Authoress note~!

For DivineImmortality's sake, Ima start this right away! :3 Now, there will be some scenes not in Shattered Angel, but that's just to keep it fresh yah's? The main plot chappies will remain, promise. I'm doing this for the doujinshi, to add a bit more flesh to it. So without further ado, the prologue to Cracked Soul~! (please note that both prologues obviously take place at different times, Ichigo's after Shiro died)

What can I say? What can I do? This is who I am and I'm hurting you...-What Can I Say by Dead By April


If I had known I loved him, things could've been different.

They say fear clouds one's judgement, and I can testify to that. Fear made me do something fucking stupid. I've been making a lot of stupid things lately, none of them I'm proud of. Sometimes, I swaer I'm only good at breaking and losing things...especially those I care about.

My name's Ichigo Kurosaki. I'm 18, about to graduate with my friends...minus one. Minus...Shirosaki. Thinking about him hurts my heart, makes my wrists itch again. Ogichi Shirosaki...was my closest friend. Pale white skin, gold on black eyes. We were both outcasts in a sense, maybe that's why we were so close.

Close enough to fall in love with each other that is. But like I had said, I'm fucking stupid...dense too. I mean, who else sees that they're in love after the person they love is dead? Obviously stupid fucking me. I know, I keep saying I'm stupid...but what do you expect? Doesn't this seem stupid? I feel stupid...blind, like wandering in the dark with no flashlight, and a thousand hands waiting to grab you, drag you deeper down into the pits of despair. That's how
I feel, how I still feel.

But it didn't start this way...well it sorta did. When my mother had died, I felt the same way. I felt it enough to want to end my such a young age too. But then I met...err, rather found...him. I found Ogichi Shirosaki. Then my world, and my cracked heart, were never the same again.

Prologue end

Note that this is a companion to Shatterefd Angel. It can be read first or second, it doesn't matter. :3 Yes, Ichigo's a bit hard on himself, but can you blame him? O.o so, reviews?