the balls for me. If I can't, then I pick them up." Daniel says, preparing himself to bat.

"What kind of fool do I look like to you?" Jack asks, knowing that he's a terrible pitcher. "You and I both know who's superior in this field." Danny's thoughts went back to the time he screamed out that he was a horrible soft ball player in a full restaurant.

Jack, as if reading Daniel's mind, spoke. "You know, you still have to make up for that time you announced that I was a lousy soft ball player. Really ruined my reputation, you know." Daniel chuckles, knowing his friend is just teasing him.

"Well, how about this? If you strike me out, I'll buy you dinner at that restaurant, and announce that you are the best soft ball player I have ever met." Jack grins.

"And if I lose, I'm assuming that it's on my dollar?" Daniel laugh.

"Damn right it is!" Jack shakes his head.

"No deal. By the way, have you talked to you friend Jo recently?" Jack throws the ball, and Daniel hits it out of the park once again.

"Not recently, I stopped in last week to see if she could come up with a client's health record. I actually have to stop in to ask her about some detailed family issues with the client. Why do you ask? By the way, you lost. You're picking the balls up." Jack sighs.

"So, she didn't tell you." Jack states, getting ready to pitch again.

"She didn't tell me what?" Daniel asks in a carefree manner. Jo Anne mostly keeps to herself, it's not surprising that he doesn't know something about her. What is surprising is that Jack does, however.

"She's leaving. She turned in her two weeks at the beginning of this month. Her last day is today." Jack pitches the throw, but Daniel is so caught off guard that the ball flies right past him. Jack looks at his friend, startled.

"Danny?" He asks tentatively. Daniel's face is full of confusion.

"No, Jo leaving? That's crazy talk, she loves this place. Besides, she would have told me if she was leaving." Daniel tries to keep his voice light, and carefree. However, he is anything but. He can't lose Jo, she's his light. The one that puts him in his place. What would he do without her? He prepares to bat again, but ends up dropping it back at his side.

Daniel looks at his friend, who is now looking at him in obvious concern. "I have to go talk to her. This practice is far from over though, Jack!"

And with that note, he turns and walks away towards his car, hoping that he could talk some sense into her.