Danny glances at the clock that now reads three pm. He sighs, and reviews his mental list of things he knows about Jo. Truth is, most of the stuff he knows about her she told him when they started their partnership of sorts. Nothing personal has come up recently.

Danny shakes his head and finally gives in to temptation. He finds himself dialing the third member of the original trio.

"Danny, what can I do for you?" Sam Weinberg asks. No matter how many times Danny talks to Sam, he always seems grumpy. Danny pauses, and runs his hand through his hair.

"What do you know about Jo?" Sam pauses on the other end before answering.

"What makes you think I know any more than you do?" Danny hears the hesitation in Sam's voice.

"You have to know more about her than I do. I have close to nothing current."

"Hm, and why is that Kaffee?" Danny pauses for a moment, not expecting the venom that is in Sam's voice. He can't be serious, can he?

"Look, if you're not going to help me, I'll find someone else!" Danny replies, feeling himself heat up.

"Like who? Jo's only friend that I know of beside me is you, and Jo has no family. Not since last year. The work was Jo's life."

"Last year? What happened last year?" Danny asks, realizing that everyone knows more than he does about Jo.

There's a silence on the other end of the phone, then a sigh. "Danny, how do you not know? She even took a leave of absence, and you didn't even notice?"

Danny thinks about it for a moment, then remembers a time when she wasn't at her office for weeks. "I remember. It was in the middle of a big case. She called me a few times, I think."

Her voice rang out in his mind. "I tried to call you… so many times."

"I never picked up." Danny quietly says. Sam is quiet on the other end.

Danny continues his out loud thoughts. "She's never been the same since, now that I think about it. What happened?"

"Her sister and niece were killed in a car crash in her home town. Drunk driver. From what I heard, she knew the drunk driver as well. Which wouldn't surprise me, since she came from a small town."

Danny quietly processed the new information before speaking. "Thanks Sam. I have to go." And with that, he ends the call.

Jo slowly walks up to the baseball field's gates and silently watches Danny pitching himself baseballs.

"He is always so restless." She can't help but think. She snaps out of her thoughts when she feels Danny's eyes on her. She smiles and raises her hand up in greeting. He raises his hand, but keeps his serious expression. Jo decides to ignore the look on his face, and raises the bag in her hand.

"I brought Chinese."

At the mention of food, Danny's eyes lit up. Jo loves the moments like this, when she can see he is actually grateful.

Danny jogs up to the gate and takes the bag from her hands.

"Let's eat it on the bleachers." He states. "I have to pick everything back up before we go anyways."

Jo nods her head in agreement, and follows Danny into the middle of the bleachers. They eat in silence for a few minutes before Danny breaks it. "How do you always know my takeout orders?"

Jo glances over to him, to see Danny staring intensely at her. She drops her gaze. "Three years is how long I've watched you. It's hard to not know your order, since the only thing we lived on during cases was this." She glances back over to him and forces a smile. Even after all this time, he still doesn't realize just how much he means to her.

The duo stays quiet for a moment before Danny speaks again. "Thank you." He turns his body towards her and gently takes one of her hands in both of his. She glances at him, unable to contain her surprise. She feels her eyes widen, but she turns towards him anyways. She looks at Danny and smiles.

"It's just takeout Danny, no big deal."

Danny's hands just grip her hand more firmly. "Not just for the food. For always being there, for motivating me, for making me a better lawyer. For making me a better person."

Jo eyes lock with Danny's eyes, and realizes that Sam is right. She needs to tell him. "Danny, I-"

Danny cuts her off. "Jo, I'm sorry for never saying thank you, for never noticing how much you actually do. " He pauses for a moment before continuing. "Jo I want to know you, who you truly are now. If you would let me.

Jo found herself speechless. She can't help but wonder what happened to make him like this today.

"Don't you think that's a little hard to accomplish when you only have about a week?" Jo slowly says. She breaks his gaze, and looks down at Danny's hands, the hands that still has one of hers held hostage. However, she never wants him to let it go.

"I'll take all the time I can get." Danny says after a moment. She meets his gaze once again.


Danny relaxes at her response, and he grins. "So, how good are you at hitting a baseball?"

Jo can't help but laugh. "Terrible, actually."

Danny removes his top hand, and laces his fingers in-between hers as he speaks. "Well, time to change that!" He stands, and forces her up with him. He pulls her along with him down the bleachers, a grin on his face.

"Come on, it'll be fun Jo!"

Jo smiles at his excitement. Even though she has all business clothing on, with her hair loose around her face, she knows she will play until she is worn-out. She just can't say no to him.